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Go from thought leader to live course creator in 4 weeks!

Are you a thought leader with both influence and authority who wants to launch a live course or level up your existing offering?

The Disco Accelerator is an exclusive, application only program designed to fast-track the process of transforming your IP into an exceptional live course offering in 4 weeks.

“I’ve come to see live courses as the essential, killer application of the creator/passion economy. They allow for active, intimate sharing of ideas in ways that are far deeper and more powerful than the large-on-scale, thin-on-content approaches of tweets and blogs and so much else from previous generations. Disco seems, to me, to offer the platform and the program best able to help folks like me turn our ideas into amazing courses.”

Adam Davidson

Author of The Passion Economy, Live Course Creator, and Disco Accelerator Applicant

“This is exactly what creators are looking for – a program to help them design high value experiences that use a revenue model that’s not ad based. Creators are looking for better ways to monetize their IP and influence. Cohort based courses are an excellent monetization tool and this program is going to be exceptional.”

Kirstine Stewart

CRO at Pex, Author, Our Turn

“Virtual live learning can be even more powerful than learning in person, as long as it is well-designed. Now with the rising Delta variant and more permanent shifts to remote and hybrid work, we know virtual live learning is here to stay. Thought leaders are just beginning to learn how to transform IP into high value experiences. This program promises to help experts take their experiences to the next level.”

Suzanne Howard

Founder of IDEO U and former Partner at IDEO

About the Disco Accelerator Experience

Who is the Disco Accelerator for?

Influencers & Creators

You’ve built an audience on Substack, Twitter, YouTube, your own blog or newsletter, or another online forum and now you want to take the next step in elevating your brand and impact by creating an engaged community.

Authors, Thought Leaders & Podcasters

You’re a recognized expert in your field or industry and are eager to translate your knowledge and know-how into a remarkable and profitable course offering.

Speakers & Entrepreneurial Instructors

You’ve wowed audiences and learners as a speaker, expert instructor, or as professor and are now looking to deliver your content in a new, repeatable, high-impact way.

Fast-track your journey in bringing your live learning empire to life

The Disco Accelerator has one goal: to help you launch your premium cohort based course in 4 weeks.

Led by experienced instructors, the Disco Accelerator is designed to simplify and fast-track your efforts to bring your live learning empire to life.

Through step-by-step methodology, hands-on projects, feedback, community, and accountability, the Disco Accelerator makes it simple to streamline your efforts and develop your premium live cohort based course that goes far beyond what can be delivered in a book, lecture, video, or pre-recorded offering.

Leveraging our systematic approach, you'll commit 8-10 hours per week to transform your thought leadership and expertise into a new, profitable, and scalable premium course offering where you own your brand, customers, and revenue.

Build your live learning empire starting with a
best-in-class cohort based course

Why choose Disco to help you build your live learning empire?

“Disco is positioned to be the absolute most accessible and impactful platform for live learning experiences - and I cannot wait to build my community within it, starting now!"

Jodi Kovitz
CEO, #movethedial

“Disco is enabling creators to disrupt traditional education. The team is mission driven: helping creators be entrepreneurs with the ability to own their brand, customers and revenue.”

Brandon Chu
VP Product & GM of Platform, Shopify

“There is nothing else in the market like this, and it's coming at the exact right time for thousands of creators around the globe, and millions of people who want - and need - learn and level up their careers this way.”

Sarah Lacy
Founder, Chairman Mom

Accelerator member benefits include

4-week Accelerator program walking you through Disco's step-by-step formula to build, market, and scale your best-in-class cohort based course

Early access to Disco’s platform with no monthly fees. Retain 100% ownership of your customers

Community based learning, feedback, and accountability to help you translate your knowledge and expertise into a a premium, repeatable course offering

Marketing support to help make your course a success, including course discovery and marketing across Disco’s channels

A curated peer group and access to our expert network including live workshops, groups discussions, and office hours

Ongoing guidance and mentorship from the Disco team and your peers through membership in the Disco Creator Community

Schedule and format

Accelerator Info Session

Join us for a live 45-minute info session to learn more about the Accelerator and how to best apply

Meet your expert instructors and Disco support team

Lisa Lambert

Head of Learning, Disco

An award-winning facilitator and Head Coach at the altMBA and the Akimbo Workshops, Lisa’s been on the forefront of developing and scaling transformational learning experiences that have reached 23,000+ learners in 70+ countries.

An author, speaker, podcaster, and course creator herself, Lisa is deeply familiar with the ins-and-outs of translating IP into outstanding community-centric live learning experiences that invite people to step into possibility.

Candice Faktor

Co-CEO and Co-founder, Disco

As Co-CEO of Disco, Candice brings deep insight into the future of cohort based and community driven learning. A frequent speaker on the future of learning, Candice is an early pioneer in cohort based courses, and creator of, a live learning community of 3000+ innovators.

Before Disco, Candice scaled Wattpad to 80 MM users, making it the world’s largest platform for creators to share their stories (sold in Jan 21, for US $660MM).

Sonia Sidhu

Creator Lead, Disco

Sonia helps creators put their big ideas into action and launch transformational experiences on the Disco platform.

Sonia is an expert at bringing cohort based courses to life and helping creators design transformative learning experiences.

Step-by-step methodology, hands-on projects, marketing support, feedback, community, and accountability

Get access to expert guests, including

Kai Elmer Sotto

Community building

An expert on how true communities fuel growth for companies, Kai helped pioneer Facebook's growth discipline and launch Instagram's business internationally.

Kai co-authored the Amazon bestseller Get Together, a practical handbook on community-building, and he is the co-founder of People & Company, which was recently acquired by Substack.

Kirstine Stewart

Creator monetization

A stand-out media executive and bestselling author of Our Turn, Kirstine brings a wealth of top-level experience to empower the creator economy.

Currently the Chief Revenue Officer at Pex, a global leader in digital rights technology, some of Kirstine’s past roles include Head of Future of Media for the World Economic Forum, VP Media North America for Twitter, and Head of CBC TV, Radio and Digital, among others.

Suzanne Howard

Transformational Virtual Learning Experiences

Suzanne Gibbs Howard is a Partner at IDEO as well as the founder and Dean of IDEO U.

IDEO U is a learning platform where anyone can learn to solve anything creatively. Under Suzanne’s leadership, IDEO U has served over 80,000 learners in 100 countries around the globe and pioneered a model for community-driven, transformational learning at scale.

Billy Broas

Course Marketing

Billy Broas is an expert marketer who specializes in selling premium online courses and programs.

Since launching his first course in 2010, Billy has worked with creators from over 50 niches in building their programs (including David Perell, Tiago Forte, and Ali Abdaal) to create sustainable and repeatable marketing engines.

Jan Keck

Engaging facilitation

Jan Keck is an expert at facilitating deep connections.

He’s developed exceptional tools and training to turn small talk into meaningful connections and created Virtual Facilitator Training, a cohort based course that helps facilitators, trainers, and educators create genuine human moments virtually.

Accelerator Info Session

Join us for a live 45-minute info session to learn more about the Accelerator and how to best apply

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