Disco's Guide to Accelerator Management Software

Disco's comprehensive guide to picking accelerator management software.

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For accelerator, incubator and innovation programs, selecting the right accelerator management software is crucial for delivering a successful offering.

The tooling you choose should enable you to manage, launch, and support participants while fostering a strong community and streamlining your operations overhead.

Here Are 10+ Capabilities to Consider When Selecting Accelerator Management Software for Your Program

Disco Accelerator Management Software Program Development

Intuitive & Iterative Program Development

The accelerator management software should enable you to quickly design, launch, and customize your accelerator programs. It should provide cohort management capabilities to streamline the time you're spending running the course and allow you to duplicate programs to launch new offerings rapidly.

Questions to consider:
  1. Can I create customized programs easily using your platform?
  2. Does your platform support cohort-based and peer-to-peer learning?
  3. How does your platform help me launch new programs quickly and provide support for program creation and iteration?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Application Management

Features to Streamline Operations & Recurring Tasks

The optimal tooling should automate manual processes and recurring tasks, making managing and streamlining operations easier. Look for a platform that offers the efficient application and participant onboarding processes, simplified management of virtual events across programs, and automated workflows to ensure smooth operations.

Questions to consider:
  1. Can the platform automate tasks to focus on program delivery and participant success?
  2. Can I quickly launch new programs and save time on manual setup?
  3. Does the platform include application management features, automate participant onboarding, and save time managing virtual events?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Custom Branding

Advanced Customization & Whitelabeling Capabilities

Look for accelerator management software that offers teams custom branding, language, colors, and domain options. The software should provide seamless integration with popular collaboration tools such as Slack, Miro, Figma, and Google Docs, which can make teams improve communication between team members and make it easier for teams to share resources and ideas.

Questions to consider:
  1. Can I fully customize the participant experience to match my brand and aspirations?
  2. Can I add my branding to the platform to elevate the accelerator experience?
  3. Can I modify the platform's language to reflect my brand's voice and tone?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Dashboard

Easy-to-Use, Central Interface for Participants and Admins

Accelerator management software should offer a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, making it simple for accelerators and participants to access and manage program resources, recordings, templates, and participant profiles. A centralized platform helps users stay organized and focused on tasks, reducing the need for multiple tools and platforms.

Questions to consider:
  1. Does the platform offer a central location for participants to find everything they need, such as programming, resources, recordings, templates, and participant profiles?
  2. Can participants easily navigate and search for content within the platform to quickly find what they need?
  3. Are there customization options to tailor the participant experience and make it easy for them to find everything related to the program in one place?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Engagement Tracking

Built-in Progress and Participant Engagement Tracking

Look for accelerator management software that monitors overall engagement and individual progress, offers automated attendance tracking, evaluation, and event feedback collection, and allows for data-driven optimization and evaluation of program content and delivery processes.

Questions to consider:
  1. Can the platform help me track and measure overall program engagement?
  2. Can I monitor daily progress to ensure that all participants are set for success?
  3. Are there features to track attendance and collect event data and feedback to understand participant engagement?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Engagement Tools

Features to Enable Networking, Connection, and Community Building

Look for accelerator software that offers networking and community-building tools, including connecting existing communication tools like Slack, providing a member directory and profiles for participants to connect, and making hosting virtual events seamless. This can create a strong community of innovators and entrepreneurs and foster collaboration and idea-sharing.

Questions to consider:
  1. Does the platform allow easy integration with communications tooling like Slack & Discord? 
  2. Are there capabilities to enable sub-communities within my larger community, such as subgroups?
  3. Is there a member directory to make it easy for admins and members to connect with participants in the program?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Multi Program Management

Multi-Program Management and Scalability

Select accelerator software that can handle multi-program management. Look for a platform that can manage multiple programs from a single dashboard, including program duplication, configuration descriptions, customization, and management. This can help streamline operations and improve program consistency across various programs.

Questions to consider:
  1. Does the platform offer the ability to duplicate programs to rapidly launch new offerings?
  2. Do the reporting capabilities allow me to see what is happening across programs?
  3. Are there limitations to the number of programs I can launch on the platform?
Disco Accelerator Management Software Integrations

Integration With Collaboration and Communication Tools

Look for accelerator software for collaboration and communication tools, including video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing. This can help facilitate communication and collaboration between team members, mentors, and program participants.

Questions to consider:
  1. Can the platform integrate with my existing collaboration tools like Miro, Figma, Google Docs, and Slack?
  2. Can I easily share resources within my programs and the broader community?
  3. Can I easily notify members of updates in programs and the community?

Our 10-Step Checklist for Evaluating Accelerator Software:

  1. Customization: Does the platform allow me to customize it to match my organization's unique brand, language, and feel?
  2. Program development: Is it easy to launch, manage and iterate on new programs on the platform. Does the platform include program duplication to streamline operations?
  3. Engagement monitoring: Does the software offer engagement reports and monitoring tools to track participant progress and generate better outcomes?
  4. Support: Can customer support, training, and documentation help me make the most of the platform?
  5. Integration: Can the platform integrate with other tools and platforms to streamline workflows and improve collaboration?
  6. Communication: How easy is it to connect my existing communication tools to the software?
  7. Participant experience: Are customization options available to make it easy for participants to find everything they need?
  8. Scalability: Are there any limitations on the number of programs I can manage on the platform or the level of customization and management available for each program?
  9. Virtual event management: What kind of virtual event management tools are available on the software, and how can they save me time running virtual events across programs?
  10. Reviews and feedback: Have I researched user reviews and feedback to understand the platform's strengths and weaknesses?
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