Top 10 Tactics of Successful Learning Communities

Discover the top 10 tactics used by the world’s most successful learning communities.
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We've been on a quest to understand what makes the world's most successful learning communities thrive. We're witnessing a seismic shift in education, moving away from the traditional, centralized model to niche, virtual learning communities for continuous learning.

During our journey, we had the privilege of connecting with remarkable communities that have not only achieved incredible success but have also built their brands from scratch, generating shared revenues exceeding $5 million. Their stories are inspiring, and they hold valuable insights we can all learn from.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the top 10 tactics:

  1. A Laser Focus on Their Customer: Successful learning communities truly understand their audience. They target specific age groups and cater to their unique transformation journeys. For example, The Commons found their sweet spot with tech-savvy 20-30 year olds eager to uplevel their skills. Other communities focus on learners seeking specific roles, like aspiring data analysts. It's all about knowing who you serve and meeting their needs.

  2. Leverage Mentors or Experts: Drawing learners in with star power is a powerful strategy. The most successful communities enlist the expertise of renowned mentors, creating a sense of exclusivity. However, relatable mentors who are just a few steps ahead in their careers can be equally impactful. It's the connection and guidance that matter most.

  3. A Mix of Synchronous & Asynchronous Experiences and Content: While live experiences have their place, successful communities recognize that everyone learns differently. Zoom fatigue is real, and learners crave diverse modalities. Creating channels for questions, discussions, and a "repository of knowledge" within the community is invaluable. It's about fostering engagement and providing flexibility.

  4. Community Ritual & Engagement: Engagement is the lifeblood of a thriving learning community. Rituals are the secret ingredient. By gathering people on a predictable schedule, creating shared experiences, and fostering a sense of belonging, communities come alive. But engagement doesn't happen magically; it requires nurturing and measurement. Consider hosting monthly ask-me-anything events or prompting monthly questions in a dedicated channel. Let the community thrive!

  5. Use AI to Scale: Embracing AI is like unlocking superpowers. The top communities leverage AI to amplify their impact and save time. Disco's platform offers an AI-powered Co-Pilot tool that suggests responses to learner questions in Slack, tapping into the community's wealth of knowledge. It's about scaling personal outreach and providing an enhanced learning experience.

  6. A Shift to Corporate Sales: As communities grow, they often transition from B2C to corporate sales. While the learner experience remains paramount, selling to corporate clients requires a different approach and reporting. It opens new doors and possibilities for growth.

  7. Application Only: The allure of exclusivity is a psychological trick that works wonders. Applying this approach, like the world's most coveted colleges, creates a sense of desirability. It's an effective strategy to build a thriving community.

  8. Embrace New Tools: Legacy systems fall short in today's dynamic landscape. Disco's flexible and modular design caters to learning communities of all sizes and shapes. It supports diverse learning formats and meets the unique needs of each community. Say goodbye to outdated LMS and embrace a new era of learning possibilities.

  9. Demand Gen Using Word of Mouth: Your alumni are the catalysts for growth. Their experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable. Disco's platform empowers you to track member activity, gain insights through robust analytics and reporting dashboards, and save time with automation, bots, and bulk actions. Let your community members become your champions and watch your community flourish.

  10. Seamless Learning: It's time to bid farewell to clunky LMS systems. Disco offers a seamless learning experience like no other. With our easy-to-use curriculum builder, you can create engaging lessons, assignments, projects, and tasks for your community. Scaling your learning offerings becomes effortless with our streamlined course duplication feature. It's time to reimagine learning and deliver exceptional experiences.

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Published on
June 7, 2023
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