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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Disco has allowed us to build a scalable education offering at Dribbble. The subgroups function lets us break the hundred of students who enroll in each cohort into mentorship groups, giving each student a personal, hands-on & intimate learning experience.”

Madeleine Sava, Program Manager, Education, Dribbble
Madeleine Sava
Program Manager, Education

“Running a program can be incredibly operationally intensive. With Disco there are so many parts that now have a much more product-guided and product-led experience than what we were previously doing.”

Ben Plummer, Sr. Learning Experience Designer, On Deck
Ben Plummer
Sr. Learning Experience Designer, On Deck

“Disco is the most thoughtful, creative, and well designed LMSs on the market. It is the only product we’ve found that tackles four use cases: one-off events, live cohorts, self-paced courses and community hot spot. If you need this kind of flexibility I suggest you hit the dance floor and Disco!”

Ryan Goble, Chief Learning Officer, Irrational Labs
Ryan Goble
Chief Learning Officer,
Irrational Labs

“It was hard to find a platform for our learning community that aligned with our goals of live interactive learning AND kept us, the user, at the center of their mission until we found Disco. It feels like they made it specifically for us! It is easy to say that we would not have been able to grow as fast as a school if it weren’t for Disco.”

Hannah Baker, Co-Founder, The Fountain Institute
Hannah Baker
Co-Founder, The Fountain Institute

“Disco is honestly a game-changer for learning management. Clean, looks great and integrates with calendars — a godsend.”

Alexander Horton, Founder, Econome
Alexander Horton
Founder, Econome

“Disco allows our creative and nonlinear thinking to be available for everyone. It looks awesome, it inspires like a pop artist, and it dances straight into the lives of our members. We also love the innovation that is happening at Disco, new elements and solutions are constantly presented to us. A real octopus solution for us.”

Perry Knoppert, Founder, The Octopus Movement
Perry Knoppert
Founder, The Octopus Movement

“Disco has been a blessing in pure sight. The operations behind running a suite of 14+ incubator and accelerator programs, that span across several sectors is not an easy feat. Disco has allowed us to scale our programming seamlessly with their highly intuitive platform, and an excellent support staff working with us through all of our needs. I would absolutely recommend to everyone!”

Nafis Ahmed, Entrepreneurship Manager, YSpace
Nafis Ahmed
Entrepreneurship Manager, YSpace

“Disco is the platform I have been looking for to make it easy to have everything in one place — both for my team and for our learners. I am excited to scale my cohort-based course into a full-blown learning community that has a huge impact on the world.”

Graham Hill, Founder, Carbonauts
Graham Hill
Founder, Carbonauts

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