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Brand Is The New Accreditation When It Comes To Live Online Classes

In the “old” days, courses needed to be accredited through a professional body or organization. An accredited course and degree meant your investment in time and money was worthwhile as the course delivered what it promised.

An official accredited course/degree is still good, but things have changed. A person’s name or their brand associated with a course is increasingly all you need to hear to know that course is right for you. You don’t even consider other options.


Because these names and brands are so influential that it becomes the course’s accreditation, and you know you can enroll and get your time and money’s worth.

Branding is essential for a successful course. It builds trust; positions you as an authority in your field, helps build your network and audience and eventually it will be what enables you to charge premium prices.

So how do you build your brand around amazing courses and grow your influence so it can become your accreditation?

Here are some proven ways to get started on building and growing your brand.

  • Talk to your target audience: Asking questions leads to engagement and can also help you get a greater sense of what your target market is looking for from a live online cohort course.

  • Showcases your Unique Value Proposition: Your brand should be built to showcase what makes you or your course different from anything else on the market.

  • Strategically Use Social Media: Choose a social media channel where your audience already lives and engages and lean into that channel. You don’t need to do all of them, you just need to do one of them well.

  • SEO Optimize Your Content: Use keyword research to create a compelling course title and description. This will support all your other marketing endeavors.

  • Promote Your Course: Consider marketing your course with blog articles. Create a video promotion of your course. Share this on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

  • Get Testimonials: Testimonials and reviews are a powerful tool; if you have them, share them on your course platform, on your website, on your social media accounts - and in any marketing materials.

  • Share a point of view: Offer to write guest posts, go on podcasts, and share a distinct perspective on issues relevant to your expertise and of interest to your target audiences.

Here at Disco, we can help you create epic online classes to build and grow your online course empire. Say hello to influence, say hello to accreditation.