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October 11, 2022

📣 🎉 Disco Launches an Accelerator for the Creator Economy

Margaret Atwood and Disco announce first-of-its-kind NFT learning project to launch on energy-efficient Tezos blockchain

We've been working pretty hard over here these past few month. We've got an exciting announcement today...

We’re launching the Disco Accelerator for the Creator Economy! 🚀

It’s an exclusive, application-only program designed to transform incredible thought leaders into exceptional cohort-based course creators in just 4 weeks.

Are you excited yet? Read on for more. 👇

Why the Accelerator program?

You spoke, we listened.

While many thought leaders and early Disco customers love our tech platform and are happy to build their courses on their own,  some experts and thought leaders are looking for more. They want step-by-step methodology, hands-on projects, marketing support, feedback, community, and accountability. 

Not to mention, with hybrid and remote work here to stay, more and more thought leaders are considering cohort based courses and live learning experiences as a premium product offering for their audiences. 

We put together a world class program that we can’t wait to share with our community.

Who is this program for? 

This exclusive 20-spot program is for thought leaders, experts, speakers, writers, podcasters, influencers and entrepreneurs who have both influence and authority and are passionate about making cohort based courses a core part of their offering. Sound like you or someone you know?

Who’s leading? 

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Lisa Lambert, Head Coach at altMBA and the Akimbo Workshops, as the leader of the Disco Accelerator.

Lisa brings years of experience in cohort base course design and facilitation and has learned from the very best.

What do Accelerator members get? 

As a thought leader who wants to become expert at building premium courses, we aim to make your learning experience transformative.

‍The Accelerator takes thought leaders through Disco’s learning framework on all the essential ingredients required to build, market, operate and sell a world class cohort based course offering. 

The program also offers creators hands-on support for the Disco platform, significant marketing support for their course launches and a scientifically proven learning experience to help creators design a best-in-class learning experience.

And... Seriously awesome guest experts

Disco has teamed up with an all-star selection of guest experts for the Accelerator including Kai Sotto (People & founder, acquired by Substack) on community design, Jan Keck (Disco Creator & Facilitation expert) on engaging facilitation, Kirstine Stewart (formerly WEF, twitter and now Pex) on creator monetization, Billy Broas (expert marketer for cohort based courses including David Perell/Tiago Forte) on messaging and marketing, and Suzanne Howard (President of IDEO U) on curriculum design, among others.

“Virtual live learning can be even more powerful than learning in person, as long as it is well-designed. Now with the rising Delta variant and more permanent shifts to remote and hybrid work, we know virtual live learning is here to stay. Thought leaders are just beginning to learn how to transform IP into high value experiences. This program promises to help experts take their experiences to the next level.” - Suzanne Howard, founder of IDEO U and former Partner at IDEO.

This is exactly what creators are looking for – a program to help them design high value experiences that use a revenue model that’s not ad based. Creators are looking for better ways to monetize their IP and influence. Cohort based courses are an excellent monetization tool and this program is going to be exceptional” - Kirstine Stewart, CRO at Pex, Author, Our Turn

How Does Disco Benefit? 

Disco takes 10%, You keep 90%. 

We created our revenue share model with the creator in mind: we only succeed if you succeed. You'll keep 90% of your course revenue and own your brand and customers. Disco will take 10% of your course revenue for 12 months.

Ok sounding like your vibe.. How do you find out more?

Come join us for an info session on August 12 or August 17 and check out our page FAQs. 

Don’t Wait. We Only have 20 spots. 

If you or someone you know wants to level-up and join this influential peer group of creators, apply now.