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October 5, 2022

Exciting news: Disco + TikTok + Fast Co + Rachel Weinstock!

Margaret Atwood and Disco announce first-of-its-kind NFT learning project to launch on energy-efficient Tezos blockchain

What do TikTok + Disco + Rachel Weinstock have in common? All are part of a new wave of experiences that are reimagining the way we learn and how creators teach.

I had the privilege of writing an op-ed on the future of learning for Fast Co. that coincides with a very special announcement:

The wonderful creator,  inspiring anti-bullying speaker, coach, teacher and activist  Rachel Weinstock is launching her Virtual Pre-teen Club on Disco!  Registration for the spring cohort is now open.

Rachel does transformative work. She runs an anti-bullying pre-teen club where she gives teens a safe space to unlearn, learn and belong.

Join us on Thursday at 3pm ET/ 12 pm PT to learn how Rachel thinks about building her learning empire, hear how she uses Tiktok, why she chose Disco and how her transformative community based learning is changing the lives of kids around the world.

From our Fast Co. op-ed,

“Educators and creators such as Rachel need more than TikTok can offer. A business-in-a-box solution could make it easy to build educational experiences that create sustainable income streams without needing millions of followers.”

Creators like Rachel are why we are so passionate about building Disco.  

A place where learning can happen in a community, live, virtually and led by creators whose accreditation is their influence.  

From our Fast Co. op-ed

"This becomes possible when educational content goes deeper than what a platform like TikTok offers... In a live, online, cohort-based course, groups learn together; they give and receive feedback and are held accountable."

Our mission at Disco is to empower creators to make a living doing what they love. At Disco, we empower creators to build and scale cohort based courses with an easy all in one solution.

👉  Read the full op-ed we wrote in Fast Co here.

👉👉 Learn more about Rachel's Virtual Pre-Teen Club Spring Cohort

👉👉👉  If you are a creator and want early access, sign up for our waitlist here.

👉👉👉  And join us on Thursday at 3pm ET/12pm PT with Rachel on Creator Sessions.

We look forward to co-creating the future of learning.