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September 5, 2021

Is Building a Live Online Cohort Course Right for You

As the interest and talk around live online learning grows and it seems like more people are building their own live online cohort classes, you may be wondering if you should also.

But building an online course business may not be the right move for you … or it may be. How do you know?  Here’s what you should consider when making the decision.

Consider Market Saturation:

Take a look at what the competition is currently doing.  If there are hundreds of other course creators offering something similar then you probably don’t want to move forward unless you are an established expert or bringing a completely new dimension to a popular category.

Consider Your Audience:

More specifically consider whether you have an audience yet.   No audience means it will take a lot of extra marketing for your course to secure your first group of students.

Consider Your Financial Motivation:

If you think creating a live cohort based online course is a quick financial fix, it is the wrong choice for you.   Building and running a successful live online course takes significant commitment, time and work.   Yes, it can be incredibly lucrative and with the benefit of being able to work on your terms and from anywhere, but that will take time.  Ensure you have realistic expectations.

Consider Your Expertise:

People want to learn from those that they perceive as experts.  If you are not yet seen like this by your target market, first invest the time and focus on brand building.

Do You Like Public Speaking:

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking live to people then this might not be the right format for you or you may want to first invest in a public speaking course to help tame your nerves and build confidence.

Creating a live online course is the right next step if you are seen as an expert, have an audience or groups of  people that keep asking for the same advice or insight (and opening a class would expand to this knowledge); if you’ve identified a gap in the market that you can fill or add more value to and if you have other existing assets (books, live courses) that you can build around.

Whether building an online course is worth it or not depends on what your expectations and goals are. Why are you creating the course? What do you want to achieve? Knowing the risk:reward ratio and having done all of your research, you will know whether an online course business is the right move for you.

You now know that a live online cohort course is the next move. Join Disco today so we can help you create your course, monetize it, and build your online course business!