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March 1, 2022

Matt Wyndowe on the Future of Learning

Margaret Atwood and Disco announce first-of-its-kind NFT learning project to launch on energy-efficient Tezos blockchain

Lambda School is reshaping higher ed learning. The online school runs virtual live learning cohorts and offers programs in web development and data science. Lambda has quickly become renowned for its innovative tuition model - students pay only when they get hired and earn at least $50K.

Matt has been at the cutting edge of tech throughout his entire career. Prior to Lambda, he served key product leadership roles at both Uber and Facebook. As a partner at Graph Ventures, Matt invests in the next wave of emerging tech startups.

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • How Lambda School is pioneering a new economic model
  • Why virtual, cohort based learning is the future
  • The unbundling of education

Key Moments

04:17 – Lambda School’s business model and how its breaking down common barriers associated with getting an education

07:06 – On the macro trends that are driving the shift away from traditional institutions

12:38 – The difference between Lambda’s model and a traditional institution

16:38 – Why cohort-based and shared learning is so powerful

17:26 – How Lambda applies shared learning in its curriculum

18:42 – How social accountability drives higher completion rates than what we often see in pre-recorded courses

22:15 – On what other fields outside of web development and data science could integrate a similar cohort-based learning model

25:30 – Why its difficult enterprises to scale such an education model for their own employees or incoming employees

27:22 – On some of the remaining pain points for virtual live learning experiences

31:37 – Matt defines what the ISA model is and how it aligns the goals of students and schools who employ it

36:26 – What themes and trends Matt is excited about within education

39:45 – Some of Matt’s ambitions and goals with his Venture Capital firm, Graph Ventures

43:13 – What characteristics and traits exist in the most successful Lambda graduates and entrepreneurs Graph invests in

47:18 – Matt’s perception on some of the defining traits of iconic business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick as someone who has personally worked alongside them

Q&A from Gamechanger/Disco Audience:

52:03 – How Lambda School deals with regulation especially around the ISA

53:04 – Why accreditation is difficult to integrate into their business model

54:39 – On enrollment requirements for students applying for Lambda

56:27 – On Lambda’s plan for internationalization and if there any challenges related to culturally-specific details