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October 3, 2022

Q&A: Crafting a Life You Love with Amy Tangerine on the Disco Creator Series

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Every week on the Disco Creator Series, we pick the brains of the best minds in live course creation. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a live learning veteran, you’ll walk away with practical tips and insights on what works (and, what doesn’t) when it comes to building your live learning empire!

This week we interviewed Amy Tangerine, Founder of Craft a Life You Love and Disco Accelerator Participant. She shared some incredible insights on unlocking the power of your creativity in our lives, actionable tips on building a full-time creative career doing what you love, and highlighted her new 4-week course which just launched on Disco!

About her new 4-week course on Disco:

Amy has just launched a 4-week course on Disco which she describes as a permission slip for women who are ready to boldly step into the happiest and most empowered version of themselves. You can check that out here! Check out the Q&A below to get the details behind Amy Tangerine's course and vision. 

How did you craft a life you love?

A long time ago, throughout my teenage years, I was having a very difficult time with my identity. 

I now look back on this and see it as a fruitful gift to be able to come out of that in such a way where I’m not cynical anymore. As somebody who grew up in Chicago and moved to Atlanta, I had a problem establishing who I was. I moved from a community of people who seemed very open-minded - to the south, where I was one of five Asian kids in a school of 2000. It was through that experience that I needed to imprint my own sense of value. 

I shared my creativity with my friends - passing around notebooks, inspirational quotes, doodling. As a teenager, it was really difficult to navigate our place in the world. Through creativity, I was able to unlock this beautiful version of myself that I really believe is the truth and essence of our being. 

As I was going through college, Georgia Tech, I found that two years in, I had this beautiful social community. I wasn't pursuing something that I loved - industrial design just didn't speak to me the way creativity and fashion design at the time did. I transferred schools, sought out a career in fashion and styling. And I thought, that's what I really loved. But then September 11 happened. I realized that, really, what I love and I'm passionate about, is people.

I love connecting with people and involving them in the creative process. And so, I was a stylist, I was a fashion designer, I did all these crazy things on my path. But the through-line was this connection and creativity, and how it was aligned to my passion and my purpose

What is the live learning experience you're building?

I would rather invite everybody to my studio. This is the next best version of that, where we can create an experience together, because it's immersive. A small, intimate, tight-knit group who value their creativity and desire to make a difference alongside other like-minded people. We create for so many reasons, and so many of the same reasons that others do. We have to immerse ourselves and find a way to be intentional about it, and be mindful about it each and every day. A lot of people experience this thing when they don't create, they don't feel like themselves. You can create on your own, but it’s better together. 

Starting in January, we'll meet twice a week. It will be different from the other online classes because I'm not recording videos - we're actually engaging, interacting, diving really deep into these discussions about how we can nurture and cultivate practices that are really essential to our well-being and happiness.

Who is the right audience for your course?

This course is application-based because I want to create and curate this really wonderful group of people who are really ready to deep dive and to step up into this amazing experience. 

Pretty supplies might entice you and draw you in, initially, but really, it's what happens inside. We all have what it takes to craft a life we love on our own terms inside of us. But sometimes we need a little bit of guidance and help. 

That can be so powerful and life changing, but a little hard to put into words. I'm dedicating the full four weeks to that. If this sounds remotely interesting to you, I encourage you to just take a leap and apply. It's going to be amazing.

What will this live course offer?

This course is a truly immersive and exclusive experience with personalized support along the way. There is conversation, dialogue, connection, and a way for you to really take inspired action - in a community. I already have a YouTube channel with tons of free videos, but this offers in-real-time connection and creation.

Often, we come up against the same struggles that others have and this offers the opportunity to really overcome and elevate together. 

The cost isn’t accessible for everyone, which is why we’re offering some partial scholarships. Take that step and apply. Throughout my life, and probably through yours, you've had these moments of being scared and afraid to do something, to take that leap, and to put yourself out there or whatever is holding you back. This is your chance.

For Live Course Creators

What are some of your key tips for people who want to create a course like this?

Just start and get all of the ideas that you have in your head and in your heart out. 

Record yourself with your thoughts, write them down on paper, or put them into a Google Doc, just start cultivating this practice of sharing your ideas and gifts and what you want to put out into the world. 

This is something that I wanted years ago; I wanted a connected experience, to bring people into a Crafternoon in the studio. We can really just immerse ourselves and banter back-and-forth and elevate our experiences to this level that you weren't able to have online previously. The fact that we're able to have the technology behind us and share our ideas, the time is now.

Don't listen to those limiting beliefs. If you show up as your true self, the people who are going to gravitate around you are going to be the ones to lift you up and support you and encourage you along the way. The value of being able to hold space for this kind of creation and magic to happen - you can't measure it. It's just such a wonderful thing for us to be able to safely step into a space where we are around values-minded people. It’s invaluable to our own well being and to others, because we will be able to share in the experience and really learn from each other.