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At Disco we love Design!

It's no secret we are seeking to hire an amazing Product/UX designer at Disco. If you are that special product designer we've been looking for, this post is meant for you :)

Design matters - personally and as a company. I would say I'm a bit design obsessed. I love architecture and great software design. I think the two are linked because good design is about an overall experience. How you walk through a building and interact with spaces is oddly similar to how you flow through a software product. One of my favorite quotes is:

"Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication"

- leonardo da vinci.

Taking truly complicated user experiences and making them simple is not easy, but should be our goal.

Design matters as ultimately design is about solving human problems and making life better. We are so lucky to be building a product that is helping passionate, purposeful people create learning experiences that transform people’s lives. Our goal is to design a product that makes it easy for creators to earn a living making money doing what they love - running live learning experiences. We are building the Shopify for next gen teachers, experts, thought-leaders and passion-preneurs.

We are so fortunate to have angels and investors that have designed product experiences at Shopify, Wattpad, Masterclass, Coursera, Lambda School and Indiegogo to name a few that believe in our vision and want to support us (and you!).

So what is Disco? (read About us).

Disco is where creators build live learning experiences - from workshops, to cohort based courses to microschools. Our platform helps creators scale their learning empire easily in one place.

We just announced our $4.75M seed funding by some incredible investors including those who backed MasterClass and Coursera.

Our Mission is to help creators make a sustainable living teaching what they love.

Online learning isn't new - you've long been able to watch a YouTube video or take a self-guided pre-recorded course online. However we are entering a new era of online learning. The pandemic has only accelerated this shift. What's new now is that synchronous video (ie. Zoom) has gone mainstream. Suddenly teachers and students can connect in real-time and feel part of a larger experience. Learners are craving social connection and Creators are able to facilitate high-value experiences.

Our platform will define this new world of online learning. We will get to explore new concepts of UI/UX design that have not been solved for yet and will impact the lives of potentially millions.

So let's get into the details of it!

About the Role

* You would be working closely with me (co-founder of Disco) and our CTO to prototype, iterate and polish Figma product screens. Most importantly, the overall user experience from start to finish must be consistent and fun!

* You would get to shape the entire look & feel of a SaaS tool we envision millions of people learning and creating on.

* This is a remote-first company - so location doesn't matter, except we want you in the North American timezone.

* You would be also working closely with our Web/Brand Designer to ensure that our overall brand style and guidelines are built from the ground up and consistent across both our marketing sites and our backend SaaS tool.

The ideal Candidate

* Has 5+ years of experience building web UI’s. Bonus points if you’ve built the UI’s for a SaaS tool.

* Would have a portfolio of example work showing beautiful UI designs and can explain the process start to finish.

* Is passionate about online learning and maybe even been through a virtual bootcamp or other online live course.

👉 About Chris Sukornyk : My Instagram, My LinkedIn

👉 The formal job description is here.

👉 If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, apply or get in touch directly via LinkedIn!