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margaret atwood

Designing Practical Utopias: An Exploration of the possible

An 8-week live learning experience to explore, co-create and design solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges.

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Roger Martin

Create a Winning Strategy

Welcome to the Roger Martin School of Business. A 4-week live learning experience to create and design a winning strategy for the future.

Learn Live with
Ariel garten

Better Sleep, Better You

Join Muse Founder, Ariel Garten for a  6-week live learning experience to transform your sleep.

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No-Code Fundamentals

In this 5-week course you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to start turning ideas into online businesses.

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Natalie Ruskin

Discover and Live your Whole Purpose

Join Coach, Journalist and Mindfulness Teacher, Natalie Ruskin, for a transformative coaching experience with other purpose-driven women to create the change you most deeply desire for your work, life and whole wellbeing.

Learn Live with
Amy Tangerine

Craft a Life You Love

In this immersive, live cohort-based 4-week experience, you will be taken on a journey guided by me - creative coach - Amy Tangerine, alongside other values-aligned makers.

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Andrew Barry

The Learning Culture Experience

Join Andrew Barry in this 5-week course to learn how to develop a Learning Flywheel to transform the way your company learns.

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How to Scale to New Markets and Win

In this 2-week sprint, you will learn how to build your market expansion playbook, uncover the hidden market secrets, and understand what’s needed to unlock growth for your business.

Learn Live with
Adam Davidson & JP King

Masterful Storytelling

In this 4-week course, you will learn the principles, frameworks, and skills that can turn your life, business, or best idea into a story that gets you what you want.

Learn Live with
Karlyn Percil

Ancestral Leadership

In this 4-week live learning experience, Karlyn Percil shares leadership and communication tools rooted in ancient wisdom, designed for modern leadership application

Learn Live with
Stefan Palios

Freelance Academy

Join a 4-week program to learn, step-by-step, how to define freedom and turn your freelancing passion into a Freedom Engine Business.

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Mic Berman: Leaders at Scale

Increase your confidence to 'Say the Thing'

This 3-week course will teach you how to structure the feedback conversation, clarify your thoughts and emotions and practice this life-changing skill using a simple framework alongside a community of support.

Learn Live with
Samara starkman

The Privacy Officer Blueprint

A 6-week virtual LIVE learning experience to learn the principles, frameworks, and skills to guide your creation of a privacy program and help you thrive as a privacy officer in any organization, anywhere in the world.

Learn Live with
Judy sims

Expansive Leadership: Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome in 6 Life-Changing Weeks. Build the confidence, clarity and authenticity you need to succeed on your terms. Learn to adopt an expansive mindset in this virtual LIVE course.

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