David Perell on the Future of Learning

David Perell is the future of learning. He is pioneering the idea of "place" in virtual times and the future of liberal arts. He hosts one of the best virtual communities — Write of Passage — for one of the most critical skills to thrive in the future: writing. Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Why the future of learning is in the hands of creators vs. institutions?
  • How do people learn best in a post pandemic world?
  • What does the course of the future and the teacher of the future look like?  

Key Moments:

6:12 – David’s beginning – from his internship in New York when he was 19 to starting his podcast series and why traditional education just didn’t work for him.

11: 43 – Why writing is an important skill and why David decided to create his own live writing school – Write of Passage.

17:15 – Why the aspect of being “live” is so important for learning and some of the weaknesses in pre-recorded courses.

22:27 – The importance of anti-scaling in creating and fostering immersive shared live learning experiences.

28:37 – What the future of accreditation looks like and why it’s so difficult to replicate this outside of traditional institutes like Harvard and Columbia.

33:51 – Why writing can very much become a proof of concept or high body of value for someone who is self-motivated in today’s creator economy.

35:55 – What the future of learning looks like and how can we recreate the classroom in a virtual setting – a billion-dollar question.

39:47 – Why it’s important for creators, writers, and experts to own their audiences even when leveraging open distribution platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Q&A from Gamechanger/Mastermind Audience:

45:34 – How online learning can give students a new sense of purpose and self-motivation that is rarely seen with traditional learning institutions given the costs of tuition.

49:16 – How to have better conversations with people you meet.

52:31 – Why age segregation has become a big problem for kids and can in many ways stunt personal growth.