Seth Godin on the Future of Learning

Once described by Forbes as “a demigod on the Web,” teacher, author and marketing guru Seth Godin has been making waves in the business world for over 30 years. Godin has written 19 bestselling books including Purple Cow and This Is Marketing, founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne, has graced the TED stage five times, and has become arguably the internet’s most famous blogger.

Seth is the founder of the altMBA, a global business-thinking workshop. He also is the founder of Akimbo, an online learning community focused on cohort-based peer-to-peer experiential learning experiences. More than 60,000 people have taken his online courses.  

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Why traditional education is being turned on its head
  • The skills we need to thrive in the future
  • Why experiential peer-to-peer models help people learn best

Key Moments:

04:51 – Seth’s experience with Arowhon and its impact on his philosophy on learning and education

06: 28 - Why Seth thinks parents and students should be questioning what school is really for and his personal thoughts on what it should be for

08:00 - The history behind how school came to be a mechanism for teaching compliance instead of creativity and leadership

11:45 - The role of institutionalizing online learning experiences to bring them to scale

13:15 - On the importance of network effects and how we can visualize building them into learning courses/platforms

17:00 - The common misconception many make about attending or pursuing famous school

19:29 - On having an abundant mindset in today’s society

22:24 - The role of teachers in an abundant world and why coercion isn’t a good tactic to teaching

24:21 - Seth’s thoughts on what the teacher of the future looks like

27:40 - On where learning is heading and why adopting a mindset that lets us fail is important

31:13 - On why creativity is a skill, not a talent and how attitude comes into play

34:43 - Seth’s personal beliefs on live learning and the importance of shared learning

36:05 - What Seth is interested in now

37:45 - The importance of owned platforms for creators versus social platforms

Q&A from Gamechanger/Mastermind Audience:

39:22 - Where reflection lies in the learning process

39:44 - Good strategies for those taking gap years

40:17 - Seth’s motivation behind writing his bestselling books

40:49 - How to build curiosity, connection, and shared purpose at work in virtual environments

42:13 - The future state of universities