Hivebrite Alternatives 2023: Top 8 Picks

Uncover the top 8 Hivebrite alternatives for your online community in 2023.
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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for organizations. Building a vibrant online community can be the secret ingredient to fostering loyalty, engagement, and growth. But how can you create such a community when there are countless platforms available, each with its own set of features and benefits? The answer lies in finding the right community platform tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best Hivebrite alternatives for 2023, offering compelling reasons to consider each option.

From educational institutions to corporate alumni networks, community building is a powerful way to connect and engage members. With a plethora of platforms to choose from, selecting the perfect one for your organization can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide will provide insights into the top Hivebrite alternatives, enabling you to make an informed decision that fuels your community’s growth and success.

Short Summary

  • Explore 8 Hivebrite alternatives for community engagement, each offering unique features and benefits.
  • Consider customization & branding options, event management & monetization capabilities, and integration with other tools when selecting a platform.
  • Make an informed decision to foster meaningful relationships with members of the organization’s online community.

Understanding Hivebrite

A group of people discussing in an online community platform

Hivebrite is a customizable community management platform, primarily catering to educational institutions and professional organizations. It offers features such as monetization, event management, and job boards, enabling organizations to effectively engage their members and foster a sense of community. With options for branding and member profile customization, Hivebrite is a versatile choice among community platforms.

However, it’s important to note that Hivebrite lacks certain features, such as live streaming capabilities. Moreover, some unique communities may find Hivebrite’s offerings too restrictive or prohibitive. With this in mind, exploring alternatives to Hivebrite can reveal platforms better suited to your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Top Hivebrite Alternatives for Community Engagement

A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a focus on community engagement

In search of the perfect community platform for your organization? Look no further. In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to the top Hivebrite alternatives for community engagement, including:

  • Disco
  • Mighty Networks
  • Circle
  • Discourse
  • Higher Logic
  • PeerBoard
  • Breezio
  • Slack
  • Discord

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits, catering to different organizational needs and goals. Read on to discover the best fit for your community.


Enter Disco, a user-friendly community platform designed with a focus on creating engaging experiences for its members. Disco provides:

  • Customizable profiles
  • Private messaging
  • Polls
  • Discussion forums

These features ensure your unique community stays connected and engaged.

However, it’s worth noting that Disco comes with certain limitations, such as limited customization options and the absence of monetization features. Despite these drawbacks, Disco’s user-friendly interface and ability to craft engaging experiences make it a viable alternative to Hivebrite for organizations prioritizing member interaction.

Mighty Networks

A group of people discussing in a social networking platform

Mighty Networks offers a comprehensive community-building platform that includes:

  • Course creation
  • Paid memberships
  • Live events
  • Conversations
  • Live streaming
  • Content generation (such as posts, videos, and polls)
  • Membership in local currency
  • Comprehensive analytics

With these features, Mighty Networks provides an all-encompassing experience for community members.

What sets Mighty Networks apart is its ability to construct and sell courses as part of the community, turning it into a hub for knowledge sharing and professional growth. If your community’s focus is on education and skill development, Mighty Networks may be the perfect Hivebrite alternative for you.


A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a focus on community building

Circle is an all-in-one community platform, tailored for creators and brands, and positioning itself as a Hivebrite competitor since its debut in 2020. It’s particularly well-suited for brands and content creators with communities centered around training or education. Circle’s features include:

  • Seamless integration with e-learning platforms like Teachable
  • Customizable branding options
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools
  • Member management and engagement features

If you’re already utilizing e-learning platforms and want to create a community around your content, Circle is an excellent choice for corporate alumni.

From a member’s viewpoint, Circle’s platform is structured around topics, offering a straightforward and user-friendly interface. With its focus on e-learning online communities and course creators, Circle is a strong contender for organizations seeking a community platform that can support and enhance their educational offerings.


A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with user profiles

Discourse is an open-source discussion platform, providing a space for users to create thoughtful and engaging discussion boards. With strong moderation tools, Discourse is particularly suitable for associations and those with coding knowledge. It offers three pricing plans, with discounts available for educational and non-profit organizations.

However, it’s important to consider the limitations of Discourse as a Hivebrite alternative. The platform lacks event hosting features, making it less suitable for organizations that require event management capabilities. Nevertheless, if your community’s focus is on fostering meaningful discussions, Discourse could be the ideal choice.

Higher Logic

A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a job board

Higher Logic, a cloud-based engagement platform, specializes in providing online community and engagement software to help organizations forge stronger connections with their customers through their web app. Their versatile feature set includes:

  • Customizable profiles
  • Discussion forums
  • Private messaging
  • Event management

Higher Logic offers various pricing plans, including free and enterprise-level options, catering to a wide range of organizational needs.

Furthermore, Higher Logic provides 24/7 customer support through phone, email, and live chat, ensuring clients have access to assistance whenever needed. If your organization is an association or non-profit, Higher Logic’s focus on fostering customer connections makes it a noteworthy Hivebrite alternative.


A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a focus on social networking

PeerBoard offers a unique approach to community forums by providing a plug-and-play software solution that enables you to create a custom-branded forum on your website without the need for coding. Its single categorized news feed is designed to be more easily navigable than traditional forum layouts or chaotic Facebook groups.

Although PeerBoard offers a free plan and a starter plan with most features for small online community builders, it’s important to consider the platform’s limitations. If your organization requires additional features or scalability, you may want to explore other Hivebrite alternatives.


A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with members data

Breezio is a versatile community platform that offers:

  • Posting articles, videos, and jobs
  • Participating in discussions
  • Tools for knowledge sharing, professional growth, and content organization
  • Full customization options to cater to various organizational needs

In terms of integration, Breezio provides seamless connectivity with other tools, ensuring users have access to the resources they need to manage their community effectively. If your organization is looking for a flexible community platform with diverse content posting options, Breezio might be the Hivebrite alternative you’ve been searching for.


An image showing a comparison between Slack and other hivebrite alternatives for team communication and collaboration.

Slack, a popular team communication tool, can also be utilized for building closed professional communities. The platform provides features such as:

  • Messaging
  • File sharing
  • Search
  • Integration with other tools

These features allow users to stay connected and engaged. However, Slack’s primary focus is on team collaboration rather than community building, making it less suitable for organizations looking to create powerful online communities.

One of the main drawbacks of using Slack as a Hivebrite alternative is the lack of event hosting and branding customization capabilities. If your organization’s focus is on fostering a branded community with event management features, you may want to consider other Hivebrite alternatives.


A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a focus on large communities

Discord is a comprehensive communication platform often used by video game players for communication, providing users with features such as:

  • Text chat
  • Voice chat
  • Video chat
  • Screen sharing
  • The ability to create and join servers

Discord offers a free version of its service. For those looking for an enhanced experience, Discord Nitro is available for $9.99 USD/mo or $99 USD/year.

Although Discord is free and offers a variety of communication tools, it may not be the most suitable platform for larger community organizations due to its lack of live events and analytics. For organizations with these requirements, exploring other Hivebrite alternatives may be more beneficial.

Building Meaningful Relationships

A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a focus on building meaningful relationships

Cultivating meaningful relationships within online communities is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating more engaging conversations. These relationships help promote trust and understanding among community members, leading to more productive and successful outcomes.

Different community engagement platforms, such as Facebook group, enable the formation of these relationships by offering tools and features that encourage interaction, such as discussion forums, chat rooms, and private messaging. Some platforms also offer features like gamification, which can facilitate engagement and collaboration among community members using a building block approach.

When selecting a community platform, consider how each alternative, including community software, fosters meaningful relationships and contributes to a thriving community atmosphere.

Customization and Branding

A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with user profiles

Customization and branding options play a significant role in shaping the user experience and overall success of an online community. While some Hivebrite alternatives offer white-label solutions, others provide limited customization options. For example, Disco offers limited customization options and lacks monetization features, while Breezio provides full customization to suit various organizational needs.

When assessing community platforms, it’s essential to consider how each alternative aligns with your organization’s branding and customization requirements. A platform that offers the right balance of customization options and features will contribute to a seamless community experience and help foster a sense of belonging among members.

Event Management and Monetization

A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with a focus on selling courses and monetization options

Event management and monetization features are essential for community platforms, as they enable organizations to engage members and generate revenue. While Hivebrite offers extensive capabilities for monetizing events, some of its alternatives may differ in this regard. For instance, Mighty Networks provides features like course creation, paid memberships, and live events, while Discord lacks live events and analytics.

When comparing Hivebrite alternatives, consider how each platform’s event management and monetization options align with your organization’s needs and goals. The right platform will offer the necessary features to engage your community and support its growth.

Integration with Other Tools

A group of people discussing in an online community platform, with access rights and third party integrations

Integration with other tools is crucial for a seamless community experience. Some examples of integrations offered by different platforms are:

  • Hivebrite integrates with various CRMs, payment processors, and other tools
  • Disco integrates with Slack, Zoom, and Salesforce
  • Circle integrates with Google Analytics
  • PeerBoard integrates with DocHub

When selecting a community platform, consider how each alternative integrates with the tools and platforms your organization already uses. A platform that offers seamless integration with your existing toolkit will contribute to a streamlined community experience and help your organization manage its online presence more effectively.

Choosing the Right Community Platform

Selecting the best Hivebrite alternative for your organization depends on your specific needs, budget, and goals. To ensure a well-informed decision, compare each platform’s features, pricing, and suitability for your community type. Consider how each alternative caters to your organization’s requirements, such as customization options, event management, and integration with other tools.

By carefully assessing each platform and aligning its offerings with your organization’s unique needs, you can make a well-informed choice that fuels your community’s growth and success. Ultimately, the right community platform will help you.

  • Connect with your members
  • Engage your members
  • Build meaningful relationships with your members
  • Foster a thriving and vibrant online community.


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In conclusion, finding the perfect community platform for your organization is a crucial step towards building a thriving online community. With numerous Hivebrite alternatives available, each offering unique features and benefits, it’s essential to carefully assess your organization’s needs, budget, and goals to make an informed decision. From Disco’s engaging experiences to Mighty Networks’ comprehensive community-building features, there’s an alternative for every organization.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the top Hivebrite alternatives for 2023. By considering each platform’s offerings and aligning them with your organization’s unique requirements, you can confidently select a community platform that will propel your organization towards success and growth, fostering an engaged and vibrant community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hivebrite do?

Hivebrite provides cloud-based online community management for incubators, businesses, schools, and nonprofits, enabling them to build brand engagements and offer members global networking opportunities.

With Hivebrite, organizations can create a vibrant online community that fosters collaboration, engagement, and connection. Members can easily access resources, join conversations, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and events.

Hivebrite is an artificial intelligence site.

What are some alternatives to Hivebrite for community engagement?

For community engagement, alternative platforms to Hivebrite include Disco, Mighty Networks, Circle, Discourse, Higher Logic, PeerBoard, Breezio, Slack, and Discord.

How can I build meaningful relationships within my online community?

Foster a sense of community, encourage collaboration and facilitate engaging conversations through tools such as forums, chat rooms and private messaging to build meaningful relationships in your online community.

What should I consider when selecting a community platform for my organization?

When selecting a community platform for your organization, assess its features, pricing, suitability for your community type, customization options, event management, and integration with other tools.

Consider the platform’s user experience, scalability, and security. Look into the customer service and support offered by the platform. Analyze the platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities. Evaluate the platform’s integrations with other tools and services.

How important is integration with other tools when choosing a community platform?

Integration with other tools is essential when choosing a community platform as it creates a seamless experience for users and allows organizations to manage their online presence more effectively.

It allows users to access content from multiple sources in one place, and it also allows organizations to easily update their content across multiple platforms. This makes it easier for users to find the information they need, and it also makes it easier for organizations to find the information they need.


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July 7, 2023
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