Let's set up a time for a Disco Demo

In this 30-minute call, we’ll tailor our demo based on your specific use-case, chat more about your needs, and share how other customers are leveraging the Disco platform.

Here's what getting started looks like on Disco

2. Deep dive on your use-case

Next, we’ll dive deep into your use-case with our team of live learning experts. We’ll explore your current offerings and identify opportunities.

3. Setup & Launch

If Disco seems like a fit after we’ve explored, our team will help you get started with planning and support to make going LIVE easy!

1. Personalized demo

In our first meeting, we’ll show you a personalized demo, walk you through how our customers are using the platform and answer your questions.

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Watch a 4-Minute Platform Tour

See how virtual bootcamps, academies and organizations are using Disco’s all-in-one platform to grow their live learning empires.