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Margaret Atwood

Practical Utopias:
An Exploration of the Possible

An 8-week live learning experience to explore, co-create and design solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges.

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January 31, 2022

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Disco Studios

We create transformative live learning experiences for thought leaders and organizations with game changing ideas and influence.

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Easily build, market and scale immersive live learning experiences

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How The Magic Of Live Courses Is Driving A Learning Revolution


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Easily plug-in your existing tools like Zoom, Slack and Stripe so you can focus on what you do best.

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Hear what top creators are saying about Disco!

"Disco has solved our problem of mixing many tools together to run our cohorts. That’s a common theme in the no-code world, people use many tools when one would do."

Amie Pollack

"Just wanted to say a big thanks to the DISCO team for being so open to feedback - you guys are taking this to a new level in terms of connecting with your customers!"

Andrew Barry
Curious Lion

"The amazing breadth of features Disco provides, including the ability to screen applicants and provide free workshops, empowers course creators like myself to offer highly customized, delightful experiences for my learners."

Karthik Senthil
Founder, HAX

"Disco is the platform I have been looking for to make it easy to run my business in one place for both my team and our learners. I am excited to scale this cohort based course into a full blown learning community that has a huge impact on the world."

Graham Hill
Founder, Carbonauts

"I chose Disco because of its focus on helping creators such as myself build and foster active live learning communities. An all in one platform to build my business is exactly what creators like myself are looking for."

Jan Keck
Founder, Virtual Facilitator Training

"We love that, while online course platforms can be complicated to navigate, the Disco platform is simple and user-friendly for both hosts/course builders and participants."

Erica Ehm

Live experiences running on Disco

Carbonauts in Training - Family Edition!  Lower your carbon footprint.  5 week course

Duration :    6 week course
Starts :        Aug 30, 2021
Price :         from $249
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acadeME Bootcamp

Duration :    5 Online Sessions
Period :        Aug 30 - Sept 3
Price :         $99
Learn more >
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No-Code Fundamentals: Getting started with no-code

Duration :    5 week course
Starts :        Sep 13, 2021
Price :         $680
Learn more >
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Energetic Time Management for Working Mothers

Duration :    6 week course
Starts :        Aug 30, 2021
Price :         from $699
Learn more >
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Introducing the Disco Accelerator for Thought Leaders

Are you a thought leader with both influence and authority who wants to launch a premium cohort based course or level up your existing live course? 

The Disco Accelerator is an exclusive, application only, program designed to transform IP into an exceptional live course offering in 4 weeks.

This program offers: 
  • The latest research based toolkit for premium live course design
  • A supportive community of influential peers to grow with and learn from
  • A process to guide you to launch that incorporates significant real world feedback
  • Marketing support to ensure your success
  • Access to exceptional guest experts to help you succeed
Limited spots.
Next Cohort starting soon.
Hosted by: 

Candice Faktor

Co-founder of Disco

Lisa Lambert

Head of Learning at Disco

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December 14, 2021 @ 3PM EST

Stefan Palios, Freelance Academy

Join us as we deep dive with Stefan Palios, an experienced Freelance writer, business strategist, and coach who has built his career working with over 70 governments, enterprises, venture capitalists, and startups.

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The Disco Accelerator is an exclusive, application only, program designed to transform IP into an exceptional live course offering in 4 weeks.

Limited spots.
Next Cohort Starting Soon

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November 29, 2021

Announcing Disco Studios!

Disco.co, the live learning platform, launches Disco Studios, a full service solution to help creators and organizations launch, market, and scale transformational learning experiences.

Get straight to building your live learning empire!

Let us handle the rest.