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Disco is a platform for creators to build and scale their live learning empire easily in one place.

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Easily build and run cohort based courses

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How The Magic Of Cohort Based Courses Is Driving A Learning Revolution

Create a "hub" for your learners

Add Live Events, Lessons, Assignments, Chat and other Apps to create a transformative live learning experience.

"All-in-one" platform

Build, market, and scale your live learning business with purpose built landing pages, payments, cohort management, and next generation live learning course tools.

Integration friendly "business in a box"

Connect to Zoom, Zapier and Slack give you a “business in a box” and allow you to create a seamless experience.

Live experiences running on Disco

Carbonauts in Training - Family Edition!  Lower your carbon footprint.  5 week course

Duration :    6 week course
Starts :        Aug 30, 2021
Price :         from $249
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acadeME Bootcamp

Duration :    5 Online Sessions
Period :        Aug 30 - Sept 3
Price :         $99
Learn more >
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No-Code Fundamentals: Getting started with no-code

Duration :    5 week course
Starts :        Sep 13, 2021
Price :         $680
Learn more >
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Energetic Time Management for Working Mothers

Duration :    6 week course
Starts :        Aug 30, 2021
Price :         from $699
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We are an all-in-one LIVE learning platform

Build high-value, cohort based courses & host live sessions to build your live learning business and community.

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The Disco community offers creators access to guest experts, a vibrant supportive peer community of creators, and a series of resources to scale your live learning empire.

Introducing the Disco Accelerator for Thought Leaders

Are you a thought leader with both influence and authority who wants to launch a premium cohort based course or level up your existing cohort based course? 

The Disco Accelerator is an exclusive, application only, program designed to transform IP into an exceptional cohort based course offering in 4 weeks.

This program offers: 
  • The latest research based toolkit for premium cohort based course design
  • A supportive community of influential peers to grow with and learn from
  • A process to guide you to launch that incorporates significant real world feedback
  • Marketing support to ensure your success
  • Access to exceptional guest experts to help you succeed
Limited spots.
Next Cohort starting : Sept 14th, 2021
Hosted by: 

Candice Faktor

Co-founder of Disco

Lisa Lambert

Head of Learning at Disco

What Creators are saying

As a founder whose company grew 10x in 2020 from online courses, I can tell you how limited the tools are, especially if you want a mix of asynchronous and live and community. There is nothing else in the market like this, and it's coming at the exact right time.

Sarah Lacy
Founder, Chairman Mom

To run cohort-based courses today is a mess, you need to use about 7-10 different tools. Disco is solving a major pain point, I had to do it myself and that’s why I am investing.

Dan Martel
Founder, SaaS Academy

We have been searching for a new platform to elevate and refine the experience for our community cohort based learning, I am so grateful to have found Disco!

Heather Odendaal
Founder, WNorth

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