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From workshops to cohort based courses to entire microschools.


Disco is a platform for creators to build and scale their learning empire easily in one place.

Easily build cohort based courses using your own brand

Engage your learning community with Zoom, Chat, and Feeds

A "business in a box" with all the integrations you need

Own and scale your learning empire from a single course to an entire microschool

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Creator Sessions

Seth Godin

Founder, Alt MBA

May 27 @12pm EDT

Future of Learning

Deborah Quazzo

Partner, GSV

Apr 20 @12pm EDT

Creator Sessions

Billy Broas

Marketing Expert for Live Courses 

Apr 22 @12pm EDT


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As a founder whose company grew 10x in 2020 from online courses, I can tell you how limited the tools are, especially if you want a mix of asynchronous and live and community. There is nothing else in the market like this, and it's coming at the exact right time.

Sarah Lacy

Founder, Chairman Mom

We’re Pretty Excited About Where Learning is Headed.....

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What I love about Disco is that they are pioneering live (two-way) learning experiences. What people miss about asynchronous learning is that it’s inherently only one way - and as the saying goes - when one teaches, both learn.

Farhan Thawar

VP Eng, Shopify

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Disco means learn in Latin. We are lifelong learners passionate about community + creators + learning