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We are a global fully remote team looking for the brightest and most passionate people in the world to join us on our mission.

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As a Product/UX Designer you'll have the opportunity to help build our brand, grow our community and onboard our very first customers.

In your role as a Web & Graphic Designer you'll be working closely with a fast-moving marketing team to build our brand. You'll define the look and feel of digital assets from customer-facing website material to social media content.

As a Startup Software Developer, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with a fast-moving product and technology team to push our product in new directions while also shaping the next iterations of the features our customers already love.

Our Values

Creator Obsessed

We want to solve the problems creators face in making a living teaching what they love.

creators success = our success

High performance

We value people that want to be the very best they can be and who are inspired to learn and grow.


The best life is one that combines passion + purpose. We value people who are passionate about their own mission and ours.

Conscious & Inclusive

We believe in building a highly conscious and inclusive culture for people to do their best work and thrive. 

Life Long Learning

We value a growth mindset and curiosity.  We are fueled by creating a product and a culture to enable life long learning.


Everyone can blaze their own trail - working from anywhere, doing what they love.  We value remote work and entrepreneurship.


Meet the Founders

Candice Faktor

Candice is passionate about lifelong learning + creator economy + community. Candice helped scale Wattpad, one of the world’s largest storytelling communities, which sold for US$660MM.


Her love of learning led her to create cohort based courses years ago and  Gamechanger.co learning community both of which inspired her to create Disco.


Candice is a venture partner for Lobby.vc and is a Board member of Coveo, a Bn$ saas platform. 


Candice is from South Africa, lives in Toronto, a yogi and mom to awesome boys and a recent pup. She is married to a creative (of course!) film maker.

Chris Sukornyk

Chris has a passion for building world class platforms that power entrepreneurship from anywhere on the planet.


Chris is a 6x serial entrepreneur. His last venture backed startup Chango pioneered performance marketing and sold for 120MM in 2015.


Chris is a Canadian who lives in Costa Rica with his 4 kids. He’s an avid surfer and passionate about sustainability entrepreneurship.

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