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At Disco, we are building a community-powered platform that is revolutionizing how people learn.

Disco team
Disco team
Disco team

Life at Disco

We are a remote-first company that believes learning communities have the power to change the world.

We are passionate, purpose-driven, and thrilled to be leading the modern learning movement alongside our incredible customers.

Everyday, we get to ideate, create, and solve some of the biggest challenges learning community operators are facing. We live our values by keeping an open mind, celebrating small wins, and learning every step of the way.

"Working at Disco is a continuous learning experience. I am encouraged to work on topics outside of my comfort zone and am supported while I do. The team is close-knit and highly receptive to feedback and my voice feels heard when I put ideas on the table. This could not be more fitting of a team building a learning platform."
Disco team member

Ben L.


"It's incredible to work alongside a team of such inspiring, talented, and driven people. I love the mission of building the place where learning and community come together, and enabling what the future of learning will be for people around the world."
Disco team member

Sonia S.

Creator Lead

"It's great to work at a fully remote company with an extremely talented group of people all are focused on delivering a useful product. Working towards our mission to help others build their own learning empire is fulfilling because it reinforces my belief that education is a lifelong endeavour that can be equally impactful in a large institution as well as from a small individual or community."
Disco team member

Tait C.

Senior Developer

"The most exciting thing about working at Disco, beyond collaborating with a brilliant team every single day, is that we are bringing together and transforming two of the most impactful agents for change: learning and community."
Disco team member

Negin S.

Head of Community

"The culture of growth at Disco is something I haven't experienced anywhere else. I'm always being challenged, surrounded by amazing human beings who will push and support you every step of the way to be your best self."
Disco team member

Josiah M.

Visual Designer

"I'm constantly inspired by my coworkers who are all curious, intelligent, and super driven folks. Disconauts are generous with their expertise, and always ready to learn from each other. I love the freedom that comes with remote work, and the kinship that comes from our offsites when we meet in person. Each way of working offers its own perks! I LOVE that I get to build something I believe in, and create a tool that enables others to create community, and spread knowledge."
Disco team member

Ariane F.


"Working at Disco provides the opportunity to connect and collaborate with brilliant people and do your best work, while delivering purposeful impact. You'll also have a ton of fun doing it."
Disco team member

Chase D.

Product Design Lead

"I've been able to contribute very quickly in a meaningful way. I've been given time to learn while still being given challenging work on new features. It's clear Disco trusts their employees to gets things done and gives you space to grow."
Disco team member

Gurkirat S.


Our Values

Create a Better World

We want our impact to be net positive in the world. We are intentional with how our platform, culture, and choices impact people + planet.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset leads to lifelong learning. Our approach is learn by doing: test, iterate, reflect, learn.

Enjoy the Journey

Have fun and enjoy the freedom that comes with remote work. We are creating a culture where everyone feels empowered to do their best work.

Simplify & Move Fast

Choose the simplest path (not the easiest path). It’s better to be faster to insight than take too long to launch to get feedback.

Be Inclusive & Diverse

We welcome and encourage diversity of ideas, perspectives, and lived experiences.

Build With Empathy

Help founders and operators make a sustainable living growing learning communities through deep empathy for the building process and journey.

Our Culture

While we spend most of our time working remotely, we know how important in-person connection is for cultivating a sense of belonging.

Every year, we plan multiple IRL off-sites (or, in our case, on-sites), bringing our team members together for a few days of zoom-free activities and design sessions that leave us all feeling energized and excited about the change we are making in the world.

Benefits & Perks

Working at Disco combines all the fun and excitement of a startup with the benefits and perks you need to do your best work.

Remote Freedom

Have fun and enjoy the freedom that comes with remote work. We are creating a culture where everyone feels empowered to do their best work.

Health & Wellness

We offer a comprehensive wellness and dental plan. Our employees health is our top priority.

Lifelong Learning Budget

Take advantage of a lifelong learning budget for continuous growth and share with the team. Learning is why we're all here!

IRL Experiential Offsites

Connect and collaborate with the entire company at several annual company offsites to have fun and shape the future of learning.

Company Stock Options

Every employee receives stock options. We want our team to be compensated for their efforts beyond their salary.

Home Office Stipend

We ensure our employees have the best remote work experience by providing a stipend for their home office or co-working space.

Career Opportunities

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