Disco is the Circle alternative that combines community and learning to power your business

Choose a platform purpose-built for transformative learning experiences, with robust community engagement, AI, and productivity tools.

Circle offers community, but integrated learning is what makes communities thrive

While Circle excels in community building, it lacks the depth of integrating these communities with structured learning experiences. In contrast, Disco's platform ensures that community engagement is not an afterthought but a core component of the learning journey.

The Disco platform showcased on mobile devices – desktop, tablet, mobile.

Disco delivers robust features for operators while centering the learner experience

Disco offers an intuitive interface, ensuring learners find what they need without feeling overwhelmed.

Disco's thoughtful design allows learners to easily explore its diverse tools, from discussions to learning modules to resources.

Each feature in Disco is carefully integrated, ensuring a seamless learner journey, unlike platforms that may feel like a collection of disjointed tools.

Disco is trusted by the world's top community-powered learning businesses

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Disco NPS rating, 5/5 stars
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Disco NPS rating, 5/5 stars
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Disco NPS rating, 5/5 stars
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Build and sell versatile products with a comprehensive learning tool suite

Disco's dynamic curriculum builder with modules, assignments, quizzes, and more.

Discover the power of collaborative learning

Unlike Circle, Disco offers a robust curriculum builder that enables you to create interactive and engaging learning modules, complete with assignments, quizzes, and prerequisites.

With Disco, you can leverage the flexibility to offer both self-paced and cohort-based courses, catering to different learning styles and needs.

Combine community and learning to drive engagement and member growth

Create vibrant connections

Disco’s dynamic community features are as robust as Circle's capabilities, fostering deeper connections and interactive learning environments.

Disco enables you to host and manage engaging events with ease, offering opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.

A group of diverse learners connecting with each other virtually through Disco's events

Join the world's top learning businesses building with Disco.

Save time and operate efficiently with intelligent AI and productivity tools

Disco's AI Co-Pilot providing suggested responses to member questions

Streamline your operations

Disco’s AI Co-Pilot assists in managing member engagement and answering member questions, a feature Circle doesn’t offer.

With Disco’s intelligent automations, you can reduce manual workload significantly and save 100s of hours.

Scale seamlessly with a platform built for learning businesses of every size

Scale with flexibility

Disco supports a variety of revenue streams, from memberships to a la carte courses and learning experiences, offering more flexibility than Circle.

Disco advanced analytics empower you to make informed decisions with comprehensive insights into your business and member growth.

Disco analytics for tracking product performance, daily active users, member growth, and more

Why customers love Disco

“Disco has allowed us to build a scalable education offering at Dribbble. The subgroups function lets us break the hundred of students who enroll in each cohort into mentorship groups, giving each student a personal, hands-on & intimate learning experience.”
Disco customer Dribbble

Madeliene Sava

Program Manager, Dribbble

“Disco is the most thoughtful, creative, and well designed LMSs on the market. It is the only product we’ve found that tackles four use cases: one-off events, live cohorts, self-paced courses and community hot spot. If you need this kind of flexibility I suggest you hit the dance floor and Disco!”
Disco customer Irrational Labs

Ryan Goble

Chief Learning Officer, Irrational Labs

“It was hard to find a platform for our learning community that aligned with our goals of live interactive learning AND kept us, the user, at the center of their mission until we found Disco. It feels like they made it specifically for us! It is easy to say that we would not have been able to grow as fast as a school if it weren’t for Disco.”
Disco customer The Fountain Institute

Hannah Baker

Co-Founder, The Fountain Institute

“Disco allows our creative and nonlinear thinking to be available for everyone. It looks awesome, it inspires like a pop artist, and it dances straight into the lives of our members. We also love the innovation that is happening at Disco, new elements and solutions are constantly presented to us. A real octopus solution for us.”
Disco customer The Octopus Movement

Perry Knoppert

Founder, The Octopus Movement

“Disco has been a blessing in pure sight. The operations behind running a suite of 14+ incubator and accelerator programs, that span across several sectors is not an easy feat. Disco has allowed us to scale our programming seamlessly with their highly intuitive platform, and an excellent support staff working with us through all of our needs. I would absolutely recommend to everyone!”
Disco customer YSpace

Nafis Ahmed

Entrepreneruship Manager, YSpace

Feature comparison

When choosing between Disco and Circle to power your community, it's essential to understand how our features stack up. Our comparison chart provides a clear overview, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and goals.

Disco logo wordmark
Disco comparison, Circle, logo
Learning Tools
Course Templates
Self-paced, cohort-based
Community courses
Curriculum Builder
Modules, assignments, quizzes
SCORM Support
Custom Onboarding
Community & Engagement
Channels & DMs
with Zoom integration
Virtual events, event spaces
Social Feeds
Custom Profiles
Member Directory
Slack Integration
AI & Productivity Tools
AI Co-Pilot
Member engagement assistance
Custom actions based on triggers
Workflows, limited via integration
Bulk Messaging
Product Duplication
Slack, Zoom, Zapier, Stripe, and much more
Limited, including API access
Revenue Growth
Learning Products
Limited content monetization
Insights & Analytics
Discount Codes
Brand Customization
Custom domains, labels, dashboards, and much more
User Interface Customization
Robust modular design system
Basic layout options
Custom Content Labeling
Extensive customization
Basic labelling options
Disco's dedicated customer success team

Considering a switch from Circle to Disco?

Migrating from Circle to Disco doesn’t have to be a hassle. Disco is designed to facilitate an easy, streamlined transition, enabling you to enhance your community without disrupting the member experience.

Quickly and easily import your existing community from Circle, ensuring a smooth transition for all members.

Transfer your content, courses, and resources to Disco’s platform seamlessly, preserving the integrity and structure of your learning materials.

Our dedicated team offers hands-on support and guidance, ensuring your
transition to Disco is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Ready to experience Disco’s powerful platform first-hand?