Top 5 AI-Powered Community Platforms in 2024: Level Up Your Game in Community Building

Are AI-powered community platforms worth the investment? Navigate the digital landscape as we dissect top platforms like Disco AI, Circle, and Mighty Networks.
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Are AI-powered community platforms worth the investment?

Navigate the digital landscape as we dissect top platforms like Disco AI, Circle, and Mighty Networks. Understand how their AI functionalities can amplify your community’s engagement and simplify management tasks, helping you pick the solution that aligns with your goals.

What we will explore together:

  • AI-powered community platforms are digital environments that leverage AI to personalize user experiences, automate interactions, and provide intelligent content recommendations.
  • Key features to consider when looking for an AI community platform are: it should offer unique data processing, it can customize member experiences, have robust security, and seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Disco AI stands out with its advanced AI capabilities, such as real-time data analysis and personalized content creation, setting a new standard for community engagement and making it a frontrunner in the AI-driven community platform space.

The Impact of AI in Online Communities

The introduction of AI within online community platforms has been a transformative journey in how we connect and engage with each other. AI has brought a new level of interactivity and personalization that enriches our interactions in ways we could only imagine before.

For community managers, AI-driven tools are more than just technology—they're partners in understanding our community members. These tools sift through data to uncover valuable insights about member behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns.

With this knowledge, we can create content and interactions that resonate deeply with each individual, making them feel seen and valued, and nurturing a stronger community bond.

AI also lends a helping hand to enhance community engagement. Imagine chatbots and intelligent assistants like Disco AI as friendly neighborhood helpers, always ready to offer support and answers, making sure no one is left waiting. This level of responsiveness elevates the user experience and allows community managers to pour their energy into the creative and empathetic aspects of community building.

In essence, AI has been a game-changer in online communities by using tools to be more personalized, attentive, and efficient. With this foundation, let's delve into the world of AI-powered community platforms and discover how they further revolutionize our digital interactions and create a thriving community.

What are AI-powered community platforms?

Imagine digital spaces that provide instant support, this is where AI works tirelessly to understand and cater to your unique preferences and behaviors. These are not just mere digital spaces; they are vibrant, interactive communities brought to life by the power of artificial intelligence.

In the simplest of terms, AI-powered community platforms create a personalized experience for every member, analyzing their interactions, learning their preferences, and even predicting their needs before they articulate them.

These platforms leverage AI by having a digital concierge at your service--one that remembers your favorite topics; introduces you to like-minded individuals; and presents you with content that sparks your interest.

AI-powered community platforms are the future of digital interaction, where every message, every notification, and every piece of content is a step toward building a more thriving and engaged community.

Key Features for Selecting Your Ideal AI-Powered Community Platform

Embarking on the journey to choose the right AI-powered community platform is more than just hopping on the latest tech trend. It's about finding a partner that understands the heartbeat of your community and amplifies its voice through technology.

Here's what you should look for:

  • A platform that truly gets your community by processing data in a way that's unique to your members' needs, not just churning out one-size-fits-all AI responses.
  • Customization that feels like it's tailored just for you, growing and adapting as your community evolves.
  • Security that stands like a guardian, ensuring your community's safety and trust.
  • Seamless integration that feels like a natural extension of your existing systems, not a clunky add-on.

It's not merely about whether the platform can generate a post or simulate a conversation. Many claim to have AI capabilities, but do they understand your community's needs and utilize that knowledge to enhance your space?

This choice should resonate with your strategic vision and financial goals, and it's wise to test the waters with pilot projects before diving headfirst into full-scale adoption.

1. Embracing AI-First Platforms

In your quest for an AI-powered community platform, look for one that's built with an AI-first mindset. These platforms don't just have AI; they breathe AI.

They're crafted from the ground up to automate the mundane, personalize the experience, and offer insights that are genuinely tailored to the nuances of your community.

They go beyond the basic AI functions and become an integral part of your community's fabric, doing much more than just writing posts—they learn, they understand, and they act on your community's unique interactions and data, giving you insights through machine learning and natural language processing.

2. Data-Driven Insights

For community managers, data isn't just a buzzword—it's the compass that guides you to engagement strategies that truly resonate. Platforms equipped with robust analytics tools shine a light on member behavior, sales trends, and engagement levels, all crucial for creating content that hits the mark and forges strong community ties.

The ideal platform doesn't just spit out content; it crafts it with wisdom drawn from your community's rich tapestry of data, ensuring every piece is as relevant and captivating as it can be.

3. Safeguarding Your Creative Spark

As you pour your heart into curating and creating content, protecting your intellectual property is critical. Opt for an AI-powered community platform that empowers you to own your content fully. Unlike social media platforms where you don't own your audience and content, AI community platforms not only give you control over your creations but also ensure your digital assets are safe in this new age of AI.

Top 5 AI-Powered Community Platforms: A Comprehensive Overview

AI-powered community platforms have heralded a novel era for community managers. These advanced tools come packed with features that elevate the ordinary to the exceptional, enabling the creation of well-drafted social media posts, engaging courses, member engagement tracking, and scalable personalization.

Platforms such as Disco AI lead this revolution in online community platforms, each offering unique tools and functionalities that enrich the experience for both community managers and members.

#1. Disco AI: The World's Best AI-Powered Learning and Community Platform

Disco AI, or what we call "AI Sidekick" is a native Artificial Intelligence built inside the Disco platform, designed to enhance course creation, community management, engagement, and monetization.

It's a practical tool that assists in building and engaging learning experiences and managing community interactions effectively. By analyzing data, Disco AI provides actionable insights for better engagement and suggests ways to monetize your community.

It's the go-to choice for virtual academies, membership communities, enterprise communities, associations, and customer communities, trusted by notable names like the Toronto Board of Trade, CourseHero, and Monitor Deloitte.

Disco AI is a straightforward, user-friendly assistant that helps you build and manage your virtual academies and enterprise communities with ease and professionalism. Here are ways on how to use Disco's AI Sidekick:

Use Case #1: It Writes Lessons and Generates Images

Do you plan to launch your online course? With AI Sidekick, you don't need to create your curriculum for weeks! You only need at least half a day to sit down with your new learning design assistant--Disco's AI Sidekick, to fully design and launch your learning products.

  1. Make sure you have a Disco account to access this tool. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial if you are new to Disco.
  2. Once you are onboarded, you can navigate your Disco dashboard. Just go to "Products" and click the "+" icon to add learning products.
  3. Choose a template. This time, select either a cohort-based course or a self-paced course since you're launching a course. Then set up your curriculum accordingly.
  4. After that, you can get started by creating modules in your pre-built curriculum. Write a prompt for AI Sidekick to generate the lesson plans.
  5. Voila! You've just created your first lesson in seconds with the help of AI Sidekick. Since Disco's AI Sidekick is a native AI, it will improve answers over time based on your community's data.

📺 Watch this short tutorial for more info:

Use Case #2: It Suggests Responses to Member Inquiries

If you need a minute to reply to every inquiry, it's only one click away with AI Sidekick. It suggests responses to members' posts, inquiries, and comments--helping you to manage your community with fewer hours.

  1. Make sure you "enable" the integration of the AI co-pilot now called, the "AI Sidekick" in the admin area.
  1. Once enabled, it will automatically suggest responses in your social feeds and channels. Feel free to edit and use the suggestions based on the context of your conversations.
Use Case #3: It Recommends How to Improve Your Community with Data

Disco AI Sidekick goes beyond just managing tasks—it acts as a strategic advisor for improving community interaction. By analyzing community data, it identifies patterns and trends in member engagement and suggests targeted actions to enhance the community experience.

Here's how it works:

  1. AI Sidekick analyzes various data points such as member activity, discussion topics, and engagement times to understand the community's pulse.
  2. It identifies the most engaging content and discussion threads, providing insights into what drives member participation.
  3. Based on these insights, AI Sidekick recommends specific topics or types of content likely to increase interaction and keep the community lively.
  4. It suggests optimal times for posting content or scheduling events when members are most active, ensuring higher visibility and participation.
  5. AI Sidekick can also detect less engaged members and propose personalized outreach strategies to re-engage them with the community.

By leveraging such data-driven recommendations, community managers can make informed decisions that foster a more interactive, engaged, and vibrant community.

💡 These are just a few ways to use an AI-powered community platform to elevate your community management. Discover the Top 10 Strategies to master AI-driven community tools and elevate your platform's experience.

DISCO.CO: Beyond AI. The #1 Learning Community Platform

In summary, Disco AI earns its reputation as the leading AI-powered community and learning platform through its comprehensive and user-friendly tools.

Apart from its AI functionalities, the Disco LMS is designed with educators in mind, providing a straightforward interface for creating courses, managing resources, and tracking progress with advanced analytics. This empowers educators to deliver educational experiences that are both engaging and effective.

Disco LMS features:

  • AI curriculum builder
  • content library
  • custom onboarding
  • learner progress reports + analytics
  • course templates
  • course cloning
  • public pages
  • SCORM support
  • custom branding
  • bulk invites and bulk messaging

Beyond the classroom, Disco Community takes community management to the next level by integrating AI to improve every aspect of the user experience. Event organization is simplified, member management is intelligent, and every interaction is personalized. Disco AI equips community managers with the tools they need to maintain a lively and cohesive community.

Disco Community features:

  • event management tool
  • member management & CRM
  • automation and integrations
  • social feeds, channels, and DMs
  • groups, subgroups, and member directory
  • mobile app

With, community management and learning come together in a harmonious blend, creating a space where intelligent engagement and continuous learning are the norm.

What Top Virtual Academies Are Saying About Disco AI:

Here's a snapshot of the rave reviews we've received about our Disco AI toolkit from those who've used it:

  • "Disco has saved the AltMBA team approximately 1/3 of their general operational / set-up time as they set up their cohorts. They reinforced how well supported they have felt by the Disco team, that this is a true partnership in every sense of the word. - AltMBA
  • "We loved Disco, and also the AI functionality which is above and beyond what we have seen in the other." - Meaning Quotient
  • "Their reactions around our Disco AI were amazing!! Truly amazed at the example we show (using the demo Slack environment that we set up in the past). - UnFoldNow
  • "AI Disco - it's the best AI assistant for Slack I've seen." - BLKNS

Circle and Mighty Networks: Limited AI Integration

While Disco revels in its native AI capabilities, platforms like Circle and Mighty Networks take a more modest approach to artificial intelligence. Their AI integration is limited, but they cleverly supplement this by wrapping the functionalities of ChatGPT into their systems.

Circle's AI tool, for example, provides community managers with the ability to automate certain aspects of engagement and content moderation, making it easier to maintain a vibrant community atmosphere. Members can receive personalized content recommendations, enhancing their experience within the community.

Meanwhile, Mighty Networks' AI-driven features offer suggestions for group connections and content discovery, encouraging deeper engagement among members. However, it’s important to note that these AI integrations serve more as extensions to the existing platform capabilities, rather than as the core driving force behind them.

Despite the strides Circle and Mighty Networks have made in integrating AI into their platforms, Disco AI stands out as the best AI community platform.

Disco AI is not an extension of ChatGPT, but a fully-fledged native AI system, built specifically to enhance community engagement and learning experiences. It goes beyond the basic AI functionalities offered by Circle and Mighty Networks, providing a seamless and comprehensive AI experience that is deeply integrated into every aspect of the platform.

Kajabi and Glue Up: AI-Powered Community Management

Kajabi and Glue Up are making significant strides in the realm of AI-powered platforms, each with a unique approach to fostering community engagement.

Kajabi, known as the AI Creator's Hub, tailors its AI tools to enhance the educational experience, offering personalized content that adapts to the needs of individual learners. This creates a thriving community where knowledge and creativity flourish.

Glue Up, with its AI Co-Pilot feature, provides a virtual assistant designed to simplify community management and event organization. By automating routine tasks and facilitating smarter engagement, Glue Up empowers community leaders to build stronger, more connected networks.

Despite the capabilities of Kajabi and Glue Up, a notable disadvantage is their separation of learning and community features. These platforms do not offer an integrated environment that combines both elements, making it challenging for virtual academies and enterprises to cultivate spaces that unify learning with community in a single, cohesive platform.

In contrast, stands apart with its robust integration of AI, learning, and community features, offering a seamless experience where educational content and community interaction are interwoven, thereby enhancing both the teaching environment and community engagement.

Supercharge Your Learning Community

A step-by-step guide to build and grow a thriving learning community.

The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Level Up Your Game with Disco's AI Sidekick with a 14-day Free Trial! 🤖

As we reach the end of our exploration of AI-powered community platforms, one thing is clear: the intersection of artificial intelligence and community engagement is fertile ground for innovation.

From native AI platforms like to the community engagement tools offered by Kajabi and Glue Up, the impact of AI on community management is profound and far-reaching. With the right platform, community managers can unlock a new dimension of engagement, build deeper connections, and foster a thriving online community.

Take advantage of our 14-day free trial to build your virtual academies in just hours, and not weeks. Once you sign up, you can access the Disco platform packed with AI + learning + community tools that will help you manage your educational business seamlessly and efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an AI-driven platform?

An AI-driven platform is a software solution that allows businesses to create and implement AI-powered applications, providing tools for data scientists, developers, and business users. This helps in deploying AI models effectively.

What is the best AI community platform to use?

Disco is the best AI-first community platform available, thanks to its native AI tool, robust learning, and community features. It stands out as the premier choice for those looking to integrate advanced AI capabilities seamlessly into their community and learning environments.

What advantages do AI-first platforms offer over traditional online community platforms?

AI-first platforms provide automated routine tasks, personalized scaling, and insights through machine learning, fundamentally enhancing the community management experience.

How does AI improve content creation for community managers?

AI improves content creation for community managers by streamlining the process and generating relevant and engaging text, ultimately helping managers maintain an active and vibrant community presence. This allows managers to focus on other important tasks and engage more effectively with their community.

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April 9, 2024
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