Social learning

Finally, a social learning platform built for 2024

Out with traditional learning; in with AI-powered social learning that brings people together. Disco helps you reap the benefits of cohort-based learning, leading to higher engagement and better results, all on a modern platform you and your learners will love.

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Disco's suite of AI-powered social learning tools like cohort-based courses, chat, live events, and more.
Cohort and async learning

People learn better together

With Disco, you’re building more than just hyper-social learning programs; you’re building a foundation to completely reinvent the way your learners engage and absorb knowledge.

Simplified content creation

Creation on Disco is a breeze

Disco’s easy to use, intuitive platform makes content creation easier than ever before. But just in case you really wanted to level things up, we added in the full capability of an AI sidekick ready to save you time and effort.

Y-Space is York's pan-university entrepreneurship hub

Disco customer, Irrational Labs, Ryan Goble

Ryan Goble

Chief Learning Officer

“Disco is the most thoughtful, creative, and well designed LMSs on the market. It is the only product that offers one-off events, live cohorts, self-paced courses and community hot spot. If you need this kind of flexibility I suggest you hit the dance floor and Disco!”
Personalization at scale

Personalized learning
& intimate spaces

Tired of impersonal learning platforms? So were we. Disco allows you to deliver personalized  learning with relevant  content, learning curriculum, events, and spaces created just for specific cohorts or groups.

Y-Space is York's pan-university entrepreneurship hub

Disco customer, XPRIZE, Dr. Alexander Nicholas

Dr. Alexander Nicholas

Executive Vice President

“The platform is unique in the LMS market—blending accessibility, course development, management, and a user interface that resonates with youth. With Disco, we swiftly created inspiring educational experiences and cultivated a vibrant community of learners from diverse backgrounds around grand challenges.”
Data analytics that drive results

Comprehensive insights
& reporting

Insights and feedback make learning better. Improve your learning content and create a better experience for your learners with detailed insights and reporting features.

Ready to see how Disco improves learning?

Disco is built for modern organizations who want to make learning and course creation simple, yet wonderful.

Want to see more of what makes Disco great?

Learn better, together

Social learning delivers the impressive results you’re looking for, thanks to more opportunities for connection and enagement.

Create a modern learning experience that delivers impressive results on Disco's social learning platform

Watch engagement skyrocket

Using the power of AI and a Slack-like community feed, learners and educators can interact naturally while sharing info, resources, and ideas, resulting in better engagement and better learning results.

10x your operational efficiency with powerful AI tools and automations on Disco's social learning platform

Make operations easy, breezy, done

With a drag-and-drop, no-code setup, save your brain power for putting Disco AI to the test. From our Q&A bot to simple-to-create automations, sit back, relax, and experience a next-level social learning platform.

10x your operational efficiency with powerful AI tools and automations on Disco's social learning platform

Putting you in the designer’s seat

You don’t have to be a designer to completely customize your team’s space. With custom colors, images, and domains, it’s your modern platform, your way.

Hyper-personalize your learning experience on Disco's social learning platform

Social learning

Creating personalized and seamless social learning experiences has never been easier

Disco’s powerful suite of modern learning features and functionalities has everything you need to bring your learning journey to life.

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Disco's Advanced Learning Suite with features like course templates, curriculum builder, knowledge library, and more.
Disco's course templates – cohort-based course, self-paced course, learning circles, event series, and more.

Course Templates

Offer diverse learning experience for every type of learner

Use pre-built templates to easily create self-paced or cohort-based courses, or build learning products from scratch

Customize course details to stay on brand and on topic; because even the little things matter when it comes to learning

Power up your courses and elevate learner engagement with interactive tools, resources, and third-party apps

Curriculum builder

Design and deliver stellar collaborative learning journeys

Customizable modules

Break down your learning journey into individual modules that drive learner progression. Release modules instantly or craft a release schedule so your community gets the right content at the right time.

DIsco's customizable modules with lessons, tasks, assignments, and quizzes

Live events

Uninvite stress to your virtual events. Schedule live sessions in lockstep with learning modules and upload recordings in seconds, letting learners refresh and replay at their own pace.

Host and manage live virtual events and content on the Disco platform

Integrated assessments

Stay on top of progress and maximize learning outcomes with quizzes, assignments, and tests.

Disco quizzes

Diverse content formats

Virtual learning shouldn’t be textbook. From videos to interactive assignments, design a course full of captivating content that keeps you and your community on your toes.

Disco content formats like videos, text, assignments, document attachments, custom embeds and more.

Interactive elements

Encourage peer interaction and supercharge learner engagement with forums, chats, and discussion features all within your learning environment.

Community members connecting through Disco channels
Customizable course templates and dashboards

Amp up course functionality and personalization with apps

Unlock Disco’s full capability by adding third-party apps to create a learning management system that feels custom, functional, and just so happens to look incredible.

Drive engagement and retention with custom products tailored to your community

Create a learning experience like no other with interactive platform apps, feeds, collections, and content

Put app overwhelm in the past by integrating all your favorite third-party apps into Disco’s sleek and modern platform

Curate a comprehensive library of custom content

Harness the power of AI to help you build a library of content your learners will love.

Give learners access to multimedia resources at any time (pro tip: with Disco Mobile, they can check out content anywhere)

Turn your content library into a searchable database with content tags and categories

Keep content relevant and up-to-date by working with powerful AI tools to help duplicate and maximize content output

Disco content library for articles, guides, videos, and more.
Disco's Custom member onboarding

Start strong with customized onboarding journeys

Make a great first impression with a personalized onboarding experience that sparks immediate excitement about what’s to come.

Tailor onboarding journeys to every learner based on their profile, interests, needs, and learning goals

Turn onboarding data into engagement thanks to personalized AI content recommendations and learning experiences

Make social learning social again by connecting learners with their peers, based on interest, location, and goals

Stay on top of progress with learner reports

You want data? You got it. Disco makes it easy to monitor both cohort and individual progress to better understand and support your learners while improving your material.

Get a 360-degree view broken down by group and individual learners, including module completion and engagement

Dive into the data behind community engagement, analyzing assignment submissions, task completion, comment counts and other key metrics.

Pull back the curtain on event insights with real-time registration and attendance reports

Track learner progress and engagement with daily activity reports, event attendance, and comment tracking

Join game-changing learning organizations building with Disco

Create groups and sub-groups

Leverage groups to create intimacy at scale

Spark meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging with custom groups based on interest, expertise, geography, or learning stage. Watch comfort levels and peer-to-peer content sharing thrive thanks to small, focused groups that deliver a more personal social learning experience.

Create custom groups based on interests, expertise, geography or learning stages to foster a sense of belonging.

Enable focused discussions and content sharing within groups, enhancing peer-to-peer learning.

“We are very happy with the Disco platform. It's extremely easy to use to configure programs. I love the responsiveness of the Disco team for support and I like the fact that they are grounded in community to share best practices so that we all succeed.”
Disco customer Altitude Accelerator

Hessie Jones

Innovations Manager, Altitude Accelerator

Build custom dashboards to enhance learning

With assignments, messaging, and events all in one easy-to-manage spot, your community spends less time toggling between multiple apps, and more time learning on Disco. Thanks to ultra-personalized dashboards and your favorite integrations, learners have everything they need, all in one beautifully functional hub.

Customize learner views with relevant content, assignments, and events, ensuring a seamless experience.

Integrate external tools and resources seamlessly, providing a one-stop hub for all learning essentials.

Custom dashboards
Import SCORM documents into Disco

Migrate your SCORM files with ease

Import SCORM documents directly into Disco, preserving interactive elements and structured content for a seamless transition.

Integrate external tools and resources seamlessly, providing a one-stop hub for all learning essentials.

Bring your existing content into Disco while preserving interactive elements and structured content. Disco’s advanced Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and API integrations make transfers easy and efficient.

The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Supercharge your community

The Learning Community Playbook delivers actionable insights, innovative frameworks, and valuable strategies to spark engagement, nurture growth, and foster deeper connections. Access this resource and start building a vibrant learning ecosystem today!

All Features

Discover everything you can do with Disco

Learning Tool Suite

Unlock the full potential of every learning journey with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Course Templates

Simplify your course creation with templates that cater to different learning styles.

Content Library

Create and organize a rich repository of content to support learners at every stage.

Custom Onboarding

Design tailored onboarding that engages members and informs program design.

Curriculum Builder

Design compelling learning paths with a versatile curriculum builder.

Learner Progress Reports

Monitor learner progress with detailed reports that track every milestone.

SCORM Support

Effortlessly import SCORM-compliant content.

Community & Engagement

Increase engagement with vibrant interaction and community tools.

Channels & DMs

Facilitate dynamic conversations with integrated DMs and channels.


Host and manage events that catalyze meaningful interactions.

Social Feeds

Create an immersive experiences with feeds that echo the vibrancy of your community.

Custom Profiles

Personalize the community experience with customizable member profiles.

Member Directory

Browse and connect with members through a comprehensive directory.

Slack Integration

Bridge communication by syncing Disco’s powerful tools with Slack.

Powerful AI and Productivity Tools

Maximize your productivity with intelligent AI support and powerful efficiency tools.

Disco AI

Your learning community sidekick to save you time and make engagement 10x easier.


Save time with automations that act on your set triggers.

Bulk Messaging

Communicate at scale with ease, reaching groups with targeted messages.

Course Cloning

Rapidly expand your offerings with course cloning, saving time and maintaining quality.

Groups & Sub-Groups

Manage community segments effectively with organized groups and subgroups.


Seamlessly connect the tools you use and love, enhancing your platform’s capabilities.

Accelerated Revenue Growth

Boost your bottom line with monetization and marketing tools.


Harness the power of recurring revenue by selling various membership tiers.

Learning Products

Build and sell a variety of learning experiences to unlock revenue streams.

Member Management

Use intuitive tools to manage member subscriptions, renewals, and user roles.

Insights & Analytics

Leverage detailed analytics to understand sales trends and member engagement.

Discount Codes

Attract new members and reward loyalty with discount codes.

Enterprise Features

Access advanced capabilities and unparalleled support for scalability.

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