Track learner progress and monitor engagement in your learning community

Know how your learners and community are performing to generate the best outcomes.

Track learner progress and monitor engagement in your learning community
Measure your community member's overall engagement with curriculum progress reports and event attendance reports

Measure overall engagement

See what resonates with your learners and discover how to improve their learning and community experience.

Daily member progress

Keep an eye on learner' progress and connect with those who may need extra support.

Track student success and completion rates across your courses with Disco's learner progress reports
Keep track of who attended and registered for your events with Event Attendance reports

Track event attendance

Check out who registered and who made it to your events, and export results for followup and analysis.

Auto-event feedback reports

When an event is over, auto-request feedback from attendees to improve future experiences.

Get feedback from your community members after each virtual event with Feedback reports
“Disco allows our creative and nonlinear thinking to be available for everyone. It looks awesome, it inspires like a pop artist, and it dances straight into the lives of our members. We also love the innovation that is happening at Disco, new elements and solutions are constantly presented to us. A real octopus solution for us.”
Disco customer The Octopus Movement

Perry Knoppert

Founder, The Octopus Movement

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