Social learning

Dreamy. Modern. And totally customizable.

Tired of building on a learning platform that looks like its from 1999? Your brand deserves to look and feel as fresh as your content, with custom branding, intuitive design, and modular building blocks for the ultimate learning experience.

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Creating modern learning experiences with Disco's suite of design and customization tools like custom branding, modular blocks, custom onboarding, custom domain, integrations, and more.
Dreamy yet functional design

Premium design for an exceptional experience

Learners want to spend more time on a platform that naturally feels modern and user-friendly. Disco is one of the most modern LMS’s out there, with an emphasis on creating a platform you and your learners will both fall in love with.

Y-Space is York's pan-university entrepreneurship hub

Disco customer, allWomen

Laura Fernández Giménez

Founder & CEO

"I think learning experiences are going to be more customized. This is something that is so cool about Disco – the platform itself is customizable to our needs. It lets us customize the experience for our members."
Flexible design architecture

Modular, flexible design architecture – your business, your way

As much as we love Disco’s sleek design and beautiful interface, we like it a lot more once you’ve put your spin on it. Design a community that feels all your own, and wow your learners with an online experience that feels like a seamless extension of your brand.

Y-Space is York's pan-university entrepreneurship hub

Disco customer, Learn Biomimicry

Alistair Daynes

Founder & CEO

"Disco gives the power to the creator or the educator, to say, ‘play with us and create what you think the best learning journey is, and we'll get out of your way to make that happen’. And it's just been so easy to use.”
Easy to use, easy to love

Intuitive usability for operators and learners

A beautiful LMS is only as good as its functionality. Luckily, Disco shines in both categories, with a functional UI that both operators and learners can easily navigate.

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Disco is built for modern organizations who want to make learning and course creation simple, yet wonderful.

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Learn better, together

Social learning delivers the impressive results you’re looking for, thanks to more opportunities for connection and enagement.

Create a modern learning experience that delivers impressive results on Disco's social learning platform

Watch engagement skyrocket

Using the power of AI and a Slack-like community feed, learners and educators can interact naturally while sharing info, resources, and ideas, resulting in better engagement and better learning results.

10x your operational efficiency with powerful AI tools and automations on Disco's social learning platform

Make operations easy, breezy, done

With a drag-and-drop, no-code setup, save your brain power for putting Disco AI to the test. From our Q&A bot to simple-to-create automations, sit back, relax, and experience a next-level social learning platform.

10x your operational efficiency with powerful AI tools and automations on Disco's social learning platform

Putting you in the designer’s seat

You don’t have to be a designer to completely customize your team’s space. With custom colors, images, and domains, it’s your modern platform, your way.

Hyper-personalize your learning experience on Disco's social learning platform