Managing your Slack-based learning community has never been so easy

Bring transformative learning experiences directly to members in your Slack-based learning community.

Elevate your Slack-based learning community with Disco

We know that moving your members to a new platform can be a big challenge. Our advanced Slack integration enables you to bring the power of Disco’s unparalleled member experience, insightful analytics, and community management features directly into Slack.

Deliver relevant programming and a seamless member experience

Every member in your learning community will have their own personalized dashboard in Slack, where they can:

RSVP and join upcoming events

View released module and content

Engage with discussions and announcements

Access learning areas inside your Disco community

Save 100s of hours with powerful automations

Direct communication where members are most active.

Segment members into groups and send personalized messages to specific groups directly in Slack

Program automated messages and prompts to increase engagement

Nudge members to continue learning so they don’t fall behind

Foster learning, collaboration, and rich discussions within your existing Slack space with Disco's Slack integration

Using another communication tool for your learning community?

Our goal is to integrate with multiple communication platforms so you can keep your members where they are and bring the power of transformative learning to the tools you already use.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Disco Slack integration

Simplify your learning community management

Connect Slack to your Disco learning community to create a more seamless experience for you and your members.

Enable members to register for and attend events learning  right within Slack

Get notified in Slack when any activity happens in your Disco learning community and enable

Connect with members where they are

Gain deep insights with integrated analytics

Disco’s advanced Slack integration automatically duplicates and imports your member profiles into Disco to track member activity and engagement and deliver powerful insights to help you increase engagement and retention.

Disco's member engagement reports let's you gain insights into members daily activity, event attendance, and comments

Unleash the revenue potential of your Slack-based learning community

Create seamless learning experiences for your Slack community to connect, learn, and grow together. Create learning experiences of all shapes and sizes to meet your members’ unique needs.

Cohort-Based Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Training Programs

Group Coaching

Virtual Workshops

Employee Onboarding

Your Slack integration questions, answered

What is Disco?

Disco is an all-in-one platform for your learning community. Whether you’re offering online courses, a mastermind, or employee training, Disco has all the learning and community features to deliver an incredible experience. Learn about us!

Why the name “Disco”?

“Disco” means “I learn” in Latin! Plus, we make learning fun, social and vibrant. Learn more about us ->

What is a learning community?

A learning community is a purpose-built space focused on bringing people together to engage around powerful learning experiences. In the past, people learned passively through pre-recorded materials and from a single teacher. Today, and in the future, people learn best with each other: interacting, exchanging ideas, and building their network. Read our manifesto ->

Can I watch a demo of the platform?

Of course! You can check out a video tour to experience Disco's powerful community and learning features.

Do I own my community?

100%! You own your business and customers. Unlike online course marketplaces or social media platforms, with Disco you own the customer relationship, and you control how you build, market, and monetize your learning community.

How easy is switching to Disco?

If you already are using a learning or community platform like Circle, Mighty Networks, Teachable, Kajabi, or Facebook groups you can easily import lists and content for a head start on the Disco platform. Learn more about migration ->

What is Disco’s pricing model?

Try out Disco for free with a 14-day trial and select from monthly and annual plans to meet your learning community's needs. Learn more ->