Custom Branding

Create a Premium Learning Community Experience With Custom Branding

Everything you need to showcase your unique brand and personality
Custom branded communities on the Disco platform

Make your community shine
with customized branding

Custom Colors
Make the learning experience look and feel like you, from end to end.
Branded Emails
Add your logo and brand colors to emails sent through Disco.
Logo & Favicon
In your learning community, it’s always your logo and brand.
Customize community branding including custom logo, subdomain, colours and emails on the Disco platform

“Running a program can be incredibly operationally intensive. With Disco there are so many parts that now have a much more product-guided and product-led experience than what we were previously doing.”

Ben Plummer, Sr. Learning Experience Designer, On Deck
Ben Plummer
Sr. Learning Experience Designer, On Deck
Customize community navigation on the Disco platform
Custom Navigation

Customize your navigation

Reorder, change names and add icons to make your community navigation consistent and easy.

Custom Subdomain

Host on your subdomain

Use a custom subdomain for your community to make sure your members always feel like they're at home.

Host custom subdomains on the Disco platform

Customize the community home page to make an incredible first impression

Community Banners
Add a banner to welcome members and share updates
Member Activity Feed
Show learners the latest posts and updates that matter to them.
Custom Blocks
Add content, highlight experience and more with custom blocks.
Custom community home with community banners, activity feed, and custom content blocks on the Disco platform
Custom labels

Update labels to suit you

Change the name of the roles in your community, like members and teachers, to match the terms you use

Custom admin and member labels on the Disco platform