Customize your community,
your way

Leverage easy-to-use tools to personalize and modify your learning community’s feel and functionality to enhance your member experience.

Reflect your unique brand across your learning community with Disco's customization features

Showcase experiences with modular blocks

Learning communities come in all shapes and sizes, and yours deserves to feel and function in the way that suits your business and your members. With blocks, add and organize your courses, events, pages, and apps with just a few clicks–it’s that easy.

Personalize your community space with Disco's modular blocks

Elevate the experience with custom branding

Build a premium and vibrant learning community that is a true reflection of your brand. Add your logo, modify your cover image, and customize your brand colors to create a consistent marketing and member experience.

Reflect your unique brand across your community with Disco's customization features

Go beyond brand customization

Personalization goes beyond customizing your brand colors. Design a community space that’s completely unique to you and the experience you want to create for members.

Create beautiful, engaging pages and highlight events and courses with Disco's modular blocks
Make your learning community easily accessible with custom domains

Make access easy with custom domains

Custom domains amplify your online presence. Make it easy for members to find you and learn about your offerings.

Custom labels

With custom labels, you can modify the language you use for the various spaces, roles, and offerings within your learning community to connect more effectively and authentically with your members.

Create custom labels for the roles in your community like members and teachers, to match the language your use
Simplify operations and enhance efficiency by connection with industry-leading apps like Slack, Zapier, Zoom, Stripe and more.

Unlock the power of integrations

Integrations enable you to organize and operate your learning community, on your terms. Connect your existing tools to unlock the potential of Disco’s powerful integrations.

Ready to start building your learning community?

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