Facilitation Tools to Enhance Virtual Workshops for Learning Business

Elevate your virtual workshops with our handpicked facilitation tools designed for learning businesses. Engage participants and deliver memorable learning experiences by incorporating these 12 indispensable tools into your next online event.

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Virtual workshops can be boring without the right facilitation tools. We will reveal how you can transform mundane facilitation into an incredibly fun and engaging virtual workshop! Get ready to incorporate the 12 essential tools into your toolkit.

Facilitation is challenging when it comes to catching the attention of every person in the room. It’s actually more difficult when it’s online. Distractions are everywhere. Technical hiccups are normal. Zoom fatigue is inevitable.

So, how can you succeed in facilitating in a virtual environment?

While Zoom is a great video conferencing tool, it's not the only essential tool. There are other tools that can captivate the participants' attention. These tools can turn your monotonous session into an exciting and engaging workshop!

Ready to learn? Let's go!

  • Online Whiteboards: Miro, Ziteboard, Google Jamboard
  • Communication Tools: Slack, Discord, WhatsApp
  • Engagement Tools: HyperIsland Toolbox, Kahoot!, Slido
  • Online Learning Platforms: Disco, Padlet, Teachable

Online Whiteboards for Business Professional

Ever wondered how to succeed in facilitation without traditional whiteboards? Facilitation has never been as innovative as before. Bid farewell to physical post its, markers, and pens; they're all bundled into one online tool! Check out these best examples:

  • Miro: The most stylish online whiteboard.
  • Ziteboard: The 'uncomplicated' whiteboard.
  • Google Jamboard: Perfect for hybrid online courses.

Miro: The most stylish online whiteboard

Screenshot of Miro platform

Miro stands as the top choice among professional facilitators for online whiteboards. It's jam-packed with valuable features that elevate your virtual workshops, online courses, and events. The beauty of Miro lies in its versatility. It's compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

You'll also enjoy a vast library of over 1,000 free facilitation templates. Plus, for those looking to master Miro, there's the option to enroll for free in Miro Academy to enhance your skills.

What to explore? You can easily embed it into Disco, a powerful learning community platform for business education. No need to jump back and forth in Miro and Disco to develop ideas during your workshop! This embed saves you and your participants from frequent tab-switching.


Free forever for educators.

Ziteboard: The 'uncomplicated' whiteboard

Ziteboard is your minimalist whiteboard tailored for educators at all levels. Explore its features like board chat with audio and video, effortless export to image or PDF, and a clean, intuitive interface.

Notably, it supports white-labeling for companies and institutions. They also provide customizable boards for events, making it a versatile tool for educators.

Screenshot of Ziteboard platform

Free to create three boards with basic features.

Google Jamboard: Perfect for hybrid online courses

Google Jamboard shines for various reasons. It brings innovative collaboration to the table with its remarkable 55-inch cloud-powered digital whiteboard. Users can conveniently store their boards in the cloud for easy access, which makes it perfect for both online workshops and in-person classes.

Business executives using Google Jamboard

Furthermore, it simplifies the download of images and videos from G Suite applications like Docs, Sheets, and Google Slides. Jamboard is an excellent idea for any online course and work meetings.


The physical board is $4,999 and the app is entirely free.

Online Communication Tools

Online communication tools are the glue that holds everything together. These tools are a head start to group engagement and streamlined logistics. The result? Dynamic and effective virtual workshops that bridge the virtual gap.

  • Slack. Best for learning communities.
  • Discord. The ultimate hub for Gen Z.
  • WhatsApp. The handy-dandy tool.

Slack: Best for learning communities

Screenshot of Disco Slack Community use case page

Slack revolutionizes teamwork and communication! With channels, direct messaging, and easy file sharing, it's the ultimate hub for seamless collaboration. Although Slack is popular with remote teams, facilitators use Slack as a dedicated workshop channel to streamline communication and achieve participants' engagement.

What to explore? Slack can be effortlessly integrated into Disco! In fact, Disco offers time-saving automation, powerful analytics, and customization options, allowing facilitators to focus on meaningful interactions and provide an enriched learning experience.


Free for small to medium-sized teams.

Discord: The ultimate hub for Gen Z

Screenshot of Discord website

If Slack is for the business professional, Discord is for Gen Z. Are you facilitating Gen Zs? You should consider Discord as an online tool. Online facilitators benefit from Discord's gamified user experience design, perfect for any Gen Z audience.

Another thing is you can embed Discord into Disco! Bringing your workshop the most seamless experience ever!

WhatsApp: The handy-dandy tool

Don't want any complications? Then use WhatsApp. This tool has 2.7 billion monthly active users, making it the most handy-dandy communication tool for you and any person in your online course. No need to install another tool. Create WhatsApp online group discussions and communities in just seconds. Invite your participants with ease!

Screenshot of WhatsApp website

Free for everyone!

Engagement Tools

Engagement tools are a facilitator's secret weapon. They keep every person actively involved and provide instant feedback. These tools turn online courses into collective learning. Here are your secret weapons to a successful workshop!

  • HyperIsland Toolbox. Your go-to toolbox for creativity and innovation.
  • Kahoot! Your BFF for interactive learning.
  • Slido. Best for real-time engagement.

HyperIsland Toolbox: Your go-to toolbox for creativity and innovation

Screenshot of HyperIsland Toolbox

The HyperIsland Toolbox is like a pirate’s treasure box. You can find a collection of methods and activities, grounded in Hyper Island's methodology. From engaging energizers to ignite interaction to learning resources that fuel innovation and creativity--this toolbox has it all.

Additionally, explore tools for driving change, enhancing well-being, and boosting creative confidence. They're vital for learning new skills and achieving career goals.


Free for everyone.

Kahoot! Your BFF for interactive learning

Kahoot! transforms mundane teaching into an engaging adventure. From multiple-choice questions to lively polls and captivating image challenges, it sparks excitement with fun games and quizzes.

Screenshot of Kahoot! website

Facilitators operate their user-friendly tools to develop gamified content. Plus, real-time feedback empowers facilitators to fine-tune their course. It ensures an interactive and effective workshop experience.

Don't just teach! Gamify with Kahoot! and make it an unforgettable workshop!


The basic plan starts at $3.99 per teacher per month.

Slido: Best for real-time engagement

Want something real-time? Another interactive platform that you'll love is Slido!

Slido is designed for audience engagement in live events, workshops, and presentations. Its essential features comprise real-time polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions that not only maintain engagement but also offer valuable insights to presenters.

Screenshot of Slido website

For facilitators, Slido offers a remarkable advantage by encouraging online group participation. Facilitators can collect instant feedback, address questions, and assess participant comprehension in real-time.


Free forever. The basic plan starts at $12.50 monthly.

Online Facilitation & Learning Platforms

Like any other online course, virtual workshops need an online learning platform. As an example, Disco helps facilitators save up to 100 hours of manual work, allowing them to optimize operations. These platforms support engagement and offer seamless operations while you do the most important work.

Let's unveil the top 3 facilitation and learning platforms for virtual facilitators!

  • Disco. The most powerful LMS empowering learning businesses.
  • Padlet. The most versatile facilitator's tool.
  • Butter. The best alternative to Zoom.

Disco: The most powerful LMS empowering learning businesses

Every facilitator needs a powerful tool. Meet Disco, the ultimate LMS to amplify your skills as a facilitator! It's your trusted companion for creating courses, workshops, and educational programs. Imagine freeing up 50% of your time previously spent on manual work. With Disco, you can reclaim up to 100 hours of your precious time!

Disco: Powering the learning businesses of the future

Moreover, it's trusted by experts in the field of learning businesses such as Dribble, All Women, The Fountain Institute, Y Space, and many more. Start your successful journey with Disco's 14-day trial.

Padlet: The most versatile facilitator's tool

Is your content all scattered? Organized them beautifully with Padlet.

Padlet is a versatile online tool designed for ideation, collaboration, and content sharing. It includes interactive boards with different functions where users can post notes, images, and documents.

Screenshot of Padlet website

For facilitators, Padlet offers a structured, visual platform for organizing content, promoting interaction, and collecting participant ideas. What’s more? It's easily embedded in other learning platforms like Disco! No need to open several tabs while in session.


Free with 3 Padlet boards. The basic plan starts for as low as $2 monthly.

Butter: The best alternative to Zoom

Butter is the best alternative to Zoom. It's an online facilitation platform that helps every facilitator to increase engagement among the groups.

Screenshot of Butter website

In comparison to Zoom, Butter has notable features to engage learning groups. From interactive content, breakout rooms, polls, flashcards, and multiple integrations. You can’t go wrong with its toolbox for facilitators, free and customizable templates, and shared rooms for virtual meetings.


With a free forever plan.

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

The Formula to a Successful Workshop!

Although essential tools are important to be a top-notch facilitator, you can't achieve success without a carefully crafted workshop. They go hand-in-hand, together.

Therefore, your journey doesn't stop here. After finding the right tools, prepare to design your workshop. Apply different facilitation methods and styles that will help you hone your skills. May success be with you!

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November 9, 2023
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