The Learning Revolution of 2024: How AI will Fuel the Growth of Transformative Community Learning

Unlock the future of education with our insights into the Learning Revolution of 2024. Discover how AI is poised to revolutionize community learning, driving transformative growth and innovation.
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“AI is the new electricity” for the modern machines that we have built.

As learning and community operators, we understand just how hard and time consuming running learning programs and community can be.

From creating learning content, to creating learning products, to engaging with learners, assessing progress, helping drive personalized feedback, and then doing it all over again and marketing your transformation and programs to the next cohorts, it is a time consuming and tedious job running a learning operation.

Many learning and community entrepreneurs got into the business because they were inspired to teach what they had learned and build a community of people to further the mission of helping more people learn what they knew.

The reality for a lot of learning and community operators is that their vision for what running a learning operation is going to be like and what their day to day is, is radically at odds. Most operators are spending so much time and resources in the operations and workflows required to deliver on transformations. 

In v1.0 of learning, platforms were created to run courses that deliver async instruction, with little need for human engagement and feedback.

In v2.0, when Disco was born, we changed this and are now able to deliver a platform to run a learning program that actually offers transformative outcomes by offering the power of learning and connection through products like cohort based courses, community spaces, mentor circles, memberships, async atomic content, project based programs, 1to1 connections, all which require a tremendous amount of tedious and time consuming workflows.

Personalized learning is now achievable, this is a #gamechanger: 

AI is about to radically change the game for transformative learning.

We all know that in order to achieve a transformation, a system or platform needs to be contextually aware of who the learners are, what their goals are, and needs to deliver a personalized and relevant experience that is “smart” and “relevant’.

Up until today, this was next to impossible in existing platforms.

Today, using an AI enabled platform like Disco AI, this becomes not only possible but a competitive advantage. Workflows and products that would have taken far too many resources and far too much time, are now actually viable, giving learning operators an opportunity to deliver real learner outcomes. 

Disco AI: An AI-powered learning platform

Here are some great examples of how AI is radically going to evolve learning product creation: 

  • Automatically create a variety of learning products from a library of IP 
  • Create a personalized learning pathway to achieve a transformation 
  • Create personalized daily learning practices / prompts 
  • Create a personalized tutor that is aware of your learner’s blind spots, stage, goals etc. 
  • Create personalized itinerary and rolodex for who you learners should learn with and from (personalized connections, mentors, circles etc) 
This is just the beginning of a personalized learning revolution.

Operating a learning and community organization just got 10x more cost effective and requires 10x less resources: 

The day to day running of traditional learning programs and communities, is now going to be 10x easier and less time consuming with a platform like Disco, that is investing in generative AI capabilities in every area of operating a learning program and community. 

Let’s break this down: 

1. Community Workflows

The very essence of community is engagement. Engagement requires content creation, prompts, connections and lots of feedback/conversation. Disco AI, our sidekick, already delivers on much of this and it is only going to get better.

Today, if anyone is asking a question in your community, our Disco AI can suggest answers. In the future, we will help generate and make managing community much easier for operators. 

Disco AI can answer member questions, making community management an easy-peasy task.
2. Learning Workflows 

When it comes to learning, it requires a tremendous amount of effort to design learning products such as workshops, events, courses, modules to help learners grasp material. Moreover, it is very time consuming to generate quizzes and give feedback and assessments to learners.

AI makes all of this possible and far less time consuming for operators. Imagine how powerful it would be if our AI does this for you as the learning operator. 

Disco AI helps you build lessons and courses, making course creation 10x easier.
3. Marketing Workflows 

We all know that the best way to market a transformative learning experience is through engaged learners who want to share their knowledge/status and that the ability to generate personalized marketing assets is highly tedious and time consuming, imagine our Disco AI, automatically doing this for you.

AI will also help in SEO optimized content, newsletter content and social content as lead gen. 

4. Ops Workflows 

One of the hardest elements of running learning and community is there are a lot of operational tasks. Whether it is nudging people to progress through their learning experiences, to doing attendance, to sending a welcome email or message, our Disco AI will learn what operations need to be done and automate these for you.

Imagine never having to duplicate a learning experience or adjusting time zones or migrating content, our vision is for AI to take care of these manual tasks so you can work on the higher order elements of running your operations. 

Disco AI helps you draft tailored content, making community engagement an effortless experience.

AI is not without its challenges

For example, may educators worry will AI replace them? Our view, AI alone will not replace learning operators but AI enabled learning operators will definitely replace ones that aren’t leveraging this powerful technology. 

Another fear is will AI become so powerful that it will become a bad actor? Our view is that AI needs to be treated with ethical and moral responsibility. AI is inevitable and that is why at Disco, we believe it is essential to embrace and adopt AI in a responsible manner. 

Lastly, how relevant and useful will AI knowledge be? What we know today is that LLMs are only as good as their source data and all the of off-the-shelf systems use scrapped data from the general internet (2 years ago in most cases).

So while ChatGPT can do some magical things, it often returns garbage. As an educator, you have a very specific point of view of what’s “correct” or at least a firm point of view on a subject.

The key with AI then is to not leverage the general internet’s knowledge, but to create a uniquely trained AI that has your own specific point of view. This training is key.

Supercharge Your Learning Community

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

AI enabled community learning is the learning of the future

Overwhelmingly, we believe AI is a game-changer for learning and community operators. We are so excited about the promise this new technology holds for scaling personalized learning and transformational learning. It is undeniable that the learning operators that embrace the opportunity for AI to reduce cost and resources and assist in creating transformational learning products that deliver real outcomes will be the learning operations that succeed in the future.

Start training Disco AI with your community data and leverage the power of technology to create the best future. We offer a 14-day free trial when you sign up today, or talk to us through booking a demo.

We are excited to build this AI enabled learning and community future with you!

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