Top 5 Mighty Networks Alternatives to Run Your Learning Community (2024)

Discover the top 5 Mighty Networks alternatives for your learning community in 2024.
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Whether you're currently using Mighty Networks or considering it, explore its alternatives for a smarter decision.

This article offers a thorough review of Mighty Networks alternatives, accompanied by a comprehensive guide. It's perfect for learning businesses, helping you to make informed choices when it comes to learning management systems (LMS).

What we'll explore together:

  • Questions you should be asking yourself before settling on the perfect online community platform for you — and whether or not Mighty Networks should be that choice
  • Five alternatives to Mighty Networks worth considering, depending on what your online community looks like and how you want your business to grow

Choosing a learning platform requires you to think about the short-term and long-term goals of your learning business, like:

  • What learning experiences can I offer now? What can I offer in the future?
  • Does this platform support those learning experiences?
  • How big is my online community today?
  • How big do I hope my community will become tomorrow?
  • How can I facilitate conversation, collaboration, and inspiration among members?
  • What aspects of my learning business can I monetize?
  • When and how can I scale?

Every flourishing, prosperous learning business was once a humble individual or a team looking to generate income from educating others, enabling learning for everyone, and creating a mission bigger than themselves. The right learning platform supports all these aspirations, whether you are just starting out, in the middle of the journey, or a global educational business that makes a huge impact.

Most of the time, founders and course creators turn to Mighty Networks. As far as an online learning platform goes, Mighty Networks may have the best brand recognition and awareness in the game.

Started in 2017, Mighty Networks has allowed anyone to create a community, share content, sell courses, and market their offerings for over five years. With plans starting at $33 a month, it is also one of the more affordable options on the market.

Screenshot of Mighty Networks website

But affordability and name recognition can only take you so far.

Founders of learning businesses and course creators alike who want to scale the number of learning products offered, community members, and paid membership while creating life-changing learning experiences need more functionality.

They need an integrated platform that bridges learning and community in one place instead of putting them in silos. They need a platform that cuts down the number of other services necessary for building community, marketing tools, creating, hosting, and selling courses or other learning experiences, handling operational tasks, and generating revenue.

Due to these factors, you may want to consider the best Mighty Networks alternative that will fit the bill for building the future of learning by curating thoughtful, powerful learning businesses. Let's discuss the pros, cons key features, and pricing of each to help you make that decision easier.

  • Disco: The Ultimate Alternative to Mighty Networks
  • Circle: Best Mighty Networks Alternative for Digital Creators
  • Bettermode (formerly Tribe): A Highly Customizable Online Community Platform
  • Discord: Most Popular Communication Tool for Online Communities!
  • Slack: Your Digital HQ for Teams

The 5 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives for 2024

Disco: The Ultimate Alternative to Mighty Networks

Disco: Powering the learning businesses of the future

If you're looking to enhance your education game, Disco is your go-to platform.

Disco emerges as the ultimate alternative to Mighty Networks, standing out as the premier Learning Management System (LMS) on the internet. With a visionary approach, Disco places transformative learning and scalability at the heart of every operation, offering founders and operators a comprehensive solution to build, operate, monetize, and scale their learning businesses seamlessly.

Unlike Mighty Networks and its counterparts, Disco goes beyond the conventional by supporting a diverse range of learning experiences, from self-paced courses to dynamic cohort-based courses and engaging live event series, all within your personalized brand and learning environment. It provides a seamless transition between community and learning, unlike other platforms that complicate this process.

With 24 outstanding features crafted for scalability and personalized learning, Disco has become a top-tier Learning Management System (LMS) for all types of learning businesses. Trusted by big names in education like Dribbble, YSpace, WeAreNoCode, and more, Disco stands out from the competition. Its proven track record with major players speaks volumes about its reliability.

The 24 Notable Disco Features: What Sets Disco Apart from Mighty Networks and its Alternatives

True to its promise, Disco is the most complete learning platform available online, offering an unparalleled solution for scaling, personalizing, optimizing, and enhancing productivity in your learning business. With its 24 noble features from a comprehensive learning tool suite to design your courses, community and engagement features to create interactive learning sessions, AI & productivity tools that make you manage faster, and revenue acceleration to grow your income.

Screenshot of Disco features for learning businesses and learning communities
Advanced Learning Tool Suite: Creating personalized learning journeys
Disco's advanced learning tool suite for learning businesses and learning communities

Disco's advanced learning tool suite empowers educators and learning businesses to create personalized and seamless learning journeys that yield tangible results. The suite's versatility is evident in its support for various content formats, interactive elements like forums and chats, and the ability to embed third-party tools. Users can design unique learning products tailored to learners' needs, integrating platform apps and third-party tools effortlessly.

Screenshot of Disco's learning tool suite features
Course Templates and Curriculum builder

At the core of this suite is the Course Templates feature, offering diverse learning experiences for every type of learner. With pre-built templates, users can effortlessly craft self-paced courses or interactive cohort-based experiences, tailoring each course to align seamlessly with their brand and goals. The flexibility extends to including apps and embeds, enriching the learning experience with interactive tools and resources.

The Curriculum Builder, another standout feature, allows users to design impactful and accessible learning journeys. Customizable Modules provide a flexible learning experience, enabling instant release or scheduled delivery.

Custom Onboarding and Learner Progress Reports

Custom Onboarding adds a personal touch to the learning experience, capturing unique learner profiles, interests, and goals. This data is leveraged to provide personalized content recommendations and learning experiences.

Robust reporting features enable educators to track individual and cohort-wide progress, engagement metrics, and event management. The integration of Groups fosters a sense of belonging, enabling focused discussions and content sharing.

Content Library and SCORM Support

The suite also emphasizes the creation of an evergreen content library, allowing users to store, manage, and update multimedia resources in real time. Custom dashboards enhance the learning experience by presenting relevant content, assignments, and events tailored to individual needs. Seamless SCORM file migration preserves interactive elements, ensuring a smooth transition for educators and learners alike.

In essence, Disco's Advanced Learning Suite not only simplifies the creation and management of learning content but also prioritizes customization, engagement, and data-driven insights to deliver an unparalleled learning experience.

Community & Engagement Tools: Creating engaging learning experiences
Disco's Community & Engagement Tools for learning business and learning communities

Disco's Community & Engagement features redefine the learning experience by seamlessly integrating community and learning into one vibrant space, fostering unparalleled engagement and growth. The ability to easily add channels to any learning product boosts member engagement and encourages peer-to-peer learning, creating a dynamic and interactive environment.

Screenshot of Disco's community and engagement features
Channels & DMs and Social Feeds

The inclusion of both Public and Private Channels empowers users to curate spaces tailored to specific members or topics, ensuring a personalized experience. Threaded Replies dive deeper into discussions, maintaining organization and facilitating easy follow-up in every conversation.

Forums spark dynamic discussions, fostering a community of shared learning where participants can explore subjects, exchange perspectives, and collaborate effectively.

Events with Reporting

For live events, Disco's Zoom integration adds a magical touch, automating calendar invites, facilitating community-wide or product-specific events, and enabling the creation of recurring sessions like weekly office hours. Detailed event reports and the ability to upload and archive event recordings ensure a thorough understanding of event impact and accessibility for learners who missed out.

Slack Integration & Disco's Mobile App

Disco's seamless integration with Slack streamlines communications, keeping members informed about upcoming events or new curriculum modules. The mobile app enhances accessibility, allowing members to engage in discussions, access learning content, and explore evergreen resources on the go.

Custom Profiles and Member Directory

The suite's member-centric features include a searchable member directory and personalized member profiles, allowing users to easily discover and connect with others in the community. Customizable profiles showcase unique identities, fostering deeper connections and interactions.

AI & Productivity Tools: Creating a streamlined operations with AI
Disco's AI & Productivity Tools for learning businesses and learning communities

Disco's AI & Productivity Tools epitomize efficiency, offering advanced features designed to save significant time and resources in managing learning communities.

Screenshot of Disco's AI and Productivity Tool features
Disco's Ai Co-Pilot

The AI Co-Pilot stands out as a valuable asset, enabling effortless community management by reducing manual workloads through AI-assisted member management. This tool not only answers member questions promptly but also allows users to train the AI Co-Pilot to curate responses based on historical data, ultimately boosting engagement and streamlining operations.

Bulk Messaging and Automation

Bulk messaging becomes a breeze with Disco, allowing users to reach members at scale through various channels, including email, direct messages, and Slack DMs. The ability to filter members based on specific parameters ensures targeted communication, enhancing engagement with announcements or event notifications.

Intelligent automation takes community operations to autopilot, offering customizable triggers and actions without the need for coding skills. This ensures a cohesive and seamless experience for every member, from personalized welcomes to segmented content delivery based on interactions.

Course Cloning

Efficiency is further amplified with features like course and content cloning, enabling users to expand and adapt offerings without starting from scratch. Universal content edits streamline updates across the platform, ensuring consistency and reducing manual efforts.

Integrations and Groups & Subgroups

Disco seamlessly integrates with essential third-party tools such as Stripe, Zapier, Zoom, and Slack, enhancing its capabilities and creating a fluid operation. The management efficiency is further exemplified through groups and sub-groups, allowing users to categorize members based on preferences and needs, streamlining administrative tasks, and fostering engagement.

Accelerated Revenue Growth: Growing your learning business to the fullest!
Disco's Revenue Growth features for learning businesses and learning communities

Disco's accelerated revenue growth features empower learning businesses to diversify their offerings and cultivate sustained income streams. This all-in-one platform provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to design and sell a variety of learning products seamlessly in one place, including courses, events, and memberships. This versatility enables businesses to scale their product offerings effortlessly, attracting a broader member base and unlocking sustainable revenue growth while satisfying diverse learner needs.

Screenshot of Disco's revenue growth features
Memberships & Member Management

Disco allows the creation of membership tiers tailored to different needs and budgets, facilitating the addition of various learning products to different membership plans. This all-in-one platform further expands market reach by offering both self-paced and cohort-based courses, catering to different learning styles and maximizing revenue potential.

Insights & Analytics and Custom Discount Codes

Comprehensive analytics provide actionable insights, allowing businesses to understand learner behavior, track product performance, and make informed decisions to propel their learning enterprises forward. This data-driven approach enhances content, pricing, and marketing strategies, ultimately boosting sales and revenue.

Disco's advanced features, including custom discount codes, incentivize potential learners and reward loyal members, driving sales and encouraging repeat business.

Enterprise Features

The platform's enterprise-specific features, such as SCORM & API capabilities, exclusive client services, and scalability, cater to the needs of larger enterprises, ensuring flexibility and premium support.

Efficient member management tools simplify operations, allowing learning businesses to organize teams, assign roles, and perform batch operations effortlessly as they scale, enhancing overall productivity and contributing to sustained revenue growth.

Interested in our enterprise plan? Book a live demo with us so we can answer your queries and show you how Disco platform works!

Circle: Best Mighty Networks Alternative for Digital Creators

Circle is one of the best Mighty Networks alternatives and second to our list! It's an online community platform best suited for creators of online courses and brands who want to create discourse with customers. Users can create online courses, digital products, content, events, and other experiences on the platform to facilitate discussion amongst members. 

Screenshot of Circle website

Like Mighty Networks, Circle supports a number of use cases outside of learning like coaching, clubs, organizations, and other online communities.

But, with that in mind, Circle (nor Mighty Networks) may not be the best choice for founders and operators of learning communities specifically. Disco has created the end-to-end tool learning communities need to thrive, and that niche focus has allowed us to create the best possible tool on the market for weaving the thread between learning and community.

Pros: Circle
  • Circle is an online course platform that offers any use cases for creators, teachers, founders, and operators to create a community and scale their business
  • Circle's clean UX/UI makes navigating the tool, as a member, easy
  • Different spaces like threads, channels, and messages make collaboration and communication more intimate
  • Circle creates multiple monetization opportunities for founders and operators to generate revenue from their business
Cons: Circle
  • Reviewers note that, on Circle's back end, it requires a lot of user configuration to upload content or create new features that can feel tedious without built-in widgets, presets, or blocks
  • Circle doesn't specify one particular use case, which can make it difficult for founders and operators to determine if the tool is right for them
Circle Pricing

Basic - $49 a month

Circle itself describes its Basic plan as “the bare essentials,” allowing you to create your community platform and invite members on board to start a discussion. You're also able to link out to as many events as you want. 

Professional - $99 a month

At this price point, Circle users can white-label their environment to create their own website with a branded experience. They can also host online courses and access live streaming capabilities.

Business - $219 a month

When you go to the Business plan, you are entitled to have powerful automation and workflows, optimizing operations using Circle.

Enterprise - $399 a month

Enjoy dedicated customer success and priority email support, in addition to the other Circle's community features, at their highest price point.

Screenshot of Circle pricing page

Circle and Mighty Networks share strong community aspects and focus their product on cultivating that community. But where they both seem to lack is in the building, operating user management, and scaling of learning experiences. Creating an environment where learning and community go hand-in-hand, rather than as separate offerings, is our priority at Disco.

Check out our in-depth comparison of Circle to Disco here. Read more tips, tricks, and guides on our blog if you're a founder or operator of a learning business, bootcamp, micro-school, or academy.

Bettermode (formerly Tribe): A Highly Customizable Online Community Platform

Bettermode (formerly Tribe) is an online community platform designed more for learning businesses and brands to have a private space for customers to engage and communicate. It's customizable with apps, blocks, branding, colors, and logos, but is really designed to power customer-brand relationships and is not at all relevant to learning businesses and their goals.

Screenshot of Bettermode website
Pros: Bettermode
  • Customizable to fit your brand's needs
  • Zero transaction fees
  • It gives your customers a place to communicate and collaborate
Cons: Bettermode
  • Too expensive for most growing online communities, especially learning businesses that are just trying to get off the ground
  • Unlike Mighty Networks (and Disco!), Bettermode is not built to host, grow, or scale learning experiences like cohort-based courses, self-paced courses, or event series, among others

Bettermode is not a learning community platform or a learning management system. It's more to our following two competitors, Slack or Discord, as an integrated community platform rather than a solution that supports community as well as learning.

If it's in your near or distant business plan to offer a selection of learning experiences in the form of online courses, events, or masterminds, Bettermode would not be able to support those efforts within its own website and platform. Then, you'd be forced to purchase a separate platform to host your learning experiences, and you'd create a divide between these two important aspects of your business.

Bettermode Pricing

Advanced - Starts at $599 a month

Unlike Mighty Networks pricing, Bettermode is not designed for learning businesses getting off the ground on a budget. Their base functionality costs $600 a month, adding on more community features and expenses as needed for more costs.

Enterprise - Custom

For a custom price, Tribe will build a custom domain for the community you need or integrate into your existing native app, or website with all the community features and functions you need to customize your platform. You'll also have access to built-in legal reviews to keep watch over your own online community.

Screenshot of Bettermode pricing page

Discord: Most Popular Communication Tool for Online Communities

Anyone with a particular affinity for something like gaming, podcasting, art, or other pop culture favorites likely has heard of or is a part of a community on Discord. Millions and millions of users use Discord every month.

Screenshot of Discord website
Pros: Discord
  • A free community tool (or very affordable to upgrade) for communities of all sizes can gather, allowing founders to invest money in other parts of their business
  • Strong live streaming capabilities to members for webinars, live events, and other content
  • Strong name recognition within the space, with some of your members potentially already active on the community platforms
Cons: Discord
  • Not customizable — the Discord platform looks the same from community to community, with minimal opportunities to brand
  • Not designed to power learning businesses

Discord is similar to Bettermode and, as we'll discuss, Slack: They're not equipped to host learning communities and the supplemental content, courses, events, and other important features of an online community. You could link out to another platform or service, but learning and other community features would not be integrated on one, easy-to-use platform.

Discord Pricing

Anyone can create a Discord community for free. Nitro upgrades allow you to upload large files and content and personalize your community a bit more. For most locations, Nitro upgrades cost under $10.

Discord's core offering centers around community, but learning is not a secondary priority. In fact, Discord isn't a native app built to power learning communities at all. Founders would need a new platform or a stack of tools to host learning experiences, track the health of their members, make membership features, monetize offerings, and scale learning businesses.

It may be one of the most popular online community platform options on the market, but it won't hold a candle to other learning management systems as a valid tool in the learning industry. Learning thrives when it's coupled with community, and a solution that enriches both is what founders and operators of learning businesses need.

Save time, money, and resources (plus, your sanity) when you leverage the Disco platform and our easy-to-use features for bringing your learning community to life. Read how.

Slack: Your Digital HQ for Teams

Slack is your digital HQ,” the website claims, as thousands and thousands of organizations across the world rely on Slack for communication. Like Tribe, Slack was designed for any type of business rather than learning businesses, specifically.

Screenshot of Slack website

Slack is a fabulous tool. In fact, Disco allows integrations with Slack on the Disco platform because it has cornered the market as a communication tool. But as a one-stop shop for email campaigns and marketing tools for members in your learning community, it falls short due to a lack of integration with key learning experiences.

Pros: Slack
  • Slack is very affordable, with even their most expensive base package costing under $13
  • Slack is a household name — likely the largest community tool on the market
Cons: Slack
  • Slack cannot stand on its own as a learning platform or management system. Founders and operators would be required to find additional tools to support the creation, execution, and optimization of learning experiences unlike with Mighty Networks (and Disco!)
  • Limited customization to make the platform your own

While Slack offers a host of powerful integrations for its platform, it does not have the power to manage a learning community and the offerings that come with it. In that case, Mighty Networks (or Disco!) is a better option for those who want to host learning experiences, empower members by understanding their unique needs with individual profiles, and monetize core aspects of the community engagement features like event series, gated content, or additional courses.

Slack Pricing

Free - $0 a month

Access your free Slack channel at no cost, but you'll lose messages after 90 days — so important notes and documents could be lost.

Pro - $7.25 a month

Maintain your entire channel history with Slack Pro, and enjoy tighter security within your community.

Business - $12.50 a month

Comprehensive, dedicated customer success and compliance reviews get unlocked at Slack's Business level.

Enterprise - Custom

Support for Slack's largest organizations — up to 500,000 users — comes at a custom price, but you'll have concierge customer service and support from their compliance team.

Screenshot of Slack pricing page

Bootcamps, micro-schools, virtual academies, and learning businesses of all sizes and scales need a robust solution that supports their business today, tomorrow, and years down the line.

If learning opportunities now, or in the future, have a place in your larger business, you'll need a platform that can scale with you. While Mighty Networks is one of many options, it's worth considering all the other alternatives to Mighty Networks before landing on the perfect tool.

Supercharge Your Learning Community

A step-by-step guide to build and grow a thriving learning community.

The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Disco: Choose a Learning Platform that will help you to Scale, Optimize, and Create Personalized Learning Experiences!

To build, operate, monetize, and scale your learning business, you need a comprehensive tool that supports those efforts while maintaining the vitality of your community members and their connections. Mighty Networks is a great tool, but there is a more powerful option on the market.

Disco can do it all in one platform: It can help you start from scratch to launch your learning products or community, market your offerings, and bring new members into the fold. From there, we help you maintain your community, address member needs, and create enriching learning experiences.

Don't just hear it from us, though — book a live demo or watch one here. We're also offering 14 days free to play around on our platform and learn about what Disco really has to the key features we offer.

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