Top 7 BuddyBoss Alternatives in 2024: Discover Your Next Community Platform

Selecting the right community platform is crucial, and if BuddyBoss isn’t the one, you’ll need alternatives. This article outlines viable BuddyBoss alternatives, with straightforward insights on pricing, features, and usability, helping you pinpoint the platform that aligns with your needs.

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Selecting the right community platform is crucial, and if BuddyBoss isn’t the one, you’ll need alternatives.

This article outlines viable BuddyBoss alternatives, with straightforward insights on pricing, features, and usability, helping you pinpoint the platform that aligns with your needs.

What we will discover together:

  • BuddyBoss is a comprehensive WordPress plugin for online communities with features like user profiles, private messaging, and social groups, but it has drawbacks such as high costs, technical requirements, and limited dynamic content management.
  • There are key differences between SaaS and open-source community platforms, with SaaS offering user-friendly interfaces and support, while open-source provides more customization and control at potentially lower initial costs but higher maintenance and security responsibility.
  • Various BuddyBoss alternatives exist in 2024, each with unique features and benefits, such as Disco LMS for both learning and community management; businesses should consider factors like budget, scalability, and customer support when choosing a platform.

What is BuddyBoss? Strengths and Weaknesses

BuddyBoss, a renowned WordPress plugin, has earned its popularity for a reason. It offers a rich set of features for creating online communities on your WordPress site, including:

  • User profiles
  • Private Messaging
  • Social groups
  • Activity feeds

Moreover, it supports eCommerce through WooCommerce integration and incorporates gamification through GamiPress integration, thus providing an all-in-one platform for community building.

BuddyBoss platform

Yet, every rose has its thorns. Some users have experienced issues with BuddyBoss, such as small newsfeed pictures, limited control over image resizing, and inadequate email functionality. Furthermore, the BuddyBoss theme requires an annual investment of $228 for a single website, which may seem steep compared to other options in the market.

Strengths of BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss’s customization potential is a significant strength. The platform offers extensive personalization options, allowing for the modification of major elements in the theme, custom features, and even the login/register page. Additionally, it supports creating public, private, or hidden groups with various rules and settings, enhancing the community experience.

BuddyBoss Platform also facilitates diverse revenue generation methods for users. From delivering online courses to creating a membership site with premium or free models, or even selling physical or digital products using the BuddyBoss Marketplace, the platform offers an array of monetization options.

This is further complemented by BuddyBoss’s support for third-party integrations, allowing users to connect with plugins like LearnDash, WooCommerce, and others to enhance the community experience.

Weaknesses of BuddyBoss

Nonetheless, BuddyBoss, with all its robust features and customization options, has some drawbacks. From real customer reviews that we based on product review sites, here are the disadvantages of using the Buddyboss platform:

❌ Building the registration form can be challenging and may present a steep learning curve for new users.

❌ Enhancements and additional functionalities often necessitate the purchase of premium plugins, adding to the overall cost.

❌ Customer support response times could be improved, as some users have reported delays.

❌ Despite being a top-tier social learning plugin for WordPress websites, BuddyBoss is not without its flaws, with frequent updates sometimes leading to site-breaking bugs.

❌ There are concerns over the customer support team's efficiency, with suggestions that the high volume of support tickets may contribute to a perceived lack of attentiveness.

❌ The development pace has been criticized as slow, with an unrealistic roadmap that doesn't always align with user expectations.

❌ The level of customer and technical support has been described by some as the worst experience in the industry, which is particularly disappointing given the premium price of the product.

In summary, real users who have experienced Buddyboss are disappointed with its several unfixed bugs, slow development, and worst customer experience. Therefore, as someone who is considering the Buddyboss platform, you may want to delve into its alternatives to build online communities successfully.

Disco LMS is the best overall alternative to BuddyBoss with its modern operating system and cutting-edge technology.

Other disadvantages are that BuddyBoss requires the following skills and experience:

  • Basic understanding of WordPress
  • Proficiency in cloud hosting solutions tailored for the BuddyBoss App and Platform
  • Experience in developing WordPress-powered online communities, collaborative environments, and online stores
  • Due to the dynamic nature of user-generated content and the constant changes it brings to pages, the platform may face challenges in delivering dynamic content

SaaS vs. Open-Source Platforms: Choosing the Right Fit

Navigating the sea of community platform options can be overwhelming. However, understanding the differences between SaaS (Software as a Service) and open-source platforms can provide valuable guidance in making the right choice.

SaaS platforms function on a subscription basis, requiring continual payments for software utilization, while open-source platforms are typically free for use and customization, providing greater adaptability but potentially requiring added maintenance and security oversight.

Various factors influence your choice between these two types of platforms. For instance, your level of technical expertise can greatly influence your decision, as open-source platforms usually demand a higher level of technical knowledge for customization and upkeep, while SaaS platforms are known for their user-friendly nature.

Additionally, budget is another crucial factor to consider as SaaS options may involve higher initial costs but typically provide a range of subscription plans to accommodate different budgets.

3 Key Considerations When Choosing a BuddyBoss Alternative

Selecting the appropriate community platform involves more than just examining features and pricing. It’s about finding a tool that aligns with your unique needs and future growth plans. As you weigh your options, it’s essential to consider factors such as budget, scalability, and technical expertise requirements.

✔️ Budget Considerations

When assessing a BuddyBoss alternative, budget is a significant consideration. You’ll need to:

  • Evaluate the direct costs of the platform
  • Analyze the features of the business type and its requirements
  • Account for potential additional expenses such as transaction fees and engagement boosts, which could impact the overall expenditure

It’s also critical to consider the return on investment (ROI) for alternative community platforms. Calculating the ROI aids in evaluating the financial effectiveness of investing in a BuddyBoss alternative.

Our suggestion in choosing the best pricing model is to ensure you are purchasing a platform that is feature-rich and you can save cost from other online tools that could help you scale your business.

For instance, Disco LMS has 24 notable features (and we are still adding more!) to ensure that you have all you need in one place. Try out Disco for free in 14 days and book a live demo if you want to talk to our customer support.

community platform's features and tools

✔️ Scalability and Growth

Scalability is another crucial aspect in the choice of a BuddyBoss alternative. The chosen platform needs to have the capacity to support the growth of your community. This includes the ability to manage growing user numbers and expanding community features without compromising performance or user experience.

For instance, the Disco platform is full of tools that will help you to scale and grow your community--from member management, AI-powered tools, automation, comprehensive analytics, and membership tiers. You have peace of mind that you can grow with Disco!

✔️ Exceptional Customer Support

When choosing a community platform, exceptional customer support should be a top priority. A platform with a dedicated and responsive support team can significantly reduce downtime, guide you through complex setups, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

The importance of having access to comprehensive support resources—be it through live chat, email, or a knowledge base—cannot be overstated, as it ensures that any issues are addressed promptly and effectively, leading to a smoother operation of your community.

For example, Disco LMS exemplifies this by offering a robust support system. Their commitment to user support includes personalized assistance, extensive documentation, and a community forum for peer advice, all of which contribute to a seamless experience for both community managers and members.

Here's what Disco user is saying about their customer service:

Top 7 BuddyBoss Alternatives in 2024

As demonstrated, although BuddyBoss offers a lot, it may not suit everyone’s needs. Depending on your specific needs, budget, and technical expertise, other platforms might serve you better. Thus, here are some top BuddyBoss alternatives for consideration in 2024:

#1. DISCO - The Top Choice Online Community Platform by the World's Top Communities

Regarded as a robust BuddyBoss alternative, Disco LMS stands out with its comprehensive features designed to enhance learning management and community engagement. Here are some of the top features that make DISCO an excellent choice for community builders:

✔️ Member Management: DISCO provides a sophisticated member management system that allows community leaders to track member activity, segment users based on behavior, and tailor communications to increase engagement and retention.

✔️ AI Co-Pilot as a Community Assistant: Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, DISCO's AI co-pilot acts as a virtual assistant to support community managers by providing suggestions for content, managing routine tasks, and facilitating member interactions, thereby enhancing the overall community experience.

✔️ Direct messaging, Threads, and Discussion boards: These features enable real-time private conversations, topic-specific discussions, and broader community engagement through structured forums.

✔️ Automation to Streamline Community Operations: With DISCO's automation tools, repetitive tasks such as sending reminders, scheduling events, and managing content become effortless, freeing up time for community leaders to focus on strategic growth and member engagement.

✔️ Membership Tiers to Scale Your Community: DISCO's flexible membership tiers enable communities to scale by offering different levels of access and exclusive content, creating a dynamic environment that caters to diverse member needs and encourages growth.

✔️ Highly Customizable Course Creator Tool Integrated with Community Engagement: The platform's integrated course creator tool is not just about delivering content; it's about doing so in a way that fosters community interaction. This tool allows for the creation of interactive courses that encourage collaboration and discussion among members.

✔️ Custom Branding and White-Labeling to Make the Platform Your Own: DISCO offers extensive customization options, including custom branding and white-labeling, so that community leaders can create a unique and branded experience that resonates with members and stands out in the market.

✔️ Engagement Reports and Scores: Disco provides community managers with insightful analytics to measure and track member engagement. This tool assigns an engagement score to each community member based on their activity, allowing for the identification of trends and the ability to tailor strategies for improved community interaction.

For a 14-day free trial, explore the full spectrum of Disco's features. Imagine this: if you engage just 100 members at a $100 price point, you're looking at a revenue of $10,000. And the best part? Disco doesn't take a cut through transaction fees, unlike some other platforms.

#2. Hivebrite: Strong Competitor to BuddyBoss

Hivebrite positions itself as a strong competitor to BuddyBoss by providing a comprehensive range of features for membership sites, such as a members directory, live feed, alumni event management, surveys, polls, and a job board.

The platform provides essential attributes including visual identity, content management, promotion, sharing & SEO, cultural alignment, API, access controls/permissions, activity dashboard, alerts/notifications, application management, attendance tracking, committee management, member directory, dashboard, events page, media center, groups, job boards, member inbox, fundraising, online membership, and integrated payment processing.

Hivebrite’s event management feature enables leaders and volunteers to seamlessly arrange and publish events, augmenting the event management experience. Furthermore, Hivebrite provides advanced analytics tools that enable users to track community progress, identify key users, and analyze communication strategies.

Want to learn more about Hivebrite? Read Hivebrite Alternatives.

#3. Bettermode (formerly A Dynamic Community Engagement Platform

Bettermode stands out as a community platform that prioritizes user engagement and interaction. It provides a suite of tools for creating vibrant, interactive communities, including discussion forums, gamification to incentivize participation, and robust moderation features to maintain a positive environment.

The Bettermode platform, one of the online community platforms, is designed to foster active participation from community members.

More about its features:

  • Discussions and gamification
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Deflection of support tickets
  • Advanced moderation systems
  • Security best practices
  • Built-in user reporting
  • GDPR & SOC compliance
  • Full data protection
  • Focus on product promotion

The available types of integrations in Bettermode include those found on their website and Zapier. In contrast to BuddyBoss’s focus on WordPress-centric solutions for online courses and communities, Bettermode offers a versatile platform with a focus on security and customization for managing dynamic and scalable communities.

However, Bettermode's disadvantage is its only for large businesses that can avail $599/month pricing plan. If this isn't for you, then you can look at Bettermode Alternatives.

#4. Mighty Networks: A Community Branded Mobile App

Another worthy BuddyBoss alternative is Mighty Networks. It provides a platform that emphasizes ownership of community space and the ability to upgrade to branded apps, setting it apart from BuddyBoss.

The platform offers a suite of artificial intelligence features aimed at aiding users in enhancing their online community experience, including assisting them in completing profiles, rectifying language errors, and refreshing their community branding.

Mighty Networks also provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help users enable online courses on their platform, ensuring they have the necessary resources and direction for course development.

Want to learn more about Mighty Networks? We've done a great deal of comparison between Mighty Networks vs Disco

#5. Circle: Central Hub for Your Community Members

The Circle community platform offers the ability to establish a central hub for your community, oversee events, and provide educational courses while maintaining your brand identity. Circle provides a streamlined yet robust platform incorporating:

  • Interactive discussions
  • Live streams
  • Chat
  • Events
  • Memberships

It enables extensive customization for personal branding and offers an intuitive space management and events engine, setting it apart as a viable alternative to BuddyBoss.

But despite its robust features, Circle is associated with several constraints, including limitations on the number of course spaces, restricted options for community appearance customization, and the absence of advanced community analytics.

#6. MobiLoud Canvas: Perfect For WordPress Users

Mobiloud Canvas stands out as a BuddyBoss alternative by providing custom mobile app solutions for community platforms, including native mobile apps.

The platform facilitates the conversion of websites or web-based apps, such as Webflow apps, PHP apps, WordPress sites, or React web apps, into native iOS and Android apps, ensuring a smooth shift from web to mobile platforms.

It is highly user-friendly and customizable, particularly with its WordPress plugin, ensuring accessibility for individuals with limited experience in app development.

Compared to BuddyBoss, Mobiloud Canvas offers a faster and more flexible service, with a notable price difference. Canvas is offered at a one-time fee of $1,500, in contrast to BuddyBoss App’s $1,999 price point.

#7. Drag-And-Drop Course Builder offers a mobile app with a drag-and-drop course builder, making it a suitable choice for course creators looking to expand their customer base. The platform provides users with various features such as:

  • Live streaming
  • Interactive exercises
  • Drip content
  • Offline sync
  • Communities
  • Quizzes
  • Automated challenges
  • Push notifications
  • Third-party checkouts integration

These capabilities make a comprehensive solution for course creators. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop course builder in improves the course creation experience by enabling the incorporation of multimedia elements such as images, videos, articles, and downloadable content.

The establishment of a wide range of diverse and thriving online communities, including an online learning community and an online store, has led to the growth of an active online community.

Supercharge Your Learning Community

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Wrapping Up... Take Advantage of Disco's 14-day Free Trial!

In conclusion, while BuddyBoss is a powerful platform for building online communities, it’s not the only choice. Depending on your specific needs, budget, and technical expertise, alternatives like Disco LMS might serve you better.

Remember to consider factors such as budget, scalability, and customer support when making your choice. Ultimately, the best platform is the one that aligns with your goals and enables you to build a thriving, engaged community.

That's why you should start your community building with Disco, and take advantage of our 14-day free trial. If you feel like talking to our sales rep, then book us a live demo to share with us what's on your mind.

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