Top 8 Alternatives 2024 (With Platform Review)

Are high transaction fees, inflexible features, or inadequate branding options driving you to explore alternatives? Look no further. Our concise guide dives into the top alternatives that balance cost, functionality, and ease of use for your online course creation and community engagement needs.

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Are high transaction fees, inflexible features, or inadequate branding options driving you to explore alternatives? Look no further.

Our concise guide dives into the top alternatives that balance cost, functionality, and ease of use for your online course creation and community engagement needs. Uncover your ideal platform with our focused insights and direct comparisons tailored to guide your choice.

What we will discover together:

  • is a popular app builder for professionals to create their own apps and online courses, but its limitations in customization, analytics, and integrated community features lead users to seek alternatives.
  • Choosing the right platform depends on specific needs such as ease of use, comprehensive learning tools, branding options, community engagement capabilities, and budget, with most offering free trials or discounts to help you decide.
  • Several platforms provide a range of features suited for online course creation. Disco LMS tops the list among these best alternatives due to its comprehensive, customizable, and excellent customer service.

What is Features and Drawbacks serves as a remarkable app creation platform for both iOS and Android app, designed for a wide array of professionals such as personal trainer, business coaches, and educators to create their own advanced mobile apps.

It enables the creation of personalized android apps, fostering brand communities and customer loyalty through its custom app development services.

The mobile app builder encourages professionals to digitize their services into interactive courses and digital products, while staying abreast of the trends of web and mobile apps and offering efficient app upload processes.

Drawbacks of

However,'s drawbacks are:

limitations in its basic community features and the lack of integrated learning tools like quizzes, native live streaming, analytics, and marketing tools.

payment options are limited to Apple Pay or Google Pay with high transaction fees of 30%, or PassionPayment with a 3.9% fee, or an external checkout system connected through Zapier, which can also be found on the Google Play Store.

These drawbacks have led users to seek out alternatives that offer more advanced features, better customization, and integrated tools for a comprehensive online course creation and community engagement experience.

Customer service experiences have varied among users, with a notable number of reports indicating difficulties in obtaining refunds. This feedback, which comes from a substantial user base, underscores the challenges some have faced when navigating the refund process.

Complexity in getting refunds. Users have expressed frustration over the complexity and response times when attempting to get their money back, suggesting that the platform's refund system could benefit from more clarity and streamlined procedures.

Choosing the Right Alternative for Your Needs

The selection of the appropriate alternative primarily hinges on your unique needs. It’s crucial to focus on features that address your pain points and align with your learning strategy.

✔️ Look for platforms that offer the specific tools and functionalities that will enhance your educational content and foster a more engaging learning environment for your students. You should also check if the team is innovating and updating the platform features constantly.

✔️ Budget is another important consideration, so aim for platforms within your financial means. Most platforms offer free trials which can be a great way to thoroughly test their features and determine if they fulfill your needs.

Additionally, consider the long-term costs associated with the platform, such as transaction fees, monthly subscriptions, and any potential hidden costs that could affect your budget.

✔️ Finally, the quality of customer support is a critical factor; hence, reading reviews and ensuring that the platform provider offers timely and helpful service will enhance your overall experience.

A responsive support team can be invaluable, especially when you encounter technical issues or need guidance on using the platform's features effectively.

Top 8 Alternatives in 2024

Entering 2024, a number of notable alternatives have emerged. Each of these platforms offers unique features and addresses the varying needs of course creators in its own way.

Platforms like, for instance, offer features that enhance collaborative learning and user engagement, including multimedia content support and robust testing tools.

Moreover, they provide secure payment gateways crucial for e-commerce activities, thus making them a promising choice for those considering monetization through paid memberships and online courses.

The subsequent sections will provide a detailed analysis of Disco's features, along with other alternatives. We will delve into their unique features, strengths, and potential limitations, providing you with all the details you need to make an informed choice.

#1. DISCO.CO - The #1 Passion.IO Alternative with Modern OS for Course and Community Builders shines as an award-winning and trusted platform by top course creators, micro-schools, and virtual academies on the internet, making it the premier alternative for course creators and community builders.

Disco LMS platform as alternatives

Its accolades and endorsements from industry leaders underscore its reputation as a reliable and innovative solution in the online learning space.

Features that Offer a Significant Advantage for Users:

White-label mobile app - Launching in Q1 2024, Disco's advanced mobile app eliminates the need to buildyour own app from the ground up. It's designed for high customization and accessibility, allowing you to tailor your community app to your members' preferences, ensuring a seamless brand experience.

Stay tuned and sign up in our thriving community, Thrive by Disco, to receive product updates, join free live events, and interact with industry experts!

Advanced AI course builder - With Disco's AI writing tool, image generator, and co-pilot, course creation is faster and more efficient than ever. The platform enables a diverse range of product offerings, from self-paced courses to cohort-based programs, member spaces, and event series, catering to various learning and engagement styles.

Customization options - Disco provides extensive customization capabilities that go beyond white-labeling. You can personalize the onboarding experience, brand styles, and member management, with user profile fields all built into the platform. This level of customization ensures that your community feels unique and tailored to your brand.

Revenue growth tools - The platform's membership tiers feature facilitates the implementation of subscription-based models, allowing for monthly or annual payment collection. This tool is perfect for establishing a steady revenue stream and growing your business.

Customer service - Disco's customer support team is renowned for its hands-on approach, earning a 5/5 rating from users. Top creators and community builders have praised the responsive and helpful service, reflecting Disco's commitment to user satisfaction.

Want to try out Disco for free? We offer 14-day free trial for first time users! Don't miss this chance to create your own branded platform with mobile app features, without the hassle of poor customer support.

#2. Mighty Networks: Community-Centric Course Platform

Up next is Mighty Networks. As the name suggests, this platform is all about building strong, dynamic communities. It offers a suite of features for community-building and course creation including live streaming, events, and paid memberships.

Mighty Networks stands out for its extensive support for monetization with native mobile apps. The platform enables hosts to charge for access in various ways, including:

  • Subscription fees
  • One-time payments
  • Course fees
  • Membership fees

Mighty Networks also supports over 135 local currencies, allowing for a global reach. This makes it a great choice for businesses and educators looking to expand their audience base.

#3. LearnWorlds: Advanced Online School Builder

LearnWorlds identifies as a sophisticated online school builder, designed to meet the needs of advanced creators and online schools. It focuses on unlimited courses, advanced testing, and multiple instructors, making it a comprehensive solution for more complex educational setups.

One of the standout features of LearnWorlds is its support for white-label native mobile app building, including android mobile app development, through its mobile app development platform.

This allows creators to deliver a branded, fully customizable mobile app experience, complete with a custom domain and no LearnWorlds branding. In addition to mobile apps, LearnWorlds also offers web app support, which can significantly enhance the user experience and brand identity.

Finally, LearnWorlds offers advanced testing features crucial for comprehensive online education. This includes customizable course players, live classes, and various forms of assessments, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Dive deeper into LearnWorlds Alternatives!

#4. Thinkific: Free and User-Friendly Course Creation

Thinkific distinguishes itself with a free and intuitive course creation platform. Particularly beneficial for new course creators, its free plan provides essential features without any transaction fees, however you can only create 1 course, 1 community, and 1 admin.

Unlike with Disco where you can create 1 community and 10 learning products in their basic plan.

The platform’s drag-and-drop course builder, with its highly customizable user interface, facilitates a user-friendly course design experience that does not require advanced technical skills. This ease of use can be a major draw for educators who may not have extensive technical expertise.

Thinkific grants course creators full ownership of their content, supporting a diverse range of content types like video, text, and downloadable files for course material. This level of control can be a key consideration for creators who want to maintain autonomy over their work.

#5. Kajabi: Comprehensive Solution for Course Creators

Kajabi also ranks high among alternatives, widely recognized for its comprehensive offerings for course creators. The platform provides an extensive suite for course creation, supporting various content types such as videos, text, and handouts, in addition to tools for building digital products.

One of the standout features of Kajabi is the ability for users to customize themes to align with their specific branding requirements. This can significantly enhance their online course identity and provide a more personalized learning experience.

Recognized for its simplified interface, Kajabi offers a streamlined set of business tools, positioning it as a comprehensive all-in-one solution for course creators.

#6. Podia: Streamlined Web-Based Teaching Platform

Podia embodies a holistic digital ecommerce platform, that supports the sale of online courses, digital products, and community memberships. Its course builder, a key feature, allows creators to design courses with structured sections, lessons, and various multimedia content.

Illustration of a streamlined web-based teaching platform with email marketing tools

Beyond online courses, Podia enables the sale of a versatile range of digital products. This includes downloadable files, webinars, coaching sessions, and subscriptions, providing a comprehensive platform for digital commerce.

Moreover, Podia comes with built-in email marketing tools that assist with automated campaigns and performance tracking. However, a significant limitation of Podia is the absence of pre-made course templates, which may impact course creation for some users.

#7. Disciple: Customizable White-Label App Alternative

Disciple stands out as a UK-based platform offering a robust alternative to, particularly for those seeking extensive customization and branding capabilities.

Its feature-rich environment includes a variety of user engagement tools such as live streaming, chats, polls, and push notifications, alongside essential moderation tools.

While Disciple does impose a higher entry cost, starting at $633 per month, its comprehensive suite of features offers significant value for businesses and educators aiming for a high level of customization and a white-label app experience.

#8. Hivebrite: Robust Community Management Platform

Finally, we have Hivebrite on the list. This platform features a robust community engine capable of managing interactive member spaces, events, and communications. It also offers comprehensive moderation tools to ensure a safe and productive environment for community members.

However, unlike and the other alternatives discussed, Hivebrite does not have integrated course creation functionality. This makes it less suitable for instructors looking to run online courses, but it could be an excellent choice for businesses and organizations focused on community building and engagement.

Learn more about Hivebrite! Here are free & paid Hivebrite alternatives.

Comparing Pricing Plans and Discounts

In comparing these alternatives, it’s necessary to evaluate not only their features but also their cost. Platforms like LearnWorlds offer discounts for registered non-profits, while Podia provides a free plan with transaction fees. Meanwhile, free trials range across platforms, from 14 days with Disco LMS without hidden charges and any transaction fees.

Pricing comparison of alternatives
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Disco tops the list of the Best Alternatives to!

In conclusion, while is a popular choice for online course creation, it may not meet everyone’s needs. Several alternatives have emerged over the years, each providing unique features and catering to different requirements.

Choosing the right platform can make all the difference in your online course creation journey. So, consider your specific needs, budget, and the unique features of each platform before making a decision. Overall, Disco tops the list due to its comprehensive and advanced features including AI-powered tools and built-in community engagement tools in the Disco platform.

Start building your educational businesses, whether it's a course, a membership or a community with Disco's 14-day trial. Got questions? Book a demo with our sales rep so we can assist you!

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