Top 8 Wild Apricot Alternatives for Community Builders (2024)

Are Wild Apricot’s features falling short for your organization? In search of alternatives that better align with your requirements? This guide offers a clear-eyed comparison of Wild Apricot alternatives, focusing on functionality, user satisfaction, and economic viability, ensuring you walk away with a solution that enhances your membership management.

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Are Wild Apricot’s features falling short for your organization? In search of alternatives that better align with your requirements?

This guide offers a clear-eyed comparison of Wild Apricot alternatives, focusing on functionality, user satisfaction, and economic viability, ensuring you walk away with a solution that enhances your membership management.

What we will discover together:

  • Wild Apricot is losing favor due to its limitations in customization and lack of advanced member engagement features, leading users to seek more flexible alternatives like DISCO.
  • Disco emerges as a premier choice with its advanced membership tools, like the AI Co-Pilot for engagement reports, and flexible pricing models catering to different community sizes, including an enterprise solution for large organizations.
  • The landscape of membership management platforms is diverse, with various options like Mighty Networks, Hivebrite, MemberClicks, and iMIS offering specialized features for different needs, such as community management, educational engagement, and comprehensive database and event handling.

What is Wild Apricot? Benefits and Drawbacks

Wild Apricot is a comprehensive set of web tools that integrates membership, event, and website management, used extensively by associations, clubs, and nonprofits.

The platform aims to save organizations a significant amount of work per event through automation and easy communication. With its integrated website capabilities, Wild Apricot offers a unified communication point, connecting the membership database and event calendar seamlessly.

Wild Apricot homepage

However, despite its strengths, Wild Apricot has faced certain criticism. Users have pointed out limitations in social media integration and customization options. The need for more advanced member engagement features is another drawback, indicating a trend toward user discontent with Wild Apricot’s offerings.

Advantages of Wild Apricot's Offerings

Wild Apricot’s offerings are notably comprehensive. Its professional-looking website builder can be customized within an hour, providing users with a platform that is both attractive and user-friendly.

The platform also includes integrated email tools for newsletters and automatic event notices, aiding in improved communication with members.

The event registration system of Wild Apricot offers the following features:

  • Members can easily register and pay online without having to re-enter their details.
  • The online member directory allows members to easily find and connect.
  • Self-service features enable members to handle their own applications, payments and updates online.

These features make it easier for members to interact with each other, manage their membership online, and access member data through the membership management system on the membership site.

The Challenges with Wild Apricot

Despite its notable offerings, Wild Apricot’s users have voiced certain concerns. The platform has faced criticism for its:

❌  limitations in social media integration and customization options. These restrictions can potentially hinder organizations from fully optimizing their online presence and creating a unique branding experience.

❌  current users have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform’s overall capabilities. The need for more advanced member engagement features is among the drawbacks pointed out, indicating a trend toward user discontent with Wild Apricot’s features.

❌  interface issues, especially on slow-speed days, set it apart negatively from competitors.

❌  struggles with member file management, including the inability to manually correct renewal dates leading to error messages.

❌  customer support rated as the worst experience among various service groups.

These challenges have led many to seek alternatives, sparking a search for platforms that offer more advanced features and flexibility.

#1. DISCO: The Premier All-In-One Wild Apricot Alternative

One such alternative that has caught the attention of many is DISCO. This platform has emerged as the top Wild Apricot alternative due to its advanced features and the ultimate platform it provides.

Disco caters to community operators, founders, and businesses that aim to streamline their processes and scale their memberships and educational businesses.

Users can create their own independent community platform on Disco, which is available on Android, iOS, and the web. This allows for full branding and the potential for profitability.

Key Advantages of the Disco Platform

✔️ Member Management: simplifies the intricate task of member management through its robust features, offering a comprehensive user profile and a well-organized membership database. This ensures administrators can efficiently handle and navigate member information, creating a smooth administrative experience.

✔️ Community Engagement Tools: goes beyond basic communication features by providing an array of tools to boost community engagement. From dynamic discussion boards and threaded conversations to real-time messaging, channels, and live events, the platform fosters a vibrant and interactive community space, facilitating meaningful connections among m


✔️ Engagement Reports and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into user activities with's engagement reports and analytics. These tools empower administrators to understand community dynamics better, optimize engagement strategies, and make informed decisions based on data-driven intelligence.

✔️ Customization Options and Integrations: stands out with its emphasis on customization, allowing administrators to tailor the platform to meet specific community needs. Additionally, seamless integrations with multiple tools enhance functionality and ensure a cohesive user experience.

✔️ AI-Powered Member Engagement: Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology,'s AI Co-Pilot expedites content creation and answering queries for administrators. By automating certain processes, this feature not only saves time but also ensures the generation of engaging and personalized learning materials, contributing to a more enriched community experience.

✔️ Excellent Customer Support: complements its feature-rich platform with excellent customer support, providing administrators with the assistance they need to navigate and optimize their community management experience.

✔️ Join a Thriving Community of Founders and Community Leaders: Thrive by Disco stands as a dedicated learning community tailored for community operators and builders. This platform provides a dynamic space where professionals in community management can connect, share insights, and enhance their skills.

Thrive offers valuable resources, including educational content, discussions, and collaborative opportunities, fostering a supportive environment for individuals involved in community operations. Join us today for free!

A Rundown of Top Membership Management Platforms

Photo of a vibrant community gathering

While Disco leads the pack, there are other notable membership management platforms worth considering. Some of these platforms include:

  • Mighty Networks
  • Hivebrite
  • MemberClicks
  • Vagaro
  • Glue Up
  • MembershipWorks
  • ClubExpress
  • MemberSpace
  • Raklet

Each of these platforms offers unique features and pricing options. They cater to a variety of needs, from automating membership management tasks to enhancing member engagement and facilitating online fundraising.

Choosing the right membership management platform is a decisive step. The selected platform should match the organization’s specific needs and future expansion plans. Consequently, a thorough examination of these platforms is advisable to grasp their distinct features and potential advantages for your organization.

#2. Mighty Networks: Building Valuable Communities

Mighty Networks is known for its strong community management features. It offers the following tools to enrich member interaction and enable creators to launch digital communities across multiple devices:

  • Live streaming
  • Events
  • Discussion forums
  • Messaging
  • Chat capabilities

Starting at $99/month, Mighty Networks provides an affordable solution for organizations aiming to foster a growing community with social networking tools. It’s an excellent choice for organizations looking to build valuable communities and enhance member engagement.

Learn more about MightyNetworks with our comprehensive Disco vs MightyNetworks comparison.

Innovative Software Solutions for Nonprofits and Associations

Nonprofits and associations have unique needs when it comes to membership management. These tools provide a specialized software solution for fundraising, accounting, and member management, making them an excellent choice for nonprofit organizations and associations.

For example, Hivebrite’s Donation Module assists universities in online fundraising initiatives for student relief, demonstrating the impact of specialized fundraising tools.

#3. Hivebrite: Engaging Alumni and Professional Groups

If you’re looking for a platform designed specifically for educational institutions, Hivebrite might be the perfect fit. It empowers sub-communities within educational institutions, including classes, chapters, and alumni groups.

Hivebrite supports specialized initiatives for program teams and research labs by creating virtual spaces for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The platform focuses on the educational sector and promotes tailored approaches to utilize alumni strengths and bolster professional networking, mentorship, and job opportunities.

Learn more about Hivebrite Alternatives.

#4. MemberClicks: Tailored for Trade Associations

MemberClicks offers a specialized platform called MC Trade for organizations where members are other organizations or large membership organizations and chambers. MC Trade offers the following features:

  • Advanced dues calculation
  • Automation
  • Collection
  • Committee management
  • Sales management
  • Permission controls
  • Advanced financial management
  • Member Directories

MemberClicks offers the following features:

  • Supports member-to-member and member-to-organization relationships
  • Integrates with third-party accounting software
  • Provides robust reporting options for data analytics
  • Pricing starts at $4,500 annually, providing cost transparency

#5. iMIS: Comprehensive Database and Event Management

iMIS functions as a robust association management tool with a comprehensive CRM system for managing databases of members, including large associations with regional chapters.

It offers an integrated event calendar and automated email reminders to increase event attendance while also enabling the management of various fundraising events and pledge drives.

Personalized donor portals, microsites, and real-time dashboards are part of iMIS's features to customize donor experiences and monitor performance indicators. Pricing for iMIS professionals starts at USD 7,200, and you can book a quote for the enterprise plan.

Enhancing Online Learning with Membership Platforms
Photo of an online course creation and management platform

Online learning platforms have also made their mark in the realm of membership management. These platforms offer various pricing options and features for course creation and management. These platforms enrich the online learning experience by providing educational tools like quizzes and prerequisites, essential for course creation.

Disco, Teachable, and Thinkific are known for their user-friendliness, accommodating course creators with ease of use in setting up and managing online courses. On the other hand, Kajabi provides advanced features including a complete email marketing system along with HD video streaming capabilities, beneficial for learners and creators alike.

#6. Join It: Simplifying Membership Analytics and Payments

Join It stands out as a membership management software and member database platform designed to support critical task automation and streamline operations. It offers features such as:

  • Activity logs
  • Online payments
  • Downloadable analytics
  • Digital membership cards

These features contribute to a straightforward system for tracking member activity.

However, while Join It provides various automated solutions for membership analytics and payments, it lacks a website builder or mobile app. These limitations indicate that while Join It simplifies certain aspects of membership management, it may not offer a comprehensive solution for all organizations.

#7. Memberful: Monetize Your WordPress Site

Memberful is another platform that stands out, particularly for its ability to integrate directly with WordPress. This integration enables users to set up a members-only site with profile management and premium content delivery.

Memberful’s plans start as low as $25 per month with transaction fees, providing an accessible pricing model for monetizing content.

Despite these benefits, Memberful offers only basic community features. It also lacks native mobile app support, focusing instead on seamless integration with WordPress. This makes Memberful a suitable choice for those looking to monetize their WordPress sites but may not offer a comprehensive solution for broader member engagement needs.

Learn more about Memberful Alternatives

Tech-Savvy Tools for Modern Membership Management

Modern membership management requires tech-savvy tools that can enhance member engagement and streamline operations. Disco and BuddyBoss are two platforms that stand out in this regard. Disco enhances its community spaces through integrations with Slack, Stripe, Zapier, and Zoom, making it more functional and wide-reaching for members.

In contrast, BuddyBoss:

  • is a WordPress plugin designed for member management
  • integrates in real-time with WordPress for dynamic content updates
  • provides tools using the React Native framework for mobile app development
  • enables developers to build custom features compatible with major platforms

#8. BuddyBoss: WordPress Integration and Mobile App Development

BuddyBoss stands out, particularly for its WordPress integration and mobile app development capabilities. As a WordPress plugin, it allows users to create profiles and gate content, integrating in real time with WordPress for dynamic content updates.

Moreover, BuddyBoss offers a ‘Done For You’ service, including:

  • Dedicated onboarding
  • App customization
  • Branding
  • Assisting with app store publishing without BuddyBoss branding

Apps created with BuddyBoss can be used on iOS and Android devices and may be published directly to an organization’s Apple App Store and Google Play Store accounts.

Learn more about BuddyBoss Alternatives.

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Wrapping Up... Start Your Membership with Disco's 14-day free trial

In conclusion, while Wild Apricot offers a robust membership management platform, it’s clear that there are many alternatives out there that offer advanced features and greater flexibility.

Disco tops the list with its advanced and modern operating system for memberships and communities. With its highly customizable features, AI-powered tools, and seamless integration, you can scale your memberships successfully! Start by building your online membership today with Disco's 14-day free trial. Got questions? Book a live demo with our sales rep so we can answer your queries directly.

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January 31, 2024
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