XPRIZE Selects Disco, the Community Learning Platform, to Power Its Innovative Youth Program, XPRIZE Connect

We’re excited to announce that XPRIZE, a global leader in creating large-scale incentive competitions to address humanity's greatest challenges, has partnered with Disco to launch the XPRIZE Connect youth program.
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We’re excited to announce that XPRIZE, a global leader in creating large-scale incentive competitions to address humanity's greatest challenges, has partnered with Disco to launch the XPRIZE Connect youth program.

This collaboration comes at an important juncture, with the world undergoing rapid changes in climate, technology, and job markets.

XPRIZE Connect aims to equip young visionaries with the skills and mindset to tackle pressing global issues. It encourages students to understand complex local and global challenges and use emerging technologies to design solutions and business opportunities.

The partnership between Disco and XPRIZE is rooted in innovation and learning. Disco, known for its modern operating system that combines learning and community, has enabled XPRIZE to deliver its transformative program to learners across the US. Developed in partnership with Friday, a social impact strategy and design studio, the curriculum reflects XPRIZE's core principles of spurring innovation to solve critical challenges.

Targeting next-generation innovators in Los Angeles, XPRIZE Connect fosters an abundance mindset and exponential thinking. Participants from various schools and educational non-profits were guided to design prize concepts and develop compelling visions for the future, embodying XPRIZE's model of driving positive change.

Dr. Alexander Nicholas, Ph.D. Executive Vice President at XPRIZE shares, “XPRIZE Connect seeks to amplify youth voices and empower learners to tackle society's most pressing challenges. Leveraging our unique moonshot curriculum and first-principle thinking, learners identify problems that matter. Utilizing the Disco platform, we swiftly created inspiring educational experiences and cultivated a vibrant community of learners from diverse backgrounds around grand challenges. The platform is unique in the LMS market—blending accessibility, course development, management, and a user interface that resonates with youth. Finally, my team has been incredibly appreciative of the quick-responding support team at Disco”

Candice Faktor, Co-Founder of Disco shares, “XPRIZE is the exact type of future forward learning organization we are thrilled to work with. We share the belief that the world is changing faster than ever and the need for new impactful learning models that are accessible and drive new skills are critical. We are proud to be chosen as the community learning platform for this outstanding skill-based community program for young people to create a better future. We love that Disco is playing a part in enabling XPRIZE  to create a decentralized niche learning model that teaches young people  how to solve our biggest problems with agency, curiosity, and entrepreneurship.“

Notably, Candice serves on XPRIZE Connect’s Advisory Board, bringing valuable insights and a shared vision for accessible and transformative learning experiences.

To discover more about XPRIZE Connect and opportunities to get involved, visit xprize.org/xpconnect.

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Published on
January 18, 2024
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