AI Course Creator: How to Create High-Quality Courses in Seconds (2024)

With an AI course creator, streamline your process, engage your learners, and ensure educational excellence with adaptive and dynamic tools at your fingertips. This article delivers a practical guide to applying AI in course creation.
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What you'll learn in this article:

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With an AI course creator, streamline your process, engage your learners, and ensure educational excellence with adaptive and dynamic tools at your fingertips. This article delivers a practical guide to applying AI in course creation.

Whether you’re looking to automate or personalize, you’ll find the essential insights needed to make AI an ally in your educational endeavors.

What we will explore together:

  • AI course creator tools can significantly expedite the course creation process by automating tasks such as structuring and content generation, saving time and effort for educators and L&D teams. This includes the generation of engaging course outlines and interactive materials that can be further customized to suit specific learning objectives.
  • Personalization and dynamic content creation are taken to new heights with AI, enabling the crafting of tailored learning experiences that resonate with individual student needs, preferences, and learning styles, thereby boosting student engagement and success rates.
  • Disco's AI-powered platform is a standout tool as an efficient AI course creator, offering not only easy content generation but also secure data integration, and community engagement features, complete with AI-native tools for social learning that enhance the interactivity and collaborative aspects of the learning experience.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Impact on Learning

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, streamlines the course creation process by automating various tasks such as formatting, organization, and content generation. This results in a faster and more efficient course development process.

AI-powered tools such as Disco AI have become indispensable in the toolkit of course creators, streamlining the course development process.

The highlight among these is the online mini-course generator composed of an AI writing tool, an image generator, an AI assistant, and a quiz generator which automate the creation of concise and well-structured course outlines, thus allowing instructional designers to devote their time and effort to other aspects such as creating engaging online courses and interactive materials.

How Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Course Creation?

When it comes to structuring a course, AI is like a skilled architect, swiftly designing outlines based on a detailed analysis of content. It considers user-specific data to tailor online courses to the unique needs of learners, significantly enhancing personalization.

Planning is streamlined with AI lesson plan generators, saving valuable time and effort. This allows learning designers to concentrate on elevating student learning outcomes and enriching the overall educational experience.

By automating these foundational tasks, AI empowers educators to focus on what truly matters—delivering an impactful learning journey.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

The impact of personalized learning on student engagement and success rates is indeed noteworthy. Research has shown that students in personalized learning environments, created with the help of an AI course generator, demonstrate higher levels of progress in subjects such as math and reading, compared to those in traditional settings.

By aligning the content with students’ specific educational needs and learning objectives, AI ensures a complete mini-course experience.

Nowadays, personalization is a requisite, not merely a luxury. No two learners are the same, and AI understands this better than anyone. Tools like Disco AI by, Khanmigo by Khan Academy, and Duolingo harness AI’s power to offer customized learning paths based on student’s goals, interests, and previous knowledge.

In fact, you can train Disco AI with your learner's data so it will be able to help you in developing and operating your educational programs. This personalized approach enhances the learning experiences and ensures accurate and complete mini-courses and a full curriculum.

Overcoming Content Hurdles

Content is not just king in online learning; it forms the entire kingdom. AI plays a pivotal role in the creation of high-quality content for courses.

From personalization to enhanced interactivity, workflow automation to content generation, AI algorithms leave no stone unturned to tailor educational content to individual needs, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

But what about those moments when you hit a creative block? Well, AI is there to rescue you.

With AI-enhanced mind-mapping tools like Miro, writers can organize their thoughts, brainstorm ideas, and overcome mental blocks that hinder creativity. And that’s not all! With AI, you can create visually appealing presentations, handouts, worksheets, and other materials, even if you are not a graphic design maestro.

In the next section, I will show you how to create a course in minutes with real examples from my own courses. This is to demonstrate that it's not only possible but indeed a game-changer.

3 Use Cases to Create a High-Quality Course with AI

Disco AI empowers you to develop a comprehensive curriculum with AI-generated modules, lessons, quizzes, and detailed course outlines.

Let's start with how you can 'literally' create an online course in less than an hour with Disco AI. Before proceeding, please make sure you have a course topic, a course structure, and a Disco account. If you don't have one yet, sign up for a Disco account to access all Disco features with a 14-day free trial!

After onboarding onto the Disco platform, go to 'Learning' and click the '+' icon to add a product.

You can choose a pre-made template, whether you're building a self-paced course, a cohort-based course, or an event series, or you can select 'blank' if you haven't decided on a course type yet. Later, you can fully customize and add apps to your course.

In my case, I chose 'blank' to fully customize my product. I'm thinking of making a hybrid course with asynchronous and synchronous learning through hosting live sessions and events.

So I named my course 'Build AI Edtech 101' for aspiring edtech founders who want to build an edtech product with AI. I set up the product for Members Only. If you want to access it, join the SuperEducators community. Lastly, don't forget to write a brief course description!

Now that it's been created, I want to add a curriculum by clicking the '+' icon and selecting 'add app'.

I selected 'learning program' or 'curriculum'. As you can see, you can add different apps to your course. Later on, we will explore these and you will see how it works!

To get started with your curriculum creation process, click the '+' icon on the upper right corner to add a lesson to the first module.

I haven't prepared an outline for this course and I need a course outline generator. So I will ask Disco AI to generate it for me by choosing 'generate', typing a prompt, and adding a reference link for more context.

Wait for a few seconds and Disco AI will write a full course outline of your course--with a cover image! For example, you can see below the course outline it generated for me. Now, I can add a new module and follow the generated outline. Just click on the '+' icon below the lesson tab.

I filled up the popup with the information I wanted for the module. Note that Disco is very customizable so you can absolutely create your course with your preference.

Now that the module has been created, it's time to create the lesson. Repeat the process of adding a lesson by clicking the '+' icon, selecting 'generate', typing a prompt, and adding a reference link.

Wait a few seconds and you will have a full lesson crafted in less than a minute!

Repeat the process until you complete your course. Don't forget to enhance every AI-generated item as creating courses still needs a human teacher's touch. AI is not here to replace our jobs but to augment it.

How do you generate quizzes with Disco AI?

One of the powerful aspects of the Disco platform apart from having an AI-first approach is its feature-rich course builder where you can add texts, images, videos, quizzes, and assignments, and even connect it to your Slack community.

To make every course successful, you need to mix and match these content types and one of the ways is to add quizzes. Add content and select 'quiz'.

⚠️ At this early stage, Disco AI can't create an end-to-end quiz but can generate the choices for your multiple-choice questions. Ensure that you have questions prepared and then select 'setup questions'.

Select if you want a 'single select' or a 'multiple select' for item 1. Then write your first question. Click 'Create Options with AI' to generate the choices.

Here's what the generated item looks like. It also shows you the correct answer! Repeat the process to complete your quiz section.

Let's say you are done with your course, don't forget to hit 'publish' and congratulate yourself for creating a course in minutes!

Lastly, set up your registration page and certificate before making a full launch! Here's a short tutorial on how public pages and SEO work in Disco:

Disco AI enhances every online course with AI-powered social learning tools, making the learning experience interactive and community-driven.

In this era, it's not enough to create a course. To make it successful, you need to add a collaborative aspect to your course and make learning a social experience. At Disco, we've designed our platform to foster organic partnerships, collaborations, and interactions among learners. We believe that learning by oneself is not as transformative as learning with peers.

This manifesto is reflected in how we've designed our Disco features. In the realm of AI, we've developed our proprietary AI-native tools to assist educators and L&D teams in crafting training programs and courses with AI. Additionally, we've integrated AI into our engagement tools to enhance the learning experience.

Let's take a look at how our two major Disco AI features: Disco AI chat and suggestions, can change how you manage and engage your learners!

How do you create posts/prompts to initiate learner interaction?

Disco combines learning and community in one powerful platform, therefore, adding a social feed inside your course is an easy-peasy task. Start by clicking the '+' icon and 'add product'.

This time, select 'Feed' to create a discussion board. In my example, I created an announcement feed so that everyone in my course would be notified if there's something they need to know. Ensure you have filled in the information.

Right after you complete the setup, you will be notified by Disco AI chat, suggesting prompts to initiate a conversation in your new feed. By the time you have selected the prompt, click on the 'draft post'.

A pop-up will come out and you can now enhance the AI-generated content. For instance, I would like to add the newly released video of ChatGPT 4o with Sal Khan and his son. To add this to the post, I type in '/' and search for 'Youtube' to embed the Youtube video in my post.

Apart from this, you can do several things such as adding tables, callouts, quotes, polls, embedding your favorite tools, attaching events or products, and mentioning them inside your post.

You can also schedule your post, or post it now. To learn more about this, watch this short tutorial:

To summarize, Disco AI chat offers a variety of prompt activities to help you create an engaging and interactive learning environment for your learners. Simply having a course isn't sufficient; you need to enhance it by incorporating peer learning among your members.

Disco AI chat suggest prompts to increase learner engagement

How do you create a poll as a post?

One of the perks of creating your educational programs in Disco is to create a poll inside your social feed. If you already have an idea of what you want to ask in a poll and its choices, skip the first step.

In this case, I don't have an idea so I ask Disco AI chat to generate it for me.

And then it gave me something to post. I clicked on the draft post to start.

Since it will post as a text, you need to 'add poll' in your draft to make this text a poll.

Same with quizzes, you can choose between a single select or a multiple select. In my example, I chose 'multiple select' and scheduled the end date. After that, click save and you're ready to go!

This is how it looks like once posted: Congrats! Your members can now answer the poll.

You can tag them or share the post via email.

How do you integrate an event into your course?

With Disco, that's easy! Go to your course and then 'add app. Select 'events' to add to your course.

Once added, click the '+add event' button and set up the details of your event. Make sure to create your event as a 'product' event. If you select 'community', the event will be set up outside of your course and will be accessible to all your community members.

Another fantastic feature of Disco is its versatility in creating online, in-person, or even to-be-determined events. Whether you're planning a local gathering or a virtual meet-up, the Disco platform simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly extend invitations and manage RSVPs for your events.

After saving the draft, I decided to enlist the help of Disco AI to conjure up a compelling event description. With the details of the Bett Asia event in mind, I prompted Disco AI to generate an engaging and informative description that would capture the essence of the event and entice attendees.

Finally, your event has been successfully posted, and your members are now able to RSVP and attend!

📺 Learn more about this feature with this short tutorial:

How does Disco AI answer my member queries?

As mentioned a while ago, Disco AI has two distinctive functions: Disco AI Chat and Suggestions. Now, let's talk about Disco AI Suggestions. It works with Slack integration where the AI suggests answers to your member queries based on your knowledge base and learners' data.

First, navigate to the Admin Area and under 'integrations', and then click the Slack integration. Follow the prompts to connect your Disco account with your Slack workspace.

Once connected successfully, go to Admin Area and choose 'Disco AI' to set up your Disco Q&A and Suggestion prompts. Enable 'Question & Answer', and add the channels you want Disco AI to monitor. Lastly, set up your delayed options, and don't forget to hit 'save changes'.

Once you've got Disco AI all setup, it keeps an eye on the Slack channels and conversations in your Disco community. If it notices someone asking a question it knows about, it jumps in with a suggested answer to help you out. It's a good idea to give these AI suggestions a quick look and maybe a little tweak to make sure they're just right before you share them with everyone in your community's chat rooms.

Disco AI is ready to be trained with your unique knowledge base and external data sources.

Are you ready for the most thrilling part? Let's dive into how you can train Disco AI with your unique knowledge base, and I'll guide you through the process with some simple steps!

How do you train Disco AI with your knowledge base?

In addition to configuring your Q&A section, you have the capability to enhance Disco AI's knowledge by adding course content. This can include your proprietary course materials or information from external sources.

To do this, navigate to the Admin Area, select 'Settings', and click on 'Training Source'. Here, you can add new material to the AI's learning database by clicking '+ Add training source'. Ensure you have the URL of the content you wish to upload at hand before you proceed.

Copy-paste the URL where you would like Disco AI to focus its learning capabilities. You have the choice to direct it to ingest content from an entire domain or concentrate on a specific subpath.

Keep in mind that the AI's learning process may require some time, but rest assured, you will be notified with a 'success' message once it has meticulously gathered and processed the information from the specified pages.

How do you fine-tune your tone of voice according to your brand?

You can easily customize the personality of your tone of voice to better align with your brand's unique character. Just head over to the Admin Area and select 'Disco AI'. Once there, hit the 'edit' button next to Q&A suggestions to start tailoring.

Now, unleash your inner brand persona by selecting from our vibrant personality and tone options. Want to be the friendly neighbor, the no-nonsense professional, the cheeky witticist, or the erudite scholar? The choice is yours. Plus, you can dial up the charm with emoji usage—set the frequency to 'often' for a fun flair or 'none' for a more reserved approach.

How do you customize appearance and generate images for your brand visuals?

If you're like me and don't have a ready-made logo for the educational space you want to create in Disco, you can use Disco's AI image generator to create those brand visuals you're missing.

Simply navigate to the 'appearance' section to begin generating or uploading your logo, favicon, and cover photo.

Choose 'Generate' and type in your prompt. I kept it straightforward, requesting a logo for my SuperEducators community. After a few seconds, Disco AI generated this logo for me! I'm pleased with the outcome. If you're not satisfied, feel free to 'Regenerate'.

You can also use this as a favicon. Repeat these steps if you want Disco AI to generate your cover photo.

📺 Learn more about customizing your platform with this short tutorial:

Introducing DISCO: The #1 Social Learning Platform Voted by the World's Top Virtual Academies and Learning Organizations

Aside from having a built-in AI-native tool, Disco has emerged as the premier platform for social learning, acclaimed for its innovative approach to cohort-based education.

Backed by GSV, a leading investor in the educational technology sector, and celebrated as the most innovative edtech by Fast Company and the Startup of the Year by Edtech Breakthrough, Disco AI-powered platform is revolutionizing the way organizations engage in up-skilling, customer enablement, partner training, and accelerator programs.

With a client roster that includes the Toronto Board of Trade, Kaplan, Coursehero, MonitorDeloitte, XPrize, and Baptist Health, Disco has proven its capability to make learning engaging and operationally seamless. Its venture backing and accolades are testaments to its effectiveness and innovation in the learning space.

What sets Disco LMS apart?

  1. A multi-functional and built-in AI-native tool, not a ChatGPT extension like the other competitors.
  2. It masterfully blends course building with community engagement, fostering a collaborative and social learning environment.
  3. Accelerates learning's accessibility with its mobile learning app, available on iOS and Android to ensure learning can happen anytime, anywhere.
  4. Known for its highly customizable features from custom branding, domain, label, dashboard, and onboarding.
  5. Gamifying the platform with its sophisticated engagement scoring, easy to track and analyze learner participation and progress.
  6. Ability to personalize and automate member onboarding with groups and subgroups perfect for large learning organizations and enterprises handling thousands of members in one community.
Supercharge Your Learning Community

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Create High-Quality & Distinctive Mini Courses and Learning Programs: Join Disco Academy! 🪩 📕

We've explored a plethora of features in this article, and I want to extend my congratulations to you for delving into a comprehensive online course creation process! In summary, crafting an online course with AI assistance is now simpler, quicker, and more straightforward than ever before.

Our team has developed Disco Academy, a resource where you can find free courses, events, and content materials designed to aid educators, course creators, and learning organizations in developing top-notch training and social learning programs for their cohorts. Joining is free, offering you the opportunity to learn alongside peers in the L&D and education sectors!

Should you have any inquiries about the Disco AI features discussed in this piece, we invite you to schedule a personalized demo with our Disco team. Plus, you can start your 14-day free trial and begin creating superior online courses at the speed of a lightning-fast train! Here's to your course's success with Disco AI!

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May 21, 2024
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