$15M Funding: Building Future Learning Communities

Announcing our $15M funding to build the learning communities of the future.
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Today, we’re thrilled to announce we have closed a $15MM Series A funding round led by GSV Ventures (one of the most prolific edTech investors), alongside all our lead seed investors (Quiet Capital, Inovia Capital, Golden Ventures) and many others. We are delighted to be welcoming Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures, to our Board.

“Disco realizes that live learning is the future and creators and organizations of all sizes need a Shopify-like platform to run their live learning business. We are excited to back this all-star team pioneering the future of live learning.” - Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures

While it feels strange celebrating funding at such a tumultuous time, we can’t help but think about how learning is one of the best investments for a brighter future and the power of community to make change happen - two elements central to Disco.

We want to thank you for being a member of Disco’s community! We launched Disco merely one year ago as we watched people around the world change the way they learn and work. We saw millions looking for a new way to learn live together, and saw an incredible opportunity to build a platform to pioneer this exciting future of virtual, live learning.

We think the future of learning will be led by trusted knowledge creators and organizations we love, with community and experiential learning at the core, and accessible from anywhere. We believe knowledge creators deserve a platform that gives them the tools, ownership, and control over their live learning empire.  

Today, our customers span from knowledge creators like top management thinker Roger Martin and cultural icon Margaret Atwood, to bootcamps and online learning academies like Makerpad (the largest online no-code community), Dribbble’s new product design school, Muse’s Sleep School, Adam Davidson’s Masterful Storytelling, BatteryMBA, and more.

Shaping the future of live learning together

We are excited to have the capital to invest in shaping the future of live virtual learning so we can give our customers the tools and products they have been asking for. Funds from this round wll be used to:

🌎 Grow our world-class, diverse, remote-first team. Yes, we’re hiring!

🖥️  Build out the must have dream features to scale a live learning empire. These include Web3 community tools, more immersive engagement tools, built-in marketing features, course automation and cloning, and more.

📚  Scaling our own learning community to help knowledge creators like you build yours. Start learning with us!

💡 Partnering with more iconic knowledge creators to build transformative live learning experiences. Sign up!

The Disco journey to date 🕺

We are so grateful to our team and early investors who have been integral to growing Disco in more ways than we thought was humanly possible in just 12 months. Since our launch and seed funding a year ago, we:

  • Welcomed hundreds of creators to the Disco platform, many who are building 5-7 figure live learning empires and delivering transformative live learning experiences for learners around the world. We’re so proud to see the diversity of the creators on Disco.
  • Built the Disco platform into a true “mission control” to create & teach, learn & engage, market & sell, and operate & scale your live learning empire. Try it out here!
  • Launched DiscoU, our own live learning community to inspire and equip knowledge creators with the must-know practical insights  to build and grow their live learning empires. Join here!
  • Expanded the Disco team significantly with some of the most epic, caring, brilliant, and entrepreneurial humans who are deeply passionate about the future of learning and our mission. See jobs!

Moving beyond the “flip phone” stage of a live learning revolution

We have more conviction than ever that the live learning revolution is just getting started!

Thousands of new online bootcamps, academies, and learning communities from around the world are coming to life everyday, from vocational schools to alternative MBAs, to VC fellowships, to crypto learning communities, to career accelerators, and many more.

Our vision for the platform is to be the operating system for learning communities, academies, bootcamps, and microschools.

You’re invited: Join hundreds of knowledge creators building with Disco!

After a year in beta and hundreds of customers joining us, we’re excited to officially launch Disco to the world!

Get started with Disco today for free and share Disco with all the brilliant knowledge creators and organizations in your network who are looking to build a live learning community today.

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

We couldn't be more excited about this next chapter. Here’s to learning live together! 🍻

Candice, Chris, and the Disco Team

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