About Disco

Disco is a platform for creators to build and scale their learning empire easily in one place.


Our Why

Our Mission is to help creators make a sustainable living teaching what they love.


We believe the future is learning live together.

Our vision for learning leaves the industrial age behind and looks to a world of lifelong learning, that's live, with peers, led by creators we trust and accessible from anywhere.


Meet the Founders

Candice Faktor

Candice is passionate about lifelong learning + creator economy + community. Candice helped scale Wattpad, one of the world’s largest storytelling communities, which sold for US$660MM.


Her love of learning led her to create cohort based courses years ago and  Gamechanger.co learning community both of which inspired her to create Disco.


Candice is a venture partner for Lobby.vc and is a Board member of Coveo, an enterprise saas platform. 


Candice is from South Africa, lives in Toronto, a yogi and mom to awesome boys and a recent pup. She is married to a creative (of course!) film maker.

Chris Sukornyk

Chris has a passion for building world class platforms that power entrepreneurship from anywhere on the planet.


Chris is a 6x serial entrepreneur. His last venture backed startup Chango pioneered performance marketing and sold for 120MM in 2015.


Chris is a Canadian who lives in Costa Rica with his 4 kids. He’s an avid surfer and passionate about sustainability entrepreneurship.


Our Investors

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Quiet Capital

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What I love about Disco is that they are pioneering live (two-way) learning experiences. What people miss about asynchronous learning is that it’s inherently only one way - and as the saying goes - when one teaches, both learn.

Farhan Thawar

VP Eng, Shopify