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dis•co Latin def’n: Learn

Disco is a platform for creators to build and scale their live learning empire easily in one place.

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Our Why

Help creators make a living teaching what they love
Re- imagine the future of learning

Our vision for learning leaves the industrial age behind and looks to a world of lifelong learning, that's live, with peers, led by creators we trust and accessible from anywhere.

Meet The Founders

Candice Faktor


Candice is a serial tech entrepreneur who has a passion for learning and community. Before launching Disco, Candice scaled Wattpad to 80 MM users, making it the world’s largest platform for creators to share their stories (sold in Jan 21, for US $660MM). She is a frequent speaker on the future of learning, an early pioneer in cohort based courses, and creator of Gamechanger.co, a live learning community of 3000+ innovators. Candice is a venture partner for Lobby Capital, and a Board Member of Coveo, an enterprise AI SAAS platform valued at over $1Bn. She is from South Africa, lives in Toronto with her husband, two boys and puppy.

Chris Sukornyk

Chris Sukornyk

Chris has a passion for building world class platforms that power entrepreneurship from anywhere on the planet. Chris is a 6x serial entrepreneur. His last venture backed startup Chango pioneered performance marketing and sold for 120MM in 2015.  Chris is a Canadian who lives in Costa Rica with his 4 kids. He’s an avid surfer and passionate about sustainability entrepreneurship.

Disco in the news

September 28, 2021
Disco Named to Top 20 Startups in Canada by CIX
📣 🎉 Disco Launches an Accelerator for the Creator Economy

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We believe the future is learning live together. Our vision for learning leaves the industrial age behind and looks to a world of lifelong learning, that's live, with peers, led by creators we trust and accessible from anywhere

Open Job Listings

Account Manager

  • Process and segment inbound leads from Disco marketing efforts.
  • Onboard new customers into the Disco platform. 5+ Zoom onboarding calls per day.
  • Assist as a facilitator in LIVE onboarding courses with groups of customers.
  • Train customers in how to build, run and scale a cohort based course at each stage.

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Community and Content Marketer

  • Embody and help develop the Disco brand, tone and voice through customer comms, copywriting and community building.
  • Own and execute our awesome strategy for building community including launching our very own blog, newsletter, podcast, livestream and virtual course.
  • Engage with creators online (via social media channels and email) and collect feedback from the creator community (via email, polls, DMs, etc.).
  • Experiment with different acquisition channels using our next level content and community building activities to onboard the right set of customers to sign up for our waitlist.
  • Experiment and build onboarding flows to improve conversion rates.
  • Help us build and manage our customer council and treat them like the rockstars they are so they can build our product with us to make their lives better.
  • Meticulously track all activities, results and experiments so we can learn and iterate off data.
  • Analyze data, insights and reports to develop plans to grow priority categories, communities and audiences, ensure creator engagement, retention and satisfaction.
  • Be the first touch point with potential customers and introduce them to the Disco brand, most often through calling, texts, and email.
  • Inform and influence our overall growth strategy.
  • Identify and report issues with the customer experience and value prop and turn these problems into opportunities for growth.

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Web & Graphic Designer

  • Develop digital assets leveraging our Brand playbook.
  • Study design briefs and determine requirements.
  • Conceptualize visuals based on requirements.
  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas.
  • Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using tools like Illustrator, Figma and Photoshop.
  • Test graphics across various media.
  • Amend designs after feedback.
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand.

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Our Values

Champion the Mission

Our mission is two fold:

Help creators make a sustainable living doing what they love = teaching.

Reimagine the future of learning, leaving the industrial age behind led by creators we trust, with peers for support/accountability, live and accessible from anywhere in the world

Be A Creator

Be a creator and entrepreneur yourself.

Have deep empathy for the creative process, creator journey and entrepreneurship.

Creator success is our success

Growth  Mindset

We value a growth mindset and lifelong learning

Learn by doing:  test, iterate, feedback, learn

Value pursuit of excellence and high performance not burnout

Simplify & Move Fast with Judgment

Choose the simplest path (not the easiest path).

Most decisions are reversible. It's better to be faster to insight than take too long to get feedback

Net Positive, Conscious & Inclusive

We want not only our intention but our impact to be net positive in the world

Build a culture that is conscious of our impact on others and intentional in our design and actions

Build a company that is diverse and inclusive to all

Have fun, Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the freedom that comes with remote work and do your best work anywhere in the world

Have fun by making this place the best place to work and contribute to our culture

Be present, the joy is in the journey!

Our Investors

Angels from:

What Investors are saying

Wattpad, a platform for nearly 100MM users, pioneered social and serial storytelling - a format both creators and readers love. Disco is pioneering social and serial learning - a format both creators and learners want - making learning fun, and highly engaging. Candice and Chris also understand how important creator monetization is, we learned this at Wattpad.

Ivan Yuen
Co-founder, Wattpad

Disco realizes that ed tech and all innovation happens at the edge, where creators live. We are excited to back this all star team pioneering the future of creator led live learning experiences.

Deborah Quazzo
Managing Partner, GSV

Disco reminds me a lot of what we did in commerce. We empowered entrepreneurs to go direct to customers and disrupt traditional retail, just like Disco is enabling creators to disrupt traditional education.
The team is mission driven: helping creators be entrepreneurs with the ability to own their brand, customers and revenue.

Brandon Chu
VP Product & GM of Platform, Shopify

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