Best Online Quiz Tools: Using Quizzes for Your Learning Business

Looking to enhance learner engagement and knowledge retention? Leverage quizzes in your online learning program Online quizzes are a powerful strategy to achieve this.
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Looking to enhance learner engagement and knowledge retention? Leverage quizzes in your online learning program to achieve this. Today, we'll discuss three things: 

  • the best quiz makers for your learning business
  • how to use online quizzes to solidify knowledge
  • a few use cases for quizzes in a virtual learning environment.

People forget so much of what they learned, quickly. Did you know that we forget 50% of what we've learned within an hour? On average, 75% of learning is forgotten after 24 hours, and 90% within a week.

That means learners only remember 10% of their lessons after a week.

Engaging learners and providing them opportunities to solidify and retain that knowledge can prevent this from happening. A simple way to do that is through creating quizzes.

For learning business operators,  quizzes serve two vital purposes: enhancing knowledge retention and learner engagement, as well as lead generation to boost your learning business's growth. This article covers:

  • How to create quizzes to assess and reinforce knowledge
  • How to use quizzes in virtual learning environments
  • The best online quiz tools
  • How to determine which platform is best for your learning business

Manual quiz creation can be time-consuming.

It could take you 10 hours a week to create, populate, and check the papers of your students. Luckily there are more efficient solutions - let’s guide you through them.

How to Create Quizzes to Solidify and Test Knowledge

Leveraging quizzes is a valuable method to reinforce and assess knowledge. Here's a guide to implement this strategy:

Align  with your Learning Objectives (LO)

First, clearly define the subject or topic you want to assess. Make sure to align it with your learning objectives.

Let's say your LO is: “By the end of this module, students will be able to comprehend the difference between microeconomics vs macroeconomics.” Then, create online quizzes comparing these two concepts.

Create or Find Suitable Quizzes

You can make your own online quiz or use existing ones related to your subject.

Many online platforms offer quiz-creation tools that are preloaded with templates

Ask Learners to Take the Quiz

Set yourself up for success by leveraging learning platforms like Disco to make it easier to create, disseminate, and assess quizzes.

When you sign up with Disco, you can create quizzes with a quiz maker inside your curriculum. Students who are enrolled in your class will receive the quiz. All you need to do is publish!

Setting up a quiz on the Disco platform

Review and Analyze Submissions with Quiz Analytics

Having a hard time reviewing quizzes manually? Not anymore! With Disco’s comprehensive yet easy-to-view quiz analytics, you can analyze every submission efficiently.

Reviewing quiz analytics on the Disco platform

Use the Result to Improve Content in the Next Module

Quizzes provide critical feedback for your learners and for you, as the learning business operator. Use the outcome of the quiz to understand whether you need to spend more time getting your learners up the curve on a specific topic. 

Instructors can and should personalize lessons according to learner’s feedback. 

Look for learning gaps. What have you missed? What questions were answered correctly and incorrectly? Think of ways to teach to these gaps in your next module.

Reviewing quiz submissions on the Disco platform

Track Student Progress

With Disco's quiz analytics tool, you can track a student's progress from the first module up to the last. As a result, you can provide transparent feedback to your students while they take your online courses.

Reviewing results for individual quiz questions on the Disco platform

Congrats! Now, you’ve learned how to create quizzes effectively. Next, let’s look at the real-world applications of online quizzes in virtual learning environments.

Use Cases of Online Quiz Makers in a Virtual Learning Environment

Our team at Disco examined how our users—from learning businesses and learning communities—utilize our new quiz maker to engage learners. From our observations and informal interviews, we’ve found these three (3) notable use cases on how they create quizzes effectively.

Here’s the reveal!

Use Case 1: Assessment Quizzes.

Quizzes are great for assessing knowledge. They help educators identify areas where students might need more help. In fact, there are various assessment types including pre-assessments, formative, summative, and self-assessments.

Disco users utilize our quiz maker for these assessment varieties. It significantly enhances their content. Users tailor their learning modules based on quiz results, delivering a personalized learning experience aligned with their learners' knowledge levels.

Like the entire Disco platform, the quiz maker UI/UX is extremely intuitive, making it a no-brainer to leverage quizzes to enhance your learner’s engagement and retention. 

Use Case 2: Feedback and Survey.

Learner-centric courses are the key to transformative education. Learning programs that lack learner-centered design often fall short. Thriving learning businesses prioritize curriculum development with a focus on learners, eagerly seeking their feedback.

Disco users harness the quiz maker to gather quantitative feedback from learners, ensuring comprehension and enhancing engagement during live sessions. This mechanism serves as a valuable tool for continuous course improvement.

Use Case 3: In-Lesson Engagement.

Learning is effective when it's fun. And the best way to insert “fun” into learning is through in-lesson engagement & gamification.

To make online synchronous sessions more engaging, use quizzes strategically. For example, if you're planning a one-hour lesson, consider this engaging flow:

  • 5 mins: Icebreaker including a quiz
  • 20 mins:  Instructor to deliver content 
  • 20 mins: Group activity in breakout rooms
  • 10 mins: Sharing
  • 5 mins: Wrap up, feedback with Disco’s quiz maker

Starting with an icebreaker can set the tone for the rest of the lesson and help people feel more inclined to participate and share.

Setting up quiz questions on the Disco platform

Leverage quizzes during your wrap up to (a) solidify knowledge and build confidence in your learners and (b) solicit feedback. 

The Best Online Quiz Makers to Boost Learner Engagement

Selecting the perfect quiz maker can be time-consuming. That's why we've curated the best four (4) online quiz makers that stand out. Find the perfect match for your learning business at a glance.

  • Disco. The Best Choice for Learning Business Operators Who Want Everything in One Platform.
  • ClassMarker. Highly Customizable Online Quiz Maker.
  • Typeform. Best for Surveys and Feedback.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder. Best for WordPress Users.

Disco Platform: The Perfect Choice for Every Learning Business

Disco's quiz builder is a game-changer for all learning businesses operating on its platform. It makes creating, running and assessing engaging quizzes simple, easy, and fast.

But what truly sets Disco apart is its cutting-edge quiz analytics. No more manual quiz results and score calculations or report chart designing. Disco streamlines your teaching experience effortlessly.

Adding a quiz to your curriculum on the Disco platform

What really sets Disco apart is that it’s not just a quiz tool. Disco is the modern operating system for learning businesses to accelerate revenue, deliver transformative learning experiences, and operate with ease. 

Part of delivering transformative learning experiences is ensuring they’re engaging for learners. That’s why Disco built its quiz maker. With Disco, you don't need to integrate your quizzes into a separate learning management system.. 

If you’re a learning business, then Disco is your perfect choice!

Want to check how to use Disco? Here's our quiz builder tutorial.

Disco: Powering the learning businesses of the future
  • Incredibly user-friendly, creating quizzes in minutes.
  • Supports single and multiple correct answers.
  • Unlimited quizzes, allowing boundless creativity.
  • Customizable with quiz covers to make them visually appealing.
  • Advanced quiz analytics for quick and insightful assessment.
  • Individual submission reports for personalized feedback.
  • Question summaries for comprehensive understanding.
  • Seamlessly integrated into Disco’s complete learning platform.

The quiz maker tool is a new addition to Disco, with ongoing improvements and customization. On the contrary, this presents a unique opportunity to help the team shape its future through your feedback.


Disco's quiz maker is included in Disco's organization plan. Subscribe and get access to the quiz maker together with entire earning platform.

ClassMarker: Highly Customizable Online Quiz Maker

ClassMarker provides a secure and customizable online quiz maker for both business and educational purposes. It ensures data privacy and complies with GDPR & CCPA regulations. With its key features, it serves a wide range of needs, from online courses and certification to recruitment and education.

ClassMarker website hero
  • Ideal for educators and organizations
  • Allows custom online tests and exams
  • Branding options available
  • Real-time reporting
  • Strong security features
  • Automated grading
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance

It has a steeper learning curve for non-tech-savvy educational entrepreneurs. In addition, it requires manual integration with your learning platform or website builder, adding to your workload and time commitment.

Typeform: Best for Surveys and Feedback

You've probably come across Typeform. It’s a popular choice among content marketers, small business owners, and educators.

It's not just a typical form tool - it's best for surveys and feedback. Typeform is a user-friendly quiz maker equipped with pre-made templates and media-rich questions.

Typeform website CTA

This free quiz maker stands out with personalization features like Piping and Logic Jump, which are especially beneficial for educators, allowing them to create interactive quizzes with calculators and grouped questions.

However, the one-question-at-a-time format can be a bit time-consuming for users.

  • intuitive quiz maker
  • free quiz templates
  • media-rich questions
  • highly personalized and customizable
  • reports and analytics
  • GDPR compliant

Not focused on learning businesses.

Not integrated into an overall learning management system, adding time to your operators’ schedule to analyze and integrate learnings. 


With a free plan. Paid plans start at $25/month

Thrive Quiz Builder: Best Choice for WordPress Users

Are you using a learning management system in WordPress?

If you do, then Thrive Quiz Builder may be the best choice for you. It’s part of the Thrive Suite with a WordPress plugin. Thrive is commonly used by marketers and content creators, however, it can also be utilized by educators.

Thrive Quiz Builder platform

It offers visually appealing and engaging quizzes with advanced features like branching logic, opt-in pages, A/B testing, and analytics. You can create multiple quiz types from customizable templates, preview them, and display dynamic content. Additionally, it enables email list segmentation and embedding in posts and web pages.

  • WordPress plugin
  • 4 quiz types and multiple-question formats
  • Drag and drop quiz builder
  • Built-in reports and analytics
  • Integrations and dynamic content

Thrive is limited for WordPress users. Due to this fact, educators who want to use this online quiz maker tool need to allot time in setting up the plugin, integrations, etc. It's inconvenient for educators. If not, you must hire a freelancer to set it up.


$99/year for a stand-alone plugin. You’ll get full access if you avail the Thrive Suite for $299/year

Supercharge Your Learning Community

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Great Quiz Makers Don't Have to Be Complicated

A great quiz maker shouldn't complicate your teaching. Quizzes are powerful when they're easy to create and use. If the tool doesn't offer this, it's not the right choice.

Avoid standalone quiz builders that require manual integration. They're not ideal for learner engagement. Plus, they are time-consuming for your operators and instructors to use. Look for simple, impactful features that won't drain your time and energy. Consider something like Disco, where the quiz maker is already integrated into a complete learning platform. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to use the Disco platform.

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