Advanced Learning Suite

Easily build personalized & seamless learning journeys that drive results

Create transformative journeys with a suite that blends intuitive design with powerful learning functionalities.

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Disco's Advanced Learning Suite with features like course templates, curriculum builder, knowledge library, and more.
Disco's course templates – cohort-based course, self-paced course, learning circles, event series, and more.

Course Templates

Offer diverse learning experience for every type of learner

Use our pre-built templates to easily create self-paced courses and interactive cohort-based experienced or build learning products from scratch.

Customize the details of each course with ease, aligning seamlessly with your brand and goals.

Add apps and embeds into your courses, enhancing the learning experience with interactive tools and resources.

Curriculum builder

Design impactful and accessible learning journeys

Customizable Modules

Design a flexible learning journey with modules you can release instantly or schedule. Add in module and content prerequisites to tailor your learner’s progression.

DIsco's customizable modules with lessons, tasks, assignments, and quizzes

Live Events

Seamlessly integrate events into your modules, ensuring learners are always in sync with live sessions. Upload recordings to enable continued accessibility and learning.

Host and manage live virtual events and content on the Disco platform

Integrated Assessments

Incorporate quizzes, assignments, and tests to evaluate and reinforce learning.

Disco quizzes

Diverse Content Formats

Support various content formats – from videos to assignments to documents, ensuring engaging learning experiences.

Disco content formats like videos, text, assignments, document attachments, custom embeds and more.

Interactive Elements

Embed forums, chats, and enable commenting within the curriculum to promote discussion and peer interaction.

Community members connecting through Disco channels
Customizable course templates and dashboards

Create custom products and add apps to extend functionality

Design unique learning products tailored to your learners’ needs ensuring maximum engagement and retention.

Seamlessly integrate and add platform apps like feeds, collections, and content pages.

Easily integrate third-party tools with links and embeds, ensuring everything your learners’ need is accessible in one place.

Build a comprehensive and evergreen content library

Store and manage an extensive collection of multimedia resources from videos to documents, accessible anytime.

Organize content with tags and categories, making it effortless for learners to find relevant materials.

Update and refresh content in real-time, ensuring your library remains current and invaluable to your learners.

Disco content library for articles, guides, videos, and more.
Disco's Custom member onboarding

Leverage custom onboarding to deliver personalized learning

Effectively welcome learners into your community while ensuring every learner receives a seamless onboarding experience.

Customize onboarding journeys to capture unique learner profiles, interest, needs, and goals.

Use onboarding data to create relevant and personalized content recommendations and learning experiences based on individual learner preferences.

Track learner progress and engagement with reports

Monitor individual and cohort-wide progress, tracking modules started and completed to better understand and support your learners.

Gauge learner engagement by analyzing metrics such as assignments submissions, tasks completed, and comments counts.

Manage events by tracking both registration and attendance.

Track learner progress and engagement with daily activity reports, event attendance, and comment tracking

Join the world's top communities building with Disco.

Create groups and sub-groups

Create intimacy at scale by leveraging groups

Create custom groups based on interests, expertise, geography or learning stages to foster a sense of belonging.

Enable focused discussions and content sharing within groups, enhancing peer-to-peer learning.

“We are very happy with the Disco platform. It's extremely easy to use to configure programs. I love the responsiveness of the Disco team for support and I like the fact that they are grounded in community to share best practices so that we all succeed.”
Disco customer Altitude Accelerator

Hessie Jones

Innovations Manager, Altitude Accelerator

Build custom dashboards to enhance learning

Customize learner views with relevant content, assignments, and events, ensuring a seamless experience.

Integrate external tools and resources seamlessly, providing a one-stop hub for all learning essentials.

Custom dashboards
Import SCORM documents into Disco

Easily migrate SCORM files

Import SCORM documents directly into Disco, preserving interactive elements and structured content for a seamless transition.

Integrate external tools and resources seamlessly, providing a one-stop hub for all learning essentials.

Import SCORM documents directly into Disco, preserving interactive elements and structured content for a seamless transition.

The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Supercharge your community

The Learning Community Playbook delivers actionable insights, innovative frameworks, and valuable strategies to spark engagement, nurture growth, and foster deeper connections. Access this resource and start building a vibrant learning ecosystem today!

All Features

Discover everything you can do with Disco

Learning Tool Suite

Unlock the full potential of every learning journey with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Course Templates

Simplify your course creation with templates that cater to different learning styles.

Content Library

Create and organize a rich repository of content to support learners at every stage.

Custom Onboarding

Design tailored onboarding that engages members and informs program design.

Curriculum Builder

Design compelling learning paths with a versatile curriculum builder.

Learner Progress Reports

Monitor learner progress with detailed reports that track every milestone.

SCORM Support

Effortlessly import SCORM-compliant content.

Community & Engagement

Increase engagement with vibrant interaction and community tools.

Channels & DMs

Facilitate dynamic conversations with integrated DMs and channels.


Host and manage events that catalyze meaningful interactions.

Social Feeds

Create an immersive experiences with feeds that echo the vibrancy of your community.

Custom Profiles

Personalize the community experience with customizable member profiles.

Member Directory

Browse and connect with members through a comprehensive directory.

Slack Integration

Bridge communication by syncing Disco’s powerful tools with Slack.

Powerful AI and Productivity Tools

Maximize your productivity with intelligent AI support and powerful efficiency tools.

Disco AI

Your learning community sidekick to save you time and make engagement 10x easier.


Save time with automations that act on your set triggers.

Bulk Messaging

Communicate at scale with ease, reaching groups with targeted messages.

Course Cloning

Rapidly expand your offerings with course cloning, saving time and maintaining quality.

Groups & Sub-Groups

Manage community segments effectively with organized groups and subgroups.


Seamlessly connect the tools you use and love, enhancing your platform’s capabilities.

Accelerated Revenue Growth

Boost your bottom line with monetization and marketing tools.


Harness the power of recurring revenue by selling various membership tiers.

Learning Products

Build and sell a variety of learning experiences to unlock revenue streams.

Member Management

Use intuitive tools to manage member subscriptions, renewals, and user roles.

Insights & Analytics

Leverage detailed analytics to understand sales trends and member engagement.

Discount Codes

Attract new members and reward loyalty with discount codes.

Enterprise Features

Access advanced capabilities and unparalleled support for scalability.

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