Accelerated Revenue Growth

Scale your revenue with a platform that offers you flexibility to monetize and amplify your learning products

From start-up to scale-up, ensure consistent revenue growth with a platform designed to grow with you.

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Disco's revenue acceleration features like memberships, learning products, and insights & analytics dashboards
Selling diverse products like courses, event series, member circles, and more on Disco

Build and sell learning products, your way

Unleash a world of revenue opportunities with Disco. From a la carte offerings to memberships and hybrid models, build diverse learning products tailored to your learner’s needs and business goals.

Seamlessly design and sell a range of learning products, be it courses, events, or memberships, all in one place.

Scale your product offerings and expand your member base effortlessly, unlocking sustainable revenue growth and learner satisfaction.

Offer memberships to unlock reoccurring revenue

Unlock a consistent revenue stream and foster loyal, long-term relationships with your learners. With memberships, you can effortlessly deliver ongoing value to learners.

Create membership tiers tailored to different learner needs and budgets.

Easily add learning products to different membership plans.

Monthly and annual memberships and plans on Disco
Disco's self-paced and cohort-based courses

Sell one-off self-paced and cohort-based courses

Expand your market reach by selling both self-paced and cohort-based courses designed for different learning styles.

Allow learners to choose their own pace with self-guided courses or to engage in a structured, collaborative environment with cohort-based options.

Create a mix of course offerings to attract different types of learners, enhancing your ability to generate consistent and diversified revenue.

Gain actionable insights to inform your decisions

Harness the power of data with Disco's comprehensive analytics. Understand learner behavior, track product performance, and make informed decisions to propel your learning business forward.

Track individual and collective progress, pinpointing areas of high engagement or potential improvement.

Monitor your revenue streams, best-selling products, and uncover opportunities for growth.

Use data-driven insights to refine your content, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Disco analytics for tracking product performance, daily active users, member growth, and more

Join the world's top communities building with Disco.

Custom discount codes on the Disco platform

Boost sales with custom discount codes

Incentives potential learners and reward loyal members using custom discount codes. Create and manage promotional codes to drive sales.

Set discounts by percentage or fixed amounts, with set usage.

Monitor discount code usage to understand their effectiveness and refine future promotions.

Encourage repeat business and referrals by offering special discounts to dedicated members.

“We are very happy with the Disco platform. It's extremely easy to use to configure programs. I love the responsiveness of the Disco team for support and I like the fact that they are grounded in community to share best practices so that we all succeed.”
Disco customer Altitude Accelerator

Hessie Jones

Innovations Manager, Altitude Accelerator

Explore advanced enterprise features

Amplify your offerings with Disco's enterprise-specific features.

SCORM & API Capabilities: Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to integrate and implement as your enterprise demands.

Exclusive Client Services: Access premium support and services, tailored for enterprise needs.

Scalability: As your enterprise grows, Disco grows with you, ensuring no compromises on performance or features.

Disco enterprise features like SCORM and API
DIsco member management with custom roles, groups, sub-groups, and more.

Easily manage members as you scale

Simplify your member management with intuitive tools designed to keep you in the loop and in control. From grouping members to assigning roles, Disco streamlines your operations and make it easy for you to scale your team and member base.

Efficiently organize your team and learners by designating roles and permissions. 

Save time by performing batch operations, be it inviting, assigning, or managing multiple members simultaneously.

Easily segment members into groups for more targeted content delivery and communication.

The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Supercharge your community

The Learning Community Playbook delivers actionable insights, innovative frameworks, and valuable strategies to spark engagement, nurture growth, and foster deeper connections. Access this resource and start building a vibrant learning ecosystem today!

All Features

Discover everything you can do with Disco

Learning Tool Suite

Unlock the full potential of every learning journey with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Course Templates

Simplify your course creation with templates that cater to different learning styles.

Content Library

Create and organize a rich repository of content to support learners at every stage.

Custom Onboarding

Design tailored onboarding that engages members and informs program design.

Curriculum Builder

Design compelling learning paths with a versatile curriculum builder.

Learner Progress Reports

Monitor learner progress with detailed reports that track every milestone.

SCORM Support

Effortlessly import SCORM-compliant content.

Community & Engagement

Increase engagement with vibrant interaction and community tools.

Channels & DMs

Facilitate dynamic conversations with integrated DMs and channels.


Host and manage events that catalyze meaningful interactions.

Social Feeds

Create an immersive experiences with feeds that echo the vibrancy of your community.

Custom Profiles

Personalize the community experience with customizable member profiles.

Member Directory

Browse and connect with members through a comprehensive directory.

Slack Integration

Bridge communication by syncing Disco’s powerful tools with Slack.

Powerful AI and Productivity Tools

Maximize your productivity with intelligent AI support and powerful efficiency tools.

Disco AI

Your learning community sidekick to save you time and make engagement 10x easier.


Save time with automations that act on your set triggers.

Bulk Messaging

Communicate at scale with ease, reaching groups with targeted messages.

Course Cloning

Rapidly expand your offerings with course cloning, saving time and maintaining quality.

Groups & Sub-Groups

Manage community segments effectively with organized groups and subgroups.


Seamlessly connect the tools you use and love, enhancing your platform’s capabilities.

Accelerated Revenue Growth

Boost your bottom line with monetization and marketing tools.


Harness the power of recurring revenue by selling various membership tiers.

Learning Products

Build and sell a variety of learning experiences to unlock revenue streams.

Member Management

Use intuitive tools to manage member subscriptions, renewals, and user roles.

Insights & Analytics

Leverage detailed analytics to understand sales trends and member engagement.

Discount Codes

Attract new members and reward loyalty with discount codes.

Enterprise Features

Access advanced capabilities and unparalleled support for scalability.

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