Introducing New Disco Roles

Launched on
August 15, 2023

Introducing our latest feature, Disco Roles, where community and product admins now have the enhanced capability to fine-tune member roles and permissions within their communities and products. With Disco Roles, admins now have access to an updated admin console that describes and helps assign these roles. 

These community-level and product-level roles offer the same ease and familiarity of previous features, but better! For clarity, 'Owner' now means "Community Admin", 'Manager' is the former "Product Admin", and the 'Member' role is unchanged.

We’ve made assigning roles is a carefree process. Head over to your admin dashboard and access the new Roles page under Members. Here, you'll be guided to choose between community-level roles or product-level roles, and every member will have the most appropriate set of permissions.

Enjoy a clearer, more streamlined experience, ensuring your community or product thrives with the right people in the right roles.

With Disco Roles, you can:

  • Assign members to specific roles with just one click. Choose from Owner, Admin, or Member for community-level roles or select Manager, Instructor, or Member for product-level roles.
  • Invite new members easily by simply using the dropdown in the 'invite to community' modal or the Assign tab in the role's drawer. This helps make sure that every invitee is onboarded with the correct permissions from the start.
  • The new community Admin role has all of the permissions of an Owner, but they won’t handle billing or Stripe details.
  • The new 'Instructor' role allows event and content management, including posting in admin-only feeds and overseeing learner progress. However, they can't adjust product settings, pricing, apps, or publish/delete the product.

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