Introducing Global Search

Launched on
September 28, 2023

Introducing our latest feature, Global Search, which elevates your community browsing experience to a new level. This new feature works as a useful tool for you to elevate your ability to navigate and discover within your community. 

With Global Search, you can now explore in a variety of ways:

  • Products: Search by name and description.
  • Content: Search by name and description, and even view all instances where the content is used.
  • Events: Search by name and description, and view all occurrences of a recurring event.
  • Member: Search by name, company name, and any other details that are publicly shared under their member profile.

Note on Permissions: Permissions should be consistent with roles, and users will only see entities and fields they have access to. For example, if an event is targeted to a group they’re not part of, it won't show up in their search results.

This feature enhances your ability to navigate and discover within your community. Let us know what you think!

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