Introducing In-Person Events

Launched on
January 23, 2024

With our latest feature, In-Person Events, you can seamlessly connect the gap between virtual and physical spaces. This innovative update will help you streamline the way you organize and manage attendance for your community’s in-person events. Get ready to enhance community bonds and create memorable, real-world experiences for your members.

With In-Person Events, you can:

  • Transform virtual connections into real-world experiences by using the new feature to create events with physical addresses.
  • Simplify the RSVP process for your members, as they can RSVP to these In-Person events just as easily as they would for virtual ones, ensuring a smooth transition for those eager to join real-life gatherings.
  • Effortlessly find and suggest event locations, thanks to our integration with Google Maps. This feature allows operators to search for specific addresses or explore points of interest, ensuring the ideal venue for every event.
  • Seamlessly integrate event details into attendees' calendars. The physical address of your event is automatically included in the ICS file sent to learners, making it easier than ever for participants to stay organized and informed.
  • Keep your members updated on any address changes as with any event location change, we’ll send an immediate email update to all those who have RSVP'd, keeping everyone in the loop and well-informed.

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