11 Instructional Design Courses in 2024: Boost Your Learning Design Skills

Embark on a journey to professional excellence with 2024's leading instructional design courses. Our comprehensive guide will help you choose the right course to enhance your skills and transform your career in learning design.

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Are you passionate about creating engaging and transformative learning experiences? Do you aspire to become an instructional design professional?

Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top instructional design courses to boost your learning design skills and advance your career.

With a variety of free and paid instructional design courses, as well as certificate programs and master’s degrees, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to embark on a learning journey that will accelerate your skills and open doors to new opportunities! Let's go through the following together:

  • Explore top-notch free and paid instructional design courses, certificate courses, and master's programs from renowned institutions and course providers to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in instructional design.
  • Equip yourself with the essential tools & resources to be successful in the field. With Disco's learning platform and Disco's learning community, Thrive, you are fully equipped to take this exciting journey of becoming an Instructional Design Professional.

Best Free Instructional Design Courses

Instructional design is a highly sought-after skill in today’s rapidly evolving world of online education. To kickstart your journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best free instructional design courses available today.

These will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to thrive in this industry. Offered by the finest institutions, these courses cover a wide range of instructional theories, enabling you to create collaborative learning experiences for students.

1. "The AI Game-Changer for L&D" by Uplimit

The AI Game-Changer for L&D is a groundbreaking free course that explores the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in Learning and Development (L&D). You'll learn a comprehensive introduction to AI, including its history, evolution, and its implications in the field of mgL&D.

Screenshot of The AI Game-Changer for L&D by Uplimit

It emphasizes the practical applications of AI in instructional design, offering insights into how AI can enhance learning experiences, improve engagement, and optimize learning outcomes. The course also explores the ethical considerations of using AI in L&D, ensuring learners are equipped to navigate potential challenges and controversies.

This course is an excellent resource for instructional designers, educators, and anyone interested in leveraging AI to revolutionize learning experiences.

2. Free Online Instructional Design Courses by Alison

If you're on the hunt for an accessible, free course to start your journey in instructional design, Alison's Instructional Design course could be your perfect match.

Alison's free Instructional Design courses are a comprehensive online program that immerses you in the instructional design realm. It provides an in-depth understanding of the crucial theories and principles that form the backbone of effective learning experiences.

Screenshot of Alison's Free Online Instructional Design Courses page

The program comprises seven different courses, each focusing on unique aspects of instructional design principles, eLearning theories, and the art of teaching. These are the key competencies that will help you enhance your instructional design career. Once you complete the program, you will have a robust foundation in instructional design, and you will receive an online certificate accredited by CPD.

3. "Online Learning Design for Educators" by Coursera

Coursera offers a highly specialized free online course entitled Online Learning Design for Educators. This course is ideal for educators who are looking to transition their teaching skills to an online environment, divided into three main sections that tackle the foundations of online teaching, creating online content, and using digital tools for online teaching.

Screenshot of Coursera's Online Learning Design for Educators Specialization course page

4. Coursera's "Learning to Teach Online" course

Explore the realm of educational technology and online teaching strategies through Coursera’s Learning to Teach Online course, an excellent resource for educators aiming to adapt their teaching skills to an online environment.

Screenshot of Coursera's Learning to Teach Online course page

This comprehensive course equips participants with strategies for creating engaging online content and utilizing digital tools effectively for online teaching. It also offers a professional graduate certificate for an additional fee, providing a valuable addition to your resume.

5. Learning Design Basics: Pedagogy into Practice by OpenLearning

If you’re keen on mastering effective learning design principles, OpenLearning’s Learning Design Basics course serves as an excellent launchpad.

Screenshot of OpenLearning's Learning Design Basics courses page

With a focus on various teaching formats, including face-to-face, online, and blended learning, this free course will equip you with the know-how to create captivating learning experiences.

Top Paid Instructional Design Courses

Should you be prepared to further your instructional design skills and crave a more thorough learning experience, you might consider enrolling in a premium instructional design course.

These courses offer in-depth knowledge and practical experience that will enhance your instructional design expertise. From eLearning design to instructional design academies, there are a variety of options to choose from based on your needs and budget.

6. "Instructional Design using ChatGPT Prompt Writer" by Udemy

This course by Udemy is a unique offering that blends instructional design with AI. It provides learners with valuable insights into using ChatGPT to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

This course is a great asset for educators looking to leverage AI in their instructional design process. By taking this ID using the ChatGPT Prompt Writer course, you'll gain an understanding of how AI can be used to personalize and enhance learning experiences.

Screenshot of Udemy's Course Design 101 Instructional Design course page

Also, it will guide you through the process of integrating AI into your instructional design process, providing you with practical examples and case studies. So, if you're an educator who wants to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of AI in your work, this course is a must-try.

Pricing: $10

7. "Introduction to Instructional Design" by Harvard University

Screenshot of Harvard University's Introduction to Instructional Design course page

Harvard University’s Introduction to Instructional Design course offers a project-based approach to learning instructional design theories and frameworks. This prestigious course, priced at $3,220, will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create effective learning experiences in both formal and informal settings.

With a focus on pedagogy and learning outcomes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an instructional design pro by following the instructional design process.

Pricing: $3,220

Best Certificate Programs in Instructional Design

Aspiring to escalate your career? Enrolling in a top-tier instructional design certificate program could be an excellent move. These programs offer a more structured learning path and an official certificate upon completion, significantly boosting your job prospects.

From Georgetown University to the University of Wisconsin-Stout, these programs provide comprehensive coverage of instructional design skills that will make you an attractive candidate in the job market.

8. "Online Certificate in Instructional Design" by Georgetown University

Emphasizing social impact and mission-driven organizations, Georgetown University’s Online Certificate in Instructional Design is a 4-month program that teaches the essentials of e-learning and the tools necessary for developing courses and programs.

As a technology graduate certificate, it ensures that students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in instructional design.

Screenshot of Georgetown University's Online Certificate in Instructional Design course page

Priced at USD 4,990, this program offers an excellent opportunity to gain expertise in e-learning instructional design and make a difference in the world of education.

9. "Instructional Design Certificate" by University of Wisconsin-Stout

The University of Wisconsin-Stout offers a 4-online course program that focuses on instructional design, content development, and project management.

Screenshot of University of Wisonson-Stout's Intructional Design Certificate page

Priced at $5,712, this program delves into topics such as learning theory, computer-based training, video production, and analytics. With a duration of 9 months, you’ll have ample time to master the skills needed to succeed in the instructional design field.

Top Master's Degrees for Instructional Designers

Aiming for a holistic learning experience? A master’s degree in instructional design might be worth considering. These programs offer in-depth knowledge and practical experience, preparing you for a successful career in the instructional design field.

10. "Instructional Design and Technology" MicroMasters Program by EdX

EdX offers an innovative MicroMasters Program in Instructional Design and Technology. This program is a collaboration between the University System of Maryland (USMX) and the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC).

Screenshot of EdX's Instructional Design and Technology course page

The program is divided into four graduate-level courses, each lasting about ten weeks. Upon completion, students will have a robust understanding of the instructional design process, be able to create engaging and effective learning experiences and utilize technology to enhance learning outcomes.

The MicroMasters program also provides a pathway to credit in a full Master's program at UMGC. So, if you're seeking a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable learning experience in instructional design, this MicroMasters definitely worth considering.

11. "Master of Professional Studies in Learning Experience Design and Technology" by Northeastern University

Northeastern University’s Master of Professional Studies in Learning Experience Design and Technology is a cutting-edge program that equips students with the skills to design, develop, and implement effective and innovative learning experiences.

Screenshot of Northeastern University's Learning Experience Design and Technology course page

This online master's program is designed for professionals who are passionate about improving the learning experience through technology. It focuses on the latest trends and technologies in the field, providing students with a deep understanding of learning theories, design processes, and technologies that can enhance learning.

Upon completion, graduates will be equipped with the skills to design and implement effective learning experiences in a variety of settings, from K-12 and higher education to corporate and non-profit environments.

Tuition cost: USD 38,000

Tips on Choosing the Right Instructional Design Course

Selecting the right instructional design course involves considering your career aspirations, budget, and how you prefer to learn. Ensure to evaluate the comprehensive coverage of ID skills, portfolio creation, and job outcomes when assessing different courses.

Remember, investing in a quality course or degree program can be truly beneficial in becoming a highly skilled specialist in instructional design. Ultimately, the right course for you will depend on your individual needs and aspirations.

Disco: The Essential Learning Platform & Community for Every Instructional Designer

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In summary, Additionally, having a strong foundation in these tools and resources, as well as the conceptual and theoretical foundations, will ensure you’re fully prepared to excel in the instructional design field. Don't forget to consider your career goals, budget, and learning preferences when selecting the right course. The world of instructional design awaits – take the first step today and make a lasting impact on the learning experiences of others.

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