Disco Named to Top 20 Startups in Canada by CIX

Disco has been named a 'Top 20' company by CIX for 2021
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We're excited to share some big news!

Disco has been named a 'Top 20' company by CIX for 2021 🎉

We are thrilled to be recognized alongside an incredible class of Canada’s fastest growing startups. But, more importantly, we can't stop smiling because of what this validation means for creators and the future of live learning.

"Our mission is to help creators build a live learning empire," says Candice Faktor, co-founder at Disco. “By building a platform that easily brings all the tools under one roof, we’re allowing creators to build, sell and scale live learning experiences, so they can focus back on what they do best: teaching!” - adds Chris Sukornyk, co-founder at Disco.  

We've experienced tremendous growth over the past year. Since raising our $5MM seed round, we've added major customers to the platform including Makerpad ( the top online community for no-code education), Adam Davidson (Author of The Passion Economy), and Graham Hill (Carbonauts) to name a few and rapidly scaled our team to 14 people. Most recently, we launched the Disco accelerator to help 20 exceptional creators scale their live learning empires.

“Disco has solved our problem of mixing many tools to run our cohorts. That’s a common theme in the no-code world, people use many tools when one would do" - Amie Pollack, Head of Educational Content at Makerpad.

And, the best part: this is just the beginning!

We're on the lookout for incredible people to join us as we scale our team. Working at Disco isn't just about the usual amazing perks, it’s about re-imagining the future of learning and helping creators build their live learning empires. If this sounds up your alley, now’s the time to come join us and be part of the Disco story. We’re hiring and we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested.

P.S. If you're a thought-leader, creator, or education-focused community and want to start using Disco to build your live learning empire, you can sign up here!

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