Channels, Feeds & Messaging

Powerful Community Engagement Tools for Your Learning Community

Tools to engage members and increase retention within your learning community
Channels, posts, resources, and events on the Disco platform
Messaging and channels on the Disco platform
Application System

Add multiple channels with threaded conversations

Make it easy for members to discover new content and engage in discussions to reflect on their learnings.

Payments & Registration

Host community events

Connect Zoom and engage your community through live lessons, activities and discussions.

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Zoom integration on the Disco platform
Feeds and commenting on the Disco platform
Onboarding tasks

Organize your community posts with multiple feeds

Create feeds for different topics, groups and learning experiences and keep everything organized.

Messaging & Channels

Host a library of resources

Host a library of resources, including PDFs, docs and external web pages, to help your community grow.

Resource library with PDFs, docs, and external web pages on the Disco platform
Messaging on the Disco platform
Event Management

Connect your community members with messaging

Empower members to connect with direct messaging to solve problems and support one another.

“Disco is the platform I have been looking for to make it easy to have everything in one place — both for my team and for our learners. I am excited to scale my cohort-based course into a full-blown learning community that has a huge impact on the world.”

Graham Hill, Founder, Carbonauts
Graham Hill
Founder, The Carbonauts