Manage payments and registration for your learning community

Integrated features, all in one place, to save hours of operational busywork.

Manage payments and course registration with Disco's community management tools
Easily accept course payments with Disco's Stripe integration

Take payments with Stripe

Accept payments for each learning experience with our built-in Stripe integration on registration pages.

Manage applications

Create a set of custom questions to bring the right people into your learning community.

Create and manage course applications with custom questions and tasks
Create tasks for members to complete before joining a course with Disco's course onboarding features

Seamless learner onboarding

Prepare members for success before the learning experience starts with onboarding tasks.

Create discount codes

Offer discounts and incentives that turn members into advocates, bringing in new business.

Offer discounts and incentives for your learning community and experiences
Simplify operations and enhance efficiency by connection with industry-leading apps like Slack, Zapier, Zoom, Stripe and more.

Advanced integrations

Connect your learning community to hundreds of integrations, including Zoom, Stripe, Zapier and Slack.

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