Introducing Disco 2.5: Your Ultimate Learning Platform

Introducing Disco 2.5, the ultimate platform to build and grow your community-powered learning business.

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When we set out to develop Disco 2.5, we imagined building a product that could transform the way entrepreneurs, organizations, and experts build, operate, and scale the learning communities of the future.

We’re thrilled about Disco 2.5 because it puts this vision into your hands. It's the world’s most modern platform for learning together. Whether you're facilitating project-based bootcamps, nurturing peer-group circles, delivering cohort-based courses, or offering 1-on-1 mentorship, Disco ties it all together into one seamless experience.

We know the time, energy, and resources that go into building and scaling a thriving learning community, and we're here to ease that load. Our suite of new features reduces your operational workload and automates the tedious stuff, so you can focus on supporting your members and celebrating their transformations.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Disco 2.5

Unleash efficiency with powerful automation and productivity tools

Break free from the cycle of repetitive tasks with Disco 2.5's dynamic automation features. Be it timely reminders, important updates, or content delivery triggered by specific actions or dates, we've got you covered. Save hundreds of hours by streamlining operations, automating new member onboarding, and more. Disco 2.5 lets you focus on the uniquely human tasks, propelling your learning community's growth while giving back your precious time. Learn more ->

Automations on the Disco platform with triggers and actions

Welcome your new ally: Disco’s AI-powered Co-Pilot

Human tasks deserve human focus. That's where Disco's Co-Pilot comes in. This AI-powered assistant is primed to elevate your learning community by managing repetitive inquiries so you don't have to. Review, edit, and approve Co-Pilot's responses, choosing when and how to share them. With Disco's Co-Pilot, stop answering repetitive member questions and shift your focus to supporting your member’s growth. Learn more ->

Disco AI Co-Pilot suggested response to member questions in Slack

Create and monetize diverse learning products

Your vision, your rules. Disco 2.5 offers a robust toolkit for creating and selling a diverse range of learning products. Whether it's immersive courses, peer-group circles, or project-based programs, you're only limited by your imagination. With our intuitive platform, crafting and delivering transformative learning experiences tailored to your community’s needs has never been easier. Learn more ->

Learning products on the Disco platform such as Cohort-Based Courses, Members Space, Event Series, Resource Libraries, and more.

Drive engagement with actionable insights & analytics

Empower your community strategy with data. With Disco 2.5's advanced reporting and analytics, gain a deeper understanding of your members' needs, goals, and activity. Track progress and engagement in real-time, making data-driven decisions that foster deep connections and deliver transformative outcomes. Disco 2.5 doesn't just provide data; it offers a wealth of insights that drive member success. Learn more ->

Disco's Admin Dashboard with analytics like total members, earned revenue, weekly active users, and more.

Seamless collaboration with advanced Slack integration

Harness the power of seamless integration with Disco 2.5's advanced Slack compatibility. Manage your learning community right within your Slack workspace, coordinating activities, sparking discussions, and ensuring constant engagement. There's no need to move your community from Slack—Disco 2.5 integrates effortlessly, allowing you to manage everything from the platform your community already knows and trusts. You're not just cultivating a vibrant learning environment, but providing a familiar and seamless experience. Learn more ->

Disco Slack integration

Foster connections with effortless member management

Members make your community thrive. With Disco 2.5's exceptional member management capabilities, nurture these vital connections at scale. Filter members, create interest-based groups and sub-groups, and deliver personalized learning experiences that resonate. This flexible, tailored approach fosters a sense of belonging, enhancing engagement and encouraging active participation across your learning community.

Member subgroups on the Disco platform
Supercharge Your Learning Community

A step-by-step guide to build and grow a thriving learning community.

The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

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Begin a free 14-day trial of our comprehensive Organization plan and discover firsthand how Disco can simplify your operations, wow your members, and amplify your learning community’s growth. Join us in shaping the future of learning, together. 

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

Supercharge your community

The Learning Community Playbook delivers actionable insights, innovative frameworks, and valuable strategies to spark engagement, nurture growth, and foster deeper connections. Access this resource and start building a vibrant learning ecosystem today!

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