Amplify your impact, operate with ease, and scale your effort

Streamline your community management with our suite of automations and productivity tools.

Harness the power of efficiency with Disco

From event management to seamless automations, Disco is your secret weapon for operating and scaling your learning community with ease.

Personalize your onboarding experience with action-triggered automations

Craft warm welcomes and seamless onboarding journeys for newcomers with Disco's automations.

Set automatic actions when someone joins your community or a learning experience

Foster immediate participation and engagement in your community by sending automated welcome DMs in Slack

Leverage your AI powered co-pilot

Harness the power of AI to enhance member support and responsiveness.

AI co-pilot learns from previous answers and training content to provide smart responses

Quickly address member questions and requests in Slack

Save time and improve community satisfaction by resolving issues efficiently

Disco's AI powered Co-Pilot enhances member support and responsiveness.
“Disco is the most thoughtful, creative, and well designed LMSs on the market. It is the only product we’ve found that tackles four use cases: one-off events, live cohorts, self-paced courses and community hot spot.”
Disco customer Irrational Labs

Ryan Goble

Chief Learning Officer, Irrational Labs

Manage virtual events on the Disco platform

Simplify your event logistics

Say goodbye to manual tracking and scheduling headaches with Disco's comprehensive event management tool.

Schedule and manage your events directly on the platform, maintaining a clear overview of all upcoming activities.

Ensure smooth registration and attendance tracking, keeping you informed and your learners engaged.

Set automated event reminders, reducing no-shows and enhancing member participation.

Replicate success effortlessly with product duplication

No need to build from scratch each time you are offering a new learning product or running a new cohort.

Duplicate successful courses or templates to create new offerings or cohorts with a couple of clicks

Maintain consistency and quality across your learning experiences with easy replication of course structure and content

Choose specific parts of a learning product you want to replicate, ensuring each new offering remains unique and relevant to its intended audience

Save time launching courses and learning experiences with course duplication

Stay on point with time and action-triggered automations

Never miss a beat with Disco's timely automations, ensuring critical tasks are executed at the right moment.

Set automations to be triggered at a specific date/time, perfect for reminders, updates, or timely content

Improve efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks, and save 100s of hours

Leverage and export data with ease

Empower your decision-making with easy-to-access data, exportable with a single click.

Export CSV files easily, offering you access to raw data for deeper analysis

Make data-driven decisions to enhance your learning community's performance

Leverage your data for external uses or integration with other tools for extended analysis or action

Member progress reports on the Disco platform showcasing curriculum completion, event attendance, and comments

How YSpace is democratizing entrepreneurship at a global scale

Disco customer YSpace's learning community built on the Disco platform

Create exclusive member spaces as a virtual place to gather and grow

Enhance your learning community's value with exclusive areas for members to connect, collaborate, and learn.

Customize products and spaces with modular blocks
Exclusive Spaces

Create distinct spaces for different member tiers, cohorts, or topics of interest

Member Engagement

Facilitate member-led discussions, peer support, and idea exchange directly in Slack or in Disco’s own channels

Community Connection

Enhance your community's sense of exclusivity and belonging

“Disco has allowed us to scale our programming seamlessly with their highly intuitive platform, and an excellent support staff working with us through all of our needs. I would absolutely recommend to everyone!”
Disco customer YSpace

Nafis Ahmed

Entrepreneurship Manager, YSpace

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