Save time answering member questions using the power of AI

An AI-powered system designed to help you rapidly respond to member questions in your community.

Disco AI Co-Pilot in Slack answering member questions

How it works

Integrate Disco Co-Pilot effortlessly with your Slack workspace, and guide it seamlessly to dedicated Q&A channels. This ensures precise monitoring and streamlined support, delivering timely, targeted assistance to your members.


Delegate channels to Co-Pilot

Your learning platform, community platform and more, integrated into a single easy-to-use solution. Save hours Assign specific channels to Co-Pilot and let it monitor all incoming member queries. Co-Pilot intelligently learns how to respond based on historical answers, optimizing its efficiency over time. a vibrant and successful learning community.

Connecting Slack channels to AI Co-Pilot in the Disco platform


AI-powered answer drafting

Co-Pilot automatically generates suggested responses for admins, saving time and providing a starting point for your interactions.

Disco Co-Pilot auto-generated suggest response to customer questions


Swift member response

Leverage Co-Pilot's suggested responses for a quick and efficient way to answer your members. Simply copy, review, paste, and you're done!

Coming soon – automatic responses!

Relaying co-pilot suggested response to member in Slack

Save time,
operate with ease

Your learning platform, community platform and more, integrated into a single easy-to-use solution. Save hours operating a vibrant and successful learning community.

Save time operating your learning community on the Disco platform

Deliver an exceptional learning experience

Create a branded space for collaborative learning. Build the perfect curriculum. Organize members in group, monitor community engagement, and track learner progress.

Deliver an excepetional learning experience on the Disco platform

Unlock monetization opportunities

From discounts and referrals, to payments, to the templates for creating exactly the right learning experience, Disco provides everything you need to monetize your learning community.

Monetize your learning community on the Disco platform
Disco Customer, Alex, Head of Growth, The Commons
Not only does Disco Co-Pilot flag messages to our team so that they don’t get missed, but it also creates a suggested response using our own community data - ensuring our responses are easy to send off, and hyper-tailored and actually useful to members.

Alexandra Palmer

Head of Growth, The Commons

Effortlessly connect and monitor Slack channels

Connect your Slack workspace to Disco Co-Pilot and seamlessly direct it to specific Q&A channels, ensuring targeted monitoring and support for your members.

Connect Slack channels to Disco AI Co-Pilot
Disco AI CO-Pilot learning and adapting knowledge base

Unleash the power of a self-adapting AI knowledge base

Co-Pilot intelligently trains itself using prior responses in Slack, while allowing for additional training content like manuals or lessons to be uploaded, ensuring a comprehensive and evolving knowledge base.

Customize Co-Pilot language and responses to member questions

Access smart, customizable responses

Use Co-Pilot to create intelligent, customizable responses for member questions, allowing you to edit, set delays, or instantly post answers.

Disco and Slack logos

Requirements for using co-pilot

A Disco Community
A Slack Workspace

Your top AI Co-Pilot questions, answered

What is Disco?

Disco is an all-in-one platform for your learning community. Whether you’re offering online courses, a mastermind, or employee training, Disco has all the learning and community features to deliver an incredible experience. Learn about us!

Why the name “Disco”?

“Disco” means “I learn” in Latin! Plus, we make learning fun, social and vibrant. Learn more about us ->

What is a learning community?

A learning community is a purpose-built space focused on bringing people together to engage around powerful learning experiences. In the past, people learned passively through pre-recorded materials and from a single teacher. Today, and in the future, people learn best with each other: interacting, exchanging ideas, and building their network. Read our manifesto ->

Can I watch a demo of the platform?

Of course! You can check out a video tour to experience Disco's powerful community and learning features.

Do I own my community?

100%! You own your business and customers. Unlike online course marketplaces or social media platforms, with Disco you own the customer relationship, and you control how you build, market, and monetize your learning community.

How easy is switching to Disco?

If you already are using a learning or community platform like Circle, Mighty Networks, Teachable, Kajabi, or Facebook groups you can easily import lists and content for a head start on the Disco platform. Learn more about migration ->

What is Disco’s pricing model?

Try out Disco for free with a 14-day trial and select from monthly and annual plans to meet your learning community's needs. Learn more ->

Get started with Disco today!

Disco the purpose-built operating system for learning communities

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