Absorb LMS Reviews for Learning Organizations and L&D Teams (2024)

Are you struggling to decide if Absorb LMS is the right fit for your learning organization? Look no further! This article provides detailed Absorb LMS reviews and insights into whether it is the ideal learning platform for your needs. We’ll dive deep into its features, benefits, and limitations to help you make an informed decision.
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Are you struggling to decide if Absorb LMS is the right fit for your learning organization? Look no further! This article provides detailed Absorb LMS reviews and insights into whether it is the ideal learning platform for your needs. We’ll dive deep into its features, benefits, and limitations to help you make an informed decision.

What we will discover together:

  • Absorb LMS is a learning management system that facilitates and manages employee, partner, and customer training. Let’s look at the advantages of using Absorb, who it is for, how you can use it, and what Absorb's rating is when we talk about learning management systems.
  • We will also explore some of the limitations of Absorb LMS, such as its outdated user experience and limited monetization tools, which may impact its suitability for your learning organization.
  • Additionally, we introduce Disco, the #1 alternative platform to Absorb LMS for users who need to improve in the modern learning experience. Top organizations highly recommend Disco due to its modern design, robust monetization options, AI-powered curriculum builder, seamless customization, and mobile accessibility, providing a comprehensive and innovative learning experience for L&D teams.

What is Absorb LMS Learning Management System?

In simplest terms, Absorb LMS simplifies learning with its AI-powered learning management system ideal for corporate academies, training providers, customer training programs, and channel partners.

Absorb LMS, a platform under Absorb Software that also offers Absorb Infuse, excels in compliance training–a critical area for many enterprises, and allows for extensive content customization and creating engaging learning experiences for both internal employees and external partners.

Absorb LMS reviews

Absorb Create significantly enhances content customization and development, making it easier to tailor learning materials to specific needs. Meanwhile, Absorb Academy serves as a customer community that helps users how to navigate the platform by watching short tutorials and other educational resources. Lastly, Absorb Analyze offers a robust reporting platform with tons of data visualization options, allowing users to heavily utilize it for reporting and data visualization.

These features make Absorb a robust choice for enterprises seeking a comprehensive and scalable LMS solution for their internal training efforts.

Despite these strengths, Absorb LMS falls short when it comes to delivering a modern learning experience with contemporary design and tools. The Absorb software is specifically built for internal enterprise training, which results in limited monetization tools for external learning products and training.

A great contender is Disco, a modern learning platform equipped with cutting-edge technology designed to build modern learning experiences for employees and stakeholders. Disco offers several innovative tools that will help you scale both your internal and external training programs.

Absorb LMS Reviews: Strengths

Diving deeper into reviewing Absorb LMS, it is a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of use cases, making it a robust solution for various internal training needs. It excels in compliance training, learner motivation, upskilling and reskilling, productivity enhancement, and extended enterprise LMS.

Supports Employee Onboarding and Development

The platform supports employee onboarding and development, sales training, mobile learning, partner and customer training programs, and internal employee training, providing a feasible training solution for companies of all sizes.

This broad applicability ensures that Absorb LMS can effectively address the diverse training requirements of modern learning organizations. Additionally, its intuitive content creation tools make it easy to design engaging learning materials with minimal effort.

Customizable Content and Comprehensive Integrations

One of the standout features of Absorb LMS is its ability to customize content extensively, allowing organizations to tailor their training programs to meet specific needs.

This flexibility makes it an attractive option for companies looking to create engaging and personalized learning experiences. Absorb LMS supports the use of learning objects in course assembly and creation, enabling the division of courses into units made up of lessons.

Moreover, Absorb LMS’s integration capabilities with various third-party applications and tools further enhance its functionality, making it a comprehensive solution for modern enterprises. Whether it’s integrating with HR systems, CRM tools, or other business applications, Absorb LMS ensures a seamless and cohesive learning environment.

High Ratings and Numerous Awards

Absorb LMS has consistently received high ratings and numerous awards from prominent product review sites over the years. It maintains a consistent 4.5/5 rating on platforms such as GetApp, Capterra, and G2. This high level of customer satisfaction underscores its reliability and effectiveness as a learning management system.

In summary, Absorb LMS stands out for its versatility, high customer satisfaction, and robust customization and integration capabilities, making it a top choice for organizations seeking a reliable and effective learning management system.

Absorb LMS Reviews: Limitations

While Absorb LMS offers a range of robust features, there are some limitations to consider that may impact its suitability for your organization:

Outdated User Experience and Design

Absorb LMS is one of the pioneers in the LMS industry, and its user experience and design can still feel traditional and outdated. Good visuals are crucial for increasing learning engagement and participation in today's digital age. An easy-to-use learning platform saves both learning operators and instructors time and energy, making navigation a breeze.

The same goes for learners, who can effortlessly progress through their activities and enjoy a more engaging experience with a modern learning platform. Additionally, managing blended learning within Absorb LMS can be challenging, highlighting the need for improvements in this aspect of the Absorb software.

Limited Monetization Tools

Absorb LMS software focuses on internal L&D use cases, offering limited flexibility and options to monetize internal employee training. Learning organizations that provide memberships for external members may not find Absorb the best fit and may need to handle payment collection outside the platform, adding additional costs and complications to their operations.

Complex Backend Management

Managing content and users on Absorb LMS can be cumbersome due to its complex backend system. This can lead to inefficiencies and increased administrative workload, which may not be ideal for organizations looking for a streamlined and user-friendly LMS.

Poor Mobile Experience

Absorb LMS offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android, making learning accessible to users on the go. However, the mobile experience has been rated poorly by users, with an average rating as low as 2.7 out of 5. Users have reported multiple issues, including problems with video playback and screen design, indicating that the mobile app is not user-friendly.

These shortcomings significantly detract from the overall learning experience, making it less effective for mobile users.

Minimal Customer Support

Despite Absorb LMS's strong reputation for ratings and awards, some customers have reported dissatisfaction with their customer support. Specifically, users have noted that response times can be slow, often taking several days to address and resolve issues.

In summary, while Absorb LMS excels in compliance training and content customization, its outdated user experience, limited monetization options, complex backend management, poor mobile experience, and minimal customer support may make it less suitable for some organizations. Those seeking a more modern and flexible platform with robust monetization options may need to consider alternatives.

5 Features to Look For When Choosing an Absorb LMS Alternative

Key Feature #1: Modern Design, User Experience & Intuitive Content Creation Tools

When it comes to online learning, it’s challenging for instructors and learning operators to retain the focus and engagement of their participants due to several distractions in their physical environment. That’s why when the user design and experience of the platform is smooth, modern, and innovative, built purposely for learner engagement, it takes little effort to keep the learners engaged.

Modern design also helps in creating engaging learning materials that enhance the learning experience for students.

When choosing an Absorb LMS alternative, it’s essential to select a modern learning management system that can capture the interest of your learners and maintain their focus. With Disco’s user interface, you can ensure smooth, seamless, and effortless navigation for both instructors and employees, making the learning experience fun, social, and modern.

At Disco, we recently released our new nav bar for Disco 3.0, and here’s a sneak peek:

Key Feature #2: AI-Powered Tools for Social Learning Experience

When it comes to AI-first learning management systems, you should consider AI-powered tools that make learning more social and collaborative. We all know that in online training, the biggest hindrance for learning designers is making the training more collaborative and interactive.

Doing so requires tons of manual work from the L&D teams just to manage a successful collaborative learning experience. Introducing Disco AI, an AI-native tool inside a social learning platform that allows you to speed up and get things done easier than ever before.

Here’s what Disco AI can do:

  • Generate texts, course outlines, and curriculum, and enhance lessons
  • Create images, visuals, logos, and favicons, aiding in branding
  • Answer queries and suggest prompt activities for your learning organization
  • Respond to member inquiries and interactions
  • Generate quiz choices to fasten the quiz creation process
  • Can be trained with the knowledge base, community, and learner data

Key Feature #3: Modern and Customizable Operating System for an Ultimate Learning Experience

In today's fast-paced learning environment, having a seamless and modern operating system along with a highly customizable platform is crucial for learning organizations. While Absorb LMS does offer customization, it's essential to consider a modern operating system with a seamless back-end to ensure low-cost and effective operations for your learning initiatives.

A modern operating system like Disco's allows administrators to effortlessly invite and manage your resources, onboard members, and event guests, ensuring that all participants are properly integrated into the system.

A good example is having the flexibility to assign various roles within the community and products—such as admins, members, product managers, and instructors—to ensure a well-complex, organized backend management.

Another one is Disco's automation feature saves time by executing specific actions based on predefined triggers, allowing for a more streamlined operation. For instance, setting up an automated message to welcome new members once they complete the onboarding process ensures a seamless and personalized experience right from the start.

automation feature at Disco platform

This not only enhances the user experience but also frees up valuable administrative resources, allowing learning organizations to focus on delivering high-quality educational content.

Here's a quick tutorial to learn how to use automation in onboarding new employees and members, plus grouping them based on the department, timezone, interests, location, etc.

Key Feature #4: Mobile App for Accessibility

Lastly, you should consider a mobile app when choosing an Absorb LMS alternative. While Absorb LMS offers a mobile-responsive platform accessible via any browser on mobile devices, its app functionality is limited to viewing the catalog, online courses, and resource tabs. Engagement features and external linking are notably absent.

On the other hand, Disco's mobile app provides a seamless on-the-go learning experience. Members can access courses, complete lessons, and interact with their community effortlessly. Its sleek and user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation without the need for a desktop.

Gentle notifications about new threads, events, or modules keep members engaged without overwhelming their inboxes, making Disco's mobile app a superior choice for modern learning organizations.

Key Feature #5: Reliable Customer Service & Support

When choosing a learning platform for your organization, it’s crucial to consider the quality of customer service and support. Imagine having minimal support from your LMS provider and being left to resolve issues on your own. This can significantly impact your operations and the learning experience of your employees and stakeholders.

Opt for a platform with reliable and knowledgeable customer service. Select a provider that regularly checks in with you and is readily available to address your concerns.

Enter Disco, an excellent alternative to Absorb LMS, known for its exceptional customer support for large organizations. The Disco team ensures that every enterprise using Disco receives extensive support from our expert team, helping you succeed and seamlessly manage your learning initiatives.

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In fact, Disco is funded by world-class VCs including GSV, Inovia, and Golden Ventures, and has been named Fast Company's Most Innovative Edtech of the Year and Edtech's Breakthrough's Startup of the Year.

In a world where the future of learning demands innovation, Disco stands out as the superior choice for organizations looking to elevate their educational offerings. Start your journey with Disco's 14-day free trial today!

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